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a bunch of Granny headcanons

@holdouttrout - who was kind enough to ask.  These aren’t particularly funny, , more domestic, but that’s what I do, and you know that so…

1. She charged Regina monthly for everything the heroes run out without paying. Regina never said where the money came from, and Granny thought she was corrupt enough to just take it out of the town budget. (she’s evil after all). Eventually she found out Regina was paying for it herself, and the first month she didn’t charge, Regina turned up and asked for the invoice, thinking Granny had just forgotten.

Granny said she’d found another way to cover the tab, and it took Regina some digging to find out that there’s a collection for the heroes. Everyone drops a few extra dollars occasionally, town heroes get all those hurried coffees and grilled cheeses paid for. 

Being included in the heroes made Regina get a little misty eyed, which is why Granny didn’t tell her in person, she let Archie deal with it

2. She misses Ruby terribly, and though they haven’t quite figured out how to make cross realm travel as easy as getting on a plane (which she would never get on, heavens no. Wolves do not fly), Zelena and Regina come up with a two way Enchanted mirror so she and Ruby can have magic mirror conversations. She really loves Dorothy and loves hearing about their adventures in OZ, filling the power vacuum. Red never feels like she is prepared to help run a kingdom, but everything she learned running the dinner and trying to keep Storybrooke in one piece is really useful, and it helps being the leader no one can steal from because her sense of smell is that good. 

Granny’s very proud, and she finds Dorothy’s gruff shyness entirely adorable. It reminds her of her own love, years ago. 

3. Speaking of love, she has a very intense crush on Captain Nemo which began because he’s always so polite when he buys things. He has a great smile and always calls her ma’am, and dresses impeccably in those sweaters. He’s in and out of port, the Nautilus travels where she is needed after all. She won’t admit she loves hearing that he’s back in town, and how she knows when he’s in port he’ll be there bright and early for the first coffee. Coffee on the Nautilus is wretched. 

He kisses her hand, like a real gentleman, 

He surprises her with a trip to Oz. (she thought it was a date). It took some doing to find a body of water large enough and arrange to meet Dorothy and Ruby on the beach, and it’s the most wonderful few days she’s had in a long time. 

She very nearly kisses his cheek in thanks, but they stand and stare into each other’s eyes instead and there’s enough blushing for her to wonder if she’s wolfing out.

They do, eventually, have a proper date, in the other restaurant in town, and he wears her favorite sweater of his and tells her stories, and listens with rapt attention to her tales of life in the woods.

Their second date is to the movies. Henry and his friends managed to get the cinema to play something dreadful called ‘Sharknado’ and it’s so bad they both keep laughing into their popcorn. She kisses his cheek and drops him off at the dock, because though she’s a lady, she’s entirely safe seeing herself home.

4. She hires Lily on the stop because they always need more help at the diner, and Lily knows how to wait tables. She’s also a terrifying dragon, and Granny likes having that around when the dwarves get a little rowdy on Friday nights. 

Lily reminds her much of Ruby, all that anger inside, not knowing her place, and she’s proficient in the damn espresso machine, which means Dr. Whale can have his damn extra hot skim milk latte without Granny having to deal with it, or him. And he’s learned his lesson about leering at Ruby (she threatened him with her wolf eyes after work). He flirts with Lily once, and the burn mark across the counter took several hours to fix, even with magic. (Lily’s still working on hers). 

Keeping the beast within is something they talk about while they sweep and close up. Lily’s trying to be cool with it, and she’s not used to having anyone care enough to listen to her problems, let alone two hovering mothers who want to listen to all of her feelings. 

Granny and Lily drink shots of the good stuff and sit on the counter and just talk, sometimes until 2am, because she knows what it’s like to not quite live up, or doubt your parents love you, or that you deserve to be loved quite as much as they do. 

5. It’s through Lily that her antagonistic relationship with Maleficent softens enough that stops glaring at the elder dragon when she arrives for lunch. It helps that someone told Maleficent tipping is always at least 20% and though she’s apparently good with numbers, she always tips far more than that. Lily explains, smirking over the gold coins that her mother usually pays with, that respecting the elders of a village is a dragon thing. Which is why she’s always ‘Old Wolf’ or the “Elder Wolf”. It’s not an old joke, it’s respect. 

Calling Maleficent the old dragon makes her smile, and it makes Granny smile as well (though for other reasons). 

