.:SLASH commission:. I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on commissions. I have a lot of people to thank for their patience, one being my man Nate Nelson in RVA.  Haven’t drawn TMNT in YEARS, even though it was mostly all I drew when I was a kid.  It was so much fun testing out some new materials, which involved 3 A.M. spraypainting in the Super 8 parking.  I recommend it to anyone visiting Charlotte, it’s quite liberating.

Cowabunga Nerds, more coming soon! #tinafeyvoice


Here comes the heroescon spam! If you or anyone you know is in these pictures, please let me know and I’ll tag them as soon as I can!

1st & 2nd pics: yay nellis! Spacedandyvevo - Ellis
Unknown- nick

3rd: my friend Kelsey and her fav character Archie!
Unknown- Archie

4th: gotta go fast!
Unknown- Quicksilver

Fifth: selfie!

Sixth: Unicorn deadpool and Apocalypse kid.
Unknown- Deadpool
Unknown- Apocalypse kid

Seventh and Eighth: I can’t identify these characters but wow!!!
Unknown- unknown (times 3)

Ninth: Fire nation and cabbage seller! They gave us a cabbage. :)
Unknown- tai lee
Unknown- Zuko
Unknown- azula
Unknown- Cabbage seller

Tenth- edit: whoops wrong pic. Actually Awesome tenth Doctor with a homemade K9 Unknown- Ten RC car- K9

All of these were taken on Heroescon day 2 (Saturday!)


I’m back from Heroes Con and it was awesome. 

Basically I had left really early in the morning with my group, got to Charlotte, NC, and then set up at the con. 

My half of the table. 

I had to get a last minute replacement for my table-mate, so I got Jason to be my table-mate this year.

First day, I had not expected to get commissions. But I did. And it was a lot. I didn’t have enough time to take pictures of all of them so I got my favorites (or at least what I could catch before I had to give them up).

Kraken symbol from Game o’ Thrones

Superman - IRON GIANT


I kept getting commissions through out the con, a lot of them TRANSFORMERS commissions. My hand was killing me, so in the after hours of the con I hit up so friends at the Hilton and the Westin hotels and we had a few drinks.

Mine was’t that tiny. But everyone proceeded to bring their own booze, in all shapes and sizes. 

And of course there were cosplayers. I had two personal favorites.

BADASS Link cosplay


But all and all, I had a pretty good time. I drew commissions, I made friends ( a lot of them fellow artists), I met some idols (LIKE JOE HARRIS WHO IS THE WRITER OF THE X FILES COMICS and JAKE WYATT who did the HAWKEYE COMICS BUT HIS PERSONAL WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I GOT A FREE PRINT))

I had a great time and I can’t wait till next year. 

Now. Time to get ready for San Diego Comic Con. :)


Yay part 2!

First: unknown- Link

2nd: unknown- V

3rd: Me- Hooded figure of night vale

4th: unknown- Howl
Unknown- (I can’t believe it but I forgot her name dammit)

5th: unknown- Wikipedia
Unknown- Facebook

6th: unknown- unknown
Unknown- prince robot??? Idk Edit: just found out that these two lovelies got engaged while at the con! Congrats!

7th: unknown- I can’t remember but something like Colorella????

8th: unknown -vacation Deadpool
Unknown- Monkey D. Luffy
Me- hooded figure of night vale
Had so much fun chasing these dorks around.

More pictures to come as soon as dunlapy (Cecil) sends them to me!


I would never choose a favorite thing I bought from HeroesCon but if I had to, this might be it. It’s a small pencil bag with punk Bucky on the front AND LOOK AT THE BACK. Cara McGee had a bunch of cute bags but as soon I saw this one, I dropped the last of my money on this (and I didn’t even see the back until afterwards!). He also has a tattoo that says “Steve”. I’m a mess about it.

Anyway, that was my third HeroesCon and it may have been my favorite yet. Not only did I get a bunch of fun stuff, I FINALLY met misskittyfantastico, we’ve only been internet buds since LJ like 5-6 years ago! That’s forever in internet time. I also ran into thechrishaley while wearing his shirt and I got to introduce myself as that weird girl who always buys X-Statix sketches from him. We also sat in on a Jack Kirby tribute panel, which was a nice history lesson, and Carol Corps, which was packed and a nice reminder of what the comics community is actually like, not what a bunch of dumb neckbeards think it is. It’s diverse and loving and enthusiastic and dorky and so much fun, just like the entire con is. Can’t wait until next year.

Last Friday night, I go to work and one of my co-workers was telling me that she was going to go to Heroes Con this Saturday, and also mentioned that Kevin Eastman was going to be there!
My mom and one of my close friends were so awesome in agreeing to come with me to head up there on Sunday since it was my day off! So I packed up quickly and headed my way over to Charlotte~!

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