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Hey I love your writing💓 But I have a question. Why is JB called Defsoul?

Thank you so much love! ^^ In a recent interview with Bling Magazine (2017), Jaebum was asked the meaning of the name ‘DEFSOUL’, to which he answered;

“I am a huge fan of Musiq SoulChild. The word ‘DefJam’ appeared in the last part of ‘Just Friends’ MV and it was the name of a famous hiphop record label. I was curious about the meaning and I searched it up and it meant ‘cool music’. In coarser language, DEF means ‘Dope’. I was agonising over a name to have b-boy activities under and came up with the name DEFSOUL. It is the name I use when I release music I made and recently I shortened it to ‘DEF’. Please remember it!”

So, it would appear that he might have gotten ‘Soul’ from being inspired by Musiq SoulChild - and with his confirmation of ‘Def’ being from DefJam record label, that is the reason why! But he did say that he as now shortened it to just DEF ^^

The above quote is not mine, it was translated from Korean into English by Twitter user JaejaeBB and you can read the full translated magazine interview on their twitter HERE.