It’s catering the wedding (the largest sit down dinner Granny’s ever had to tackle, that really makes them friends, because Regina tries to be involved, but she really doesn’t care what they’re feeding everyone, or how many layers the cake has, so it turns into a series of meetings with the elder dragon and Zelena (who wants to help pick everything, and spend her future sister in law’s money).

She think she’ll need gin just to make it through half an hour, but it’s surprisingly pleasant. Maleficent has many questions, but is entirely unconcerned with the quote that keeps growing every time they speak. 

She finally gives in and asks Lily why her mother isn’t hoarding, she’s supposed to horde, right? That’s what dragons do. 

Except when they mate, that’s a grand affair of generosity and the flaunting of wealth. A dragon proves to her mate that she can be open with her heart and her cave. 

Granny jokes about dragging an elk home as a wolf and Lily shyly admits that she wishes they were serving elk because it’s so much more interesting of a taste than steak. 

She finds an elk supplier online and it’s expensive as all hell (especially if they want to roast it themselves, but…it’s tradition. 

And Regina deserves to be well courted. 

6. Ursula returns to sing at the wedding and she’s far more pleasant without her dreadful companion. She and Granny even end up singing a few duets when the wine’s flowing at the reception. Ursula’s voice has an unmatched depth to it, but she’s more than happy to sing with Granny. They agree to meet up to practice jazz standards and ballad covers.

7. Eventually she’s confident enough to serenade Ne,o as the Nautilus sails into port, standing on the dock and singing him in. He’s crew pats him on the back for the grand romantic gesture and their good-natured teasing only increases when she kisses him. 

Then it’s his turn to blush. 

Seeing as this is the start of a new year and we got the news that NBC Hannibal won’t be airing until this summer, I figured now is the best time to shower your blogs with recommendations to hold you over! This list consists of fannibal blogs, Hugh Dancy blogs, Mads Mikkelsen blogs, and a few odd balls such as food blogs and political blogs. Thank you all for giving me such fantastic content! 

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anonymous asked:

Sir, can you do an Alan Rickman as Severus Snape Cheer-Up Post. I love those posts I've seen on Tumblr and hope you can do one for me. Thank you! Kris

As requested: Cheer-up Post of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape.

The originator of the Cheer-up Post @heroes-get-made

Okay this is going to be a fucking long post. I’m sorry.  I was going to make one post to each person, but to be honest there are many people I want to tag in this. I don’t want to tag only my mutuals, because I don’t think that would be fair. I want to tag every fannibal who makes my dash beautiful. You all make me happy and I hope you had/are having a great fannibal appreciation day. I’ve never talked to many of you, I talk a lot to some of you, and maybe with others I’ve talked only once, it doesn’t matter. In this fandom I’ve met so many amazing people and I love being part of this. This show means so much to me you guys can’t imagine. Hannibal makes me happy. Fannibals make me happy. I love you all. Thank you for being here. 💕

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 Last but not least, there are two people I want to thank the most. The first one is ishaveforsherl. She was the one who made me watch Hannibal in the first place, and watched everything with me (season 1 and 2). I wouldn’t be in this amazing fandom if it wasn’t for her. 

 The second is magiesmith, who currently watches Hannibal with me and freaks out about Hannigram and writes an amazing Hannigram roleplay with me. 

 I’m sorry for the long long post. I just really wanted to make everyone feel loved. You are all amazing and I love every blog I listed here. If I forgot to tag someone, I’m really sorry. I love you all.

heroes-get-made  asked:

Can we talk about how Hannibal JUMPED onto Dolarhyde? I mean, the physics and human strength of it. I don't think they suspended Mads on anything (though I could be wrong). I think Richard is just actually standing with Mads on his back--while fighting Will. Like HOW?! Mads isn't a small guy. And the maneuvering--I just... help

Certainly makes sense why they spent so much time on that handstand scene, to show us just how much goddamn upper body strength Francis (and Richard) actually has. 

And Hannibal does look the smallest he ever has perched up there on Francis’ back. 

That final fight scene was just about all I ever wanted out of such a scene. It’s about as feral as it gets. Right down to Hannibal taking a bite out of Francis. 

Cheer Up Post #1834 - Snape Edition

For the anon who would like a post featuring Severus Snape, here!


***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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