Favorite moment at HeroesCon yesterday: young Wonder Woman cosplayer comes to booth with her friend Rey, confides: “To be honest, I really *like* history.”

(so do I!)

Comes see RP at HeroesCon, booth AA-42 (back wall, next to the concessions, purple booth)! Remember, it’s booth 42, meaning the answer to life, the universe, and everything is “badass women.”

Good guys or bad guys- it doesn’t really matter. 

You are all just slaves to my hypnotic patter.

I know it’s been super quiet around here, and that’s because I’ve been getting ready for Heroes Con this weekend! I’m tabling with my good pal Mad in the artist alley at table 621, so if you’re going be sure to come find us! This is one of two 11x17 poster prints that I made for the con. The other is an Avengers themed print that I’ll be uploading sometime tomorrow.

I really loved the Music Meister episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, so I figured HEY. WHY NOT MAKE A COOL PRINT OF HIM. Neil Patrick Harris’s voice is a dream, and if you haven’t seen the episode I highly recommend it. It’s great fun.


I had to skip HeroesCon this year, but @jordangibson brought home some lovely souvenirs for me 💝✨

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