When MISTY KNIGHT (Naomie Harris) lost her arm in the Battle of New York, she thought her life as a NYC cop was over—and it was. But her life as a defender of the city was just beginning.

One year later, a newly-armed Misty finds a partner in detective COLLEEN WING (Mylène Jampanoï). Together, the two unearth alien artifacts left behind in New York and combat the seedy underbelly of the city, which grows stronger as people with strange powers and abilities continue to emerge.

Eventually, their web of allies grows into something more. LUKE CAGE (Terry Crews) works point and provides extra muscle when Knight and Wing need it. Misty’s on-again, off-again boyfriend DANNY RAND (Charlie Hunnam) bankrolls the operation and helps out with his mastery of chi as Iron Fist. The newly-formed group has a penchant for picking up strays, and is soon joined by SHANG-CHI (Jay Chou), a weapons expert and master martial artist; FELICIA HARDY (Yvonne Strahovski), the famous thief known as Black Cat; and AVA AYALA (Seychelle Gabriel), a teenage girl with mystical powers who calls herself the White Tiger.  

They’re mighty. They’re fearless. And they have one question—Are you for hire tonight, hero?



Simone Missick Talks Playing Misty Knight in Marvel’s Luke Cage

Several members of the ‘Luke Cage’ cast and crew attended the premiere of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ last night and EW got a chance to speak with Simone Missick about her upcoming role in the show:

“[Misty Knight] is so larger than life, and being able to put the voice to it for the first time is exciting,” shares Missick. “And then the writing was so rich. It was like, every day that you open the script, you’re like, ‘I really get to say this today? I get to do this today? I get to kick ass today?’ So it was a lot of fun.”

Check out showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker talking about his plans to make the series Marvel’s ‘The Wire’ here.

‘Luke Cage’ premieres September 30th! 

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