Frightfully Fun Parade by looseey

That moment when your autistic headcanon is reblogged by someone who feels the need to add that this character is “definitely somewhere on the spectrum and obviously high-functioning”…

[gif of David Tennant raising his eyebrow with a “creeped-out” expression]

I’m against functioning labels, i don’t want my posts or my autistic headcanons to be associated with this kind of stuff, thank you very much.


We just discovered that Nichelle Nichols, aka Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura and one of the most awesome people around, now has her very own Barbie! The Uhura Star Trek doll was recently released as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

Barbie Uhura is dressed in her original red Federation uniform and comes with a communicator, which she can hold her hand, and a tricorder with a shoulder strap.

And we can all order her here.

[via D.A. Królak]


Please watch your step, our jaws are on the floor because of this incredibly awesome Rachnera Arachnera cosplay by French Canadian costumer, cosplayer, and model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Every inch of this outstanding costume was handmade by Bourbonnais, who not only sews and builds all her costumes, but also builds props and sets for photoshoots to showcase her phenomenal creations.

Bourbonnais’ Rachnera cosplay recently debuted at the 2016 Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Follow Marie-Claude Bourbonnais on Instagram for more of her next-level cosplay.

[via Design You Trust]