Concerning the new hero:

The full original theory can be read here: [Reddit]

This theory states that this will be the next hero:

An omnic you can see on multiple billboards in Numbani.

And this is the most recent update from Blizzard regarding Efi

Now, what has convinced me? The colours selected for the paint.

which are close to, if not exactly, the colours of the Numbani billboard omnic.

It’s super minor, but my gut is telling me it’s gotta mean something, right?

I’m so grateful for the love of my Xander picture (which is at like 1000 notes now!?) Thank you all so so so much!! I had to continue with my Ryoma and here he is! I’m colouring it at the moment but its 3am here so Ill post it tomorrow when it’s done, I hope you all like this one as much as you loved the Xander!