Milo on Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy podcast

Milo and Aisha talk about a whole bunch of stuff, from current projects, travels, keeping busy, and just life in general.

Great conversation. Milo is a pretty eloquent guy and he LOVES to talk. I feel like he could take any topic and run away with it for hours, that you gotta put a little brake on this guy. This 1.5 hour podcast just flew by. I’m totally enjoying this podcast. There are some stuff he’s talked about before, but it goes further and deeper. Dude remembers everything, even down to the name of his drama teacher. He talks a lot about his early history, going to college and working on his first jobs.

I had this really weird dream last night that had a lot of different parts, but one of the things in my dream was Peter Petrelli was alive he just went to sleep for a really long time so everyone just thought he was dead so they put him in this crypt. Also somehow he lost an arm so he has to replace it with this robotic one? Idk.
I told you, it was weird.

I have gotten my cousin into Heroes. She just binge-watched Season 1 in 24 hours and begged to have the rest of the boxset after I got off of work.

I have at least trained one cousin well. 


“Life’s a race and I’m gonna win.” S1 Sylar character study.


Mother of the year (sarcasm)

Also, why with a knive? her husband is filthy rich and they live in a future in which medical technology is so advanced that there are people with bionic eyes.

Why not paying a private doctor to have the kid’s dark eye replaced with a blue bionic one so people can’t gossip about it in the future? oh, because we would miss this unnecesary dark scene that works as the intro for Oskar “edgy-king” von Reuenthal story XD

Signs as Superheroes

Aries: Hulk

Taurus: Spider-Man

Gemini: Deadpool

Cancer: Storm

Leo: Captain America

Virgo: Green Lantern

Libra: Superman

Sagittarius: Wonder Woman

Scorpio: Catwoman

Capricorn: Mystique

Aquarius: Batman

Pisces: Aquaman