People like, “There is no such thing as an Asian Iron Fist.”

…Iron Fist is title which essentially means the champion of K'un L’un…in China. Danny Rand is not the first Iron Fist and if Marvel knows any better, she shouldn’t be the last Iron Fist. He is not even the only non-Asian Iron Fist. Other Iron Fists?

This is Bei Ming Tian.

My favorite Iron Fist, Wu Ao Shi. You know what, let me tell you about her.

Wu Ao Shi was taught by the Thunderer that life does not give a fuck if you are starving, sad, a slave, or whatever. She has to earn everything and won’t be given anything. As soon as her master made her recite these words, this happens.

She was given fish and dick for free so in your face, sensei! But the relationship was not without problems because male fragility is a motherfucker when your wife is the champion of K’un L’un and you’re a bum ass fisherman.

When she became the Immortal Iron Fist, let’s just say things got a little too real for homeboy.

Wu Ao Shi hunted this nigga down when he left, “like no, motherfucker, I gave you this bomb ass pwussy and you mad because I am Iron Fist? You think you just going to hit and quit this? Nigga, you thought!”

She chased this ass clown for years until she was finally caught by a Pirate King

Sorry to go on a tangent, but Ao Shi is such an awesome Iron Fist.

Any who…

But of course, Asian characters represented a title created by Asian people? And the next Iron Fist after Danny Rand probably?

This is Pei. She is being trained by Danny to be the next Iron Fist. She is pretty awesome.


“Last time you were here Star Wars was good.”

“Star Wars has always been good.”

“No, that’s not true, it was rough for a real hot minute.”

Heroes for Hire: Fighting Boredom (x)

“I’m about sick of having to buy new clothes.“

Luke Cage poster, charcoal on sketch paper, digitally colored