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Have you seen the new Defenders trailer? Luke and Danny are awesome. It's probably my favorite so far. And I feel as if Danny has gotten a lot more aware of his true power judging by the trailers.

you mean this one, right?? (sadly i haven’t seen hq yet but) I’M SO HYPED. it was kinda danny-centric, wasn’t it? i must admit i’m pretty sure my favourite scene in the trailer was the luke&danny hallway fight scene, really looked like H4H at their best

they way they so easily slip into this fight partnership & literally have each other’s back (forgive me) makes me feel all emo and tingly


another thing that stood out for me was danny fisting elektra’s sword defending matt

i mean, for all we know, danny has known matt for 40 minutes and still he throws himself straight on elektra’s sword to protect him,, i don’t want to sound like a broken record but THIS BOY IS SO GOOD, has such a kind heart & we’re just really blessed that’s all?

another edit bc i forgot so many things in my shocked state: LUKE’S “DANNY, LIGHT IT UP”. tHATS ALL

but re: danny’s power - i agree that he’s grown more aware of it, seems more focused (which is understandable - as we know from interviews, danny feels responsible for the hand’s attack, so he feels it’s mostly his duty to stop it) and i bet we’re gonna see some fantastic stuff involving danny and his power in the defenders 👊