Don’t waste your singleness. I think we spend a lot of time griping about how we’re single, and we spend a lot of time and energy being angry about that when we could be spending that time to really serve other people and use the free time we do have to do so much more for the Kingdom of God. So don’t waste that time. Use it. You only get so much time and then you’ll most likely get married and have kids and a husband and not have as much free time. So enjoy it and use it to serve other people.
—  Andy Mineo

Heroes for Sale - Jim Morrison

17-year-old Kiwi rockers Fraser Hunter and Adison Whitley go literally balls out on this new video by New Zealand directing duo Thunderlips. Calling it a ‘romp’ would be a bit of an understatement - nudity abounds, cock socks, babies, pillow fights. C'mon. Get into it. Jeff the Brotherhood would be proud. You reading this, boys?

Find this track and more on their Bndcmp.

how the heck is Lecrae so versatile

It’s like one minute he sounds like a southern rapper

the next he sounds like a new york rapper

then he be soundin like a reggae man 

now he be soundin mexican

I can’t wait to see him rap in an angry German accent in the song “eins eins sechs”