heroes: season four

Hero - Sherlock x Reader

Reader gets drunk to distract Sherlock (Requested by anon)

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Sherlock lay on the couch, the light from the streetlamps outside was the only light in the flat. It was 1am and Sherlock was bored. 

His phone buzzed from the table across the room and Sherlock got up, instantly knowing who it would be.

“(Y/n).” He stated, after pressing the answer call button.

“Sherlock!” Your slurred voice came through the line, the sound of a busy street and a rowdy crowd in the background.

Sherlock sighed, slipping his coat on while he kept his phone pressed against his ear. “I’ll come and pick you up.” He said before you could ask.

You smiled, “Thank you Sherly, my hero.”

“I’m not a-” But you had hung up and Sherlock was cut off by the insistent beeping. 


Cab after cab pulled up outside the pub but none of them seemed to be Sherlock. You leaned against the lamppost to support yourself, the noise giving you a headache.

Then the cab pulled up and Sherlock got out. 

“Sherl!” You laughed, giddy, “My he-”

“Yes, yes, come on.” Sherlock wrapped an arm around you to support you as he walked you back to the cab.

“You better have money for this.” The cabbie said and Sherlock gave you an expectant look.

“Oh you’re kidding. How did you get this smashed without a wallet?” He asked.

You shrugged.

“You know what? It actually doesn’t surprise me.” He looked back at the Cabbie.

“So you can’t pay me?” The Cabbie said slowly. 

“Unless you accept semi-pilote conversation then unfortunately no.” Sherlock said with a smile.

“For fuck’s sakes! Get out!” The Cabbie yelled.

Sherlock quickly ushered you out and back onto the street where you’d waited half an hour.

You laughed, holding onto Sherlock’s coat for support.

“What’s so funny?”



“Yeah.” You giggled, “You come to rescue me but just get yourself dumped off here yourself.”

Sherlock chuckled, “I did say I wasn’t a hero.”

You shook your head, laughing, “Oh no you’re still a hero, just not a very good one.” You punched his arm slightly before waltzing off down the street.

“Come on! We’ve got a long walk ahead of us!” You called over your shoulder.

“Aye aye Captain.” Sherlock mumbled.


Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?


Hey ! Happy Birthday to my favorite video game series of all time ! ♥

The Legend of Zelda →February 21, 1986

Let’s celebrate ! (ノ ・∀・)ノ゙✧°

The Signs Favorite Zelda Games
  • Aries: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons
  • Taurus: Spirit Tracks
  • Gemini: Four Swords
  • Cancer: Hyrule Warriors
  • Leo: Majora's Mask
  • Virgo: Triforce Heroes
  • Libra: Breath of the Wild
  • Scorpio: Wind Waker
  • Sagittarius: A Link Between Worlds
  • Capricorn: Ocarina of Time
  • Aquarius: Twilight Princess
  • Pisces: Skyward Sword