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Hey I love your writing💓 But I have a question. Why is JB called Defsoul?

Thank you so much love! ^^ In a recent interview with Bling Magazine (2017), Jaebum was asked the meaning of the name ‘DEFSOUL’, to which he answered;

“I am a huge fan of Musiq SoulChild. The word ‘DefJam’ appeared in the last part of ‘Just Friends’ MV and it was the name of a famous hiphop record label. I was curious about the meaning and I searched it up and it meant ‘cool music’. In coarser language, DEF means ‘Dope’. I was agonising over a name to have b-boy activities under and came up with the name DEFSOUL. It is the name I use when I release music I made and recently I shortened it to ‘DEF’. Please remember it!”

So, it would appear that he might have gotten ‘Soul’ from being inspired by Musiq SoulChild - and with his confirmation of ‘Def’ being from DefJam record label, that is the reason why! But he did say that he as now shortened it to just DEF ^^

The above quote is not mine, it was translated from Korean into English by Twitter user JaejaeBB and you can read the full translated magazine interview on their twitter HERE.


Guys, I want to introduce you to DEF, the new voice of r&b/soul. This is her first visual/single off her freshman EP titled “4:56”, homonymous of the track.
I never ask for nothing, but I’ll ask you this time, please if you like it, share it on here and your social pages. Thank you.

     I remember when people sent Lantern anons and turned random people into Lanterns? Anybody remember that? They sent Sally an orange one lmao

and then someone sent a star sapphire - and then a blue. wild

bir beyaza dalmış kağıdım kuşatılmış duygudan,
bir kalemin mavisiyle uyandırdım uykudan.
is vardı bir çocuğun oyuncaklarında kara,
bir geceydi o şafağın kucağında buz tutan.