(~via heroesconfessionsblog - response pasted from Lex’s blog as original post by Nat’s request if Sylaire fans wish to discuss.)

….Everyone that doesn’t ship them thinks that. 

I’d like to believe, through my knowledge of my own opinions and those of fellow Sylaire shippers I’ve met/talked with, that we’re all aware of the creepy factors with this coupling.

  • Age difference
  • Serial Killer past (past if the ‘hero’ statement holds true post-Brave New World, which is only one of many avenues, of course)
  • His killing her biological parents
  • His stalking her…
  • …and then his ripping off the top of her skull to take her power
  • His proposal before killing Nathan (biological father)
  • His kissing her via Lydia’s power in Pass/Fail
  • -And the many more things one can take as creepy (especially things he says, at times)

That aside, I’d like to just add that we are well aware of that and when we think of this coupling we don’t think they could get together tomorrow, if the show was still on air. That’s not why we ship ‘em. We ship them because there’s so much future potential. She can’t die; now he can’t. There are many parallels between their story arcs throughout the seasons, so the immortality she has and the immortality he forces upon himself is just the ‘foundation’, as odd as that may seem, given the creepy way it came about.

He’s been on this sort-of redemptive path for a long time now and at the end of the series, was he firmly set in his redemptive path? No. He would then have to deal with everyone’s doubts and disbeliefs, the pressure, all of that. But is it a start that he’s stuck with more than all the other times?Yes, it is to me, because he’s doing it for himself. He would’ve sooner stayed in his mental prison than come out only to be used by Peter in saving Emma. He fought for freedom and a chance to truly live again because Peter believed he could be better. It wasn’t for Peter, Peter only provided the hope. He’s been down that path before, only to find out that everyone that’s ever believed in him was lying; this was different.

And then Claire - we’ve seen her go ‘to the darkside’ in a future timeline, so any headcanons or fanfictions or hypothetical futures people make up for them where they sort of meet each other halfway several decades/centuries into the future - him willing to at least fight to stave off the Hunger, her hatred for grey-based decisions dimmed through experience doing so herself - is not unfounded to some level. 

I guess I just see Sylaire as an inevitable in the Heroes-verse, with the potential for love. I don’t expect it to be an epic love or the best romance or whatever, because the roads they’ve been on that have intersected so far have been riddled with depressing circumstances. But there is the potential that we see, and that’s why we ship it.

The creepiness we tend to laugh at, but we don’t deny it.