anyway i’m gonna gush about this scene b/c i think Bakugou’s reaction here is really fascinating

like… he’s just so subdued here. and i’m sure part of the reason is because of guilt. Bakugou was kidnapped and the series of events that happened because of that eventually lead to All Might’s retirement, and the world finding out about his true form.

but… he also flashes back to Izuku here. he’s remembering Izuku’s emotional reaction after All Might said “You’re next.” Bakugou knows Izuku’ll cry at the drop of a hat–but this was different. he knows it.

look at that bottom right panel. he almost looks like he’s… pouting. or disappointed. he looks so much like a kid in that panel. 

he’s already accepted the answer to the question he’s asking, already knows what it is, but… he wants confirmation to make sure. 

and then he asks about All Might’s relationship with Izuku. because he knows there’s something there. 

maybe Bakugou is…. not jealous, but… maybe he feels like he missed something that could’ve been his. he always belittled Izuku. he bullied him and pushed him around, saying there was no way Izuku could ever become like All Might because of his quirklessness. Bakugou always thought that would be him.

but now… Izuku has a close relationship with All Might. it doesn’t take a genius to notice that there’s something there. 

their relationship is so close that just two simple words can convey enough meaning to turn Izuku into a sobbing mess.

All Might is someone Bakugou’s admired since he was in first grade. All Might is Bakugou’s idol, his hero, the person he wants to become like. but All Might doesn’t have a close relationship with him. he has a close relationship with Izuku. the person that Bakugou always believed would amount to nothing.

idk. Bakugou’s expression in that bottom right panel makes me think of a kid who feels regret, because they only just now realized what they could’ve had, but knows now that they missed their chance.

it’s not easy to realize that the person you admire the most in the world has a close relationship with someone you never bothered to truly notice until now. 

idk. i just think his reaction here is fascinating

so one day hazel and piper are hanging out in bunker nine with leo when piper gets annoyed at the aBSOLUTE MESS since literally all of his clothes are just thrown on the floor. so she starts picking up some the proper way and goes to hang them in the closet when leo is like wAIT PIPER NO, but she opens the closest anyway and (no leo is not inside but) inside are sweaters, made by hand, perfectly arranged by color, followed by scarves, some hats, and a sewing kit. and piper holds in her laughter because she’s kind of amazed that this klutz can make such beautiful designs with such detail without burning them or anything

“you knit?”

“no! i crochet…”

and she’s literally trying sO HARD NOT TO LAUGH.

“ah, crocheting, very macho.”

buT MEANWHILE HAZEL IS SO EXCITED AND IS LIKE OMG ME TOO AND SHE STARTS COMPLIMENTING LEOS TECHNIQUE AND WANTS HIM TO GIVE HER SOME TIPS so now leo and hazel crochet together every monday at four pm and it’s just the two of them until they find out nico has a secret hobby.

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Hey so I've been having a terrible day and it would be great if you could make a feel-good bnha thing (art or a fic-whichever you want to do!)

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so i didn’t know what i wanted to draw more so i drew them all instead 

(these are all totally platonic btw)

some info about the pics: i really wanted to draw a cute Dad Might head kiss. i kinda hope we see this in canon b/c it’s such a Dad thing to do

i have this headcanon that after the midterm exam, Todoroki and Momo become really close and comfortable around each other, and enjoy sleeping next to each other. Todoroki is also really nice to sleep next to b/c he can regulate his body temperature. (i also like the idea that they have sleepovers at the dorms)

Bakugou sleeps like the dead and woke up like five hours after Kaminari drew that. everyone in class 1a has a picture of it on their phone. Bakugou vowes to murder them all

and, as usual: big bro Kirishima gives the best hugs, especially for tiny frog siblings

i hope these helped cheer you up!!!

Hey everyone! judr here~

I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are unbelievably close to finishing the game! we’ve gotten so much done for the game but we still have a lot left to do we are all doing our best to finish this game as soon as possible! 

sooo…. we are showcasing fanart at the end of the game so if you want your art to be featured you can start submitting art to us here~

However we have a few rules for submitting:

  1. you can submit till the 24th of November (Thanksgiving!)
  2. your art has to be markiplier related 
  3. sorry but no shipping art 
  4. no nsfw art of course
  5. one drawing per person~

we have a limit of 27 drawings sorry we won’t be able to feature every submission we get but once we all the slots are filled we will release the names of the artists who got to be featured~

Headcanon time!

You know, I recently saw this panel again where Izuku tries to breathe fire or levitate objects as a little child. And it still breaks my heart that little Izuku tried desperately to develop a quirk like his parents.


But then I thought - did Toshinori once try to do this, too? Long ago, when he was a little boy that had just been told that he is quirkless? It would make sense, that little Toshinori, much like little Izuku, just couldn’t accept that fact. That he tried to get a quirk like his parents, or just a quirk at all.

Imagine how much of a déjà-vu that would be for Toshinori, when he one day hears from someone - perhaps from Izuku himself, perhaps from Inko - that Izuku has experienced the same as he did. Of course Toshinori knows that Izuku was quirkless - he has known that for a long time. He just didn’t think of what that entails.

Later, Izuku wonders why Toshinori looks at him so thoughtfully, almost nostalgically. When the boy gathers enough courage to ask what’s wrong, Toshinori pulls him gently into a hug. After a moment, Toshinori murmurs, “I’m glad I met you.”

It’s not what he wanted to say, he had wanted to say I’m glad I chose you, but somehow, this feels better. This feels right.

Izuku has no idea where this came from, but this is… a lot. Nothing bad, mind you, pure happiness following the first confusion, but he’s still pretty much overwhelmed. He gulps, eyes burning with tears as he buries deeper into the hug his mentor had initiated, murmuring hoarsely, “I’m glad I met you, too.”

(Those two have so much in common and endured so much, it pains me to think about it.)

i feel like Bakugou would stubbornly refuse to call All Might dad for various personal reasons, even if the rest of the class decided to

HOWEVER….. i do think that he would slip up one day and accidentally call Aizawa dad

the second the word comes out of his mouth, both freeze. and then Bakugou turns RED and nearly blows up and becomes a burning and violently destructive little tornado of denial and fluster and rage

Aizawa is all like “yeah sure, whatever” as if it didn’t happen, which calms Bakugou down a little. Aizawa knows that Bakugou would continue his ragefest if he didn’t brush the moment off, and lets it be.

but Aizawa knows. he knows. and after Bakugou leaves (either to do some actual work or to escape the embarrassing situation), Aizawa allows a small, content smile to grace his face from beneath his scarf.

what a troublesome child, he thinks.