Favorite moment at HeroesCon yesterday: young Wonder Woman cosplayer comes to booth with her friend Rey, confides: “To be honest, I really *like* history.”

(so do I!)

Comes see RP at HeroesCon, booth AA-42 (back wall, next to the concessions, purple booth)! Remember, it’s booth 42, meaning the answer to life, the universe, and everything is “badass women.”


So we all of course remember my successful HeroesCon last year, when I got Hickman to confirm that the 3490 universe survived the multiversal collapse and scribbled “it lives!” on my copy of FF Dark Reign 2. Well, that evening I got a little bit drunk and ended up on an elevator with Kris Anka. I proceeded to tell him about my meeting with Hickman, because I was telling literally everybody that weekend. 

Then, 3 months later, “Secret War: Secret Love” comes out, and we all spotted the wee little 3490 Steve/Tony(Natasha Stark) in the panel on a page drawn by Anka. I kept telling people “UM, I THINK I DID THIS?” but obviously I had no proof.

Unless, of course, I met Anka again and asked him.

So this HeroesCon I did exactly that. “Hey, um, so you probably don’t remember this, but last HeroesCon I was drunk on an elevator with you-”

“Oh yeah, it’s because of you.”


“I had to draw this scene and I figured I wanted to make sure Hickman wasn’t a liar, so, I put them in.”


and then this devolved into me high-fiving Anka probably WAY TOO HARD and almost knocking over his table BUT GUYS WHAATTTTTTT I DID THIS. I DID THIS.

So I got Anka to scribble “this is because of you” on my page of Secret Wars: Secret Love, I DID THIS. I DID THIS THING.

In conclusion: get drunk and talk to comic creators about all you favorite gays, clearly only good things come of this.