@lorrainecladish - May is American Stroke Month and we’re asking everyone to learn how to spot a stroke F.A.S.T., because anyone can have a stroke and everyone should be ready.
My mother had a massive stroke caused by a brain aneurysm when she was only 28. She survived the stroke but to this day, at age 71, she still lives with the consequences. Her whole life changed because of that event. I never met my grandfather, my mother’s dad, because he died of a stroke the year I was born. How’s that for family history?

My mother’s stroke happened in 1971. I’m assuming that back then they did not have the awareness we now have on how to recognize the signs of a stroke and what to do when it happens.
If you see (F)ace drooping, (A)rm weakness, or (S)peech difficulty, it’s (T)ime to call 9-1-1. That can help the patient get to the hospital in time to receive treatment in the first hour after the stroke, which greatly improves their chances of a positive outcome.

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