Heroes Con 2014: Mr. Rosa was a confused and slightly dismayed that he looked a little mean in the Mascot comic he cameos in, so I drew this to make it up to him. He’s a really fantastic (and not mean in the slightest) guy who I very much look up to. Hoping to get a chance to talk to him (and his talented and very sweet friend, glitteringgoldie) again before the weekend is out. :)


A few shots of my Quicksilver cosplay from Day 3 of Heroes Con! I got stopped so many times for pics! A woman even told me I should’ve won “Best Girl” in the costume contest. Though I disagree with that sweet statement (so many great cosplays on Day 3), I’m glad she, as well as those who stopped me for pictures, liked my Fem!Quicksilver. I put a lot of hard work into this cosplay (saw the movie the day after it came out and rushed to get it all done in time for Heroes). If you have any pics of my cosplay or see any floating around on the internet, please tag me and/or let me know (I’m dying for some sweet shots of my new favorite cosplay!).

.:SLASH commission:. I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on commissions. I have a lot of people to thank for their patience, one being my man Nate Nelson in RVA.  Haven’t drawn TMNT in YEARS, even though it was mostly all I drew when I was a kid.  It was so much fun testing out some new materials, which involved 3 A.M. spraypainting in the Super 8 parking.  I recommend it to anyone visiting Charlotte, it’s quite liberating.

Cowabunga Nerds, more coming soon! #tinafeyvoice

HEY SOUTHERNERS! I’ll be at Heroes Con this weekend (June 20-22), Booth AA-36 on the back wall opposite the entrance. I’ll have my short horror comic books, cat stickers, a few posters, buttons, and of course I will be doing sketches for tips all weekend. (you can also get that stuff in my shop if you can’t make it)

Come, friends, Come see me and my mom