heroes: s01e12


Character Posings (From S01E12 “No Thanks for the Memories”)

“No thanks for the memories” was a complicated episode to create. In the first draft, Iris only lost her memories and was manipulated by Mephisto and Praxina, but there was no “Dark Iris” transformation or whatever. 

It was at storyboard stage that we felt the episode was messy and confusing. We had to remove tons of things, and the storyboard supervisor had to reboard it almost entirely. Not that this is our greatest episode ever, but at least it’s now enjoyable in its own way. 

As a reminder, here’s the post with Dark Iris model sheet.

Fun fact : when we completed Dark Iris color sheet, we loved it so much that we promised ourselves to create opportunities for a Dark Auriana and a Dark Talia in season 2. :)