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Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

favorite dcu cover trope: heroes reverently having their heads lowered in front of a fellow superhero’s grave while batman is the only one with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face as if he’s mad someone just HAD to go die

Hero trope?

So, my friend and I were joking the other night about Mashima’s love for western superhero comics and how that shows in Fairy Tail. Then I thought what is the one superhero trope Mashima loves to use? Get to the superhero by going after the girl. The hero then goes into “complete badass mode” to get the girl back/avenge her…well this has happened to all the big ships. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)





I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses this scenario again. And to be honest, I don’t care, who doesn’t want to see these guys opening a can of whoop-ass (of course, he does it with the girls too and that’s also cool). ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 

Person: “Sure I like Captain Kirk!”


Person: “He’s like Han Solo! That devil-may-care hero trope is my favorite!”


Person: “Plus, talk about a ladies’ man!”


One thing I like about Gotham is that the villains are also shown as experiencing love as a weakness and dealing with that obstacle, when typically that particular angst is reserved for heroes. It’s a perspective we don’t usually get and I like the reversal/application to the other side as well. It’s new, and refreshing, because usually it’s a backstory deal with villains and we don’t get the angsty process of the villain working through that stumbling block.

i love how much jim respects women and deconstructs gender stereotypes and the hyper-masculine hero trope in general

  • he loves cooking and cleaning and taking care of his household, a typically feminine role, not because his mom made him do it–she in fact sucks at cooking and rarely has time to clean–but because Jim just genuinely enjoys doing it.
  • he’s nurturing and compassionate. he enjoys taking care of his mom and best friend. he enjoys getting up early to pack his mom and best friend lunches. jim is shamelessly the Mom FriendTM.
  • his hardworking, single mother is literally his hero and he would do anything for her
  • “i am james lake, son of barbara”
  • the only time he’s ever willingly gotten into a fight with the school bully was when said bully insulted his mom. jim literally knocked him out and delivered the most iconic line: “she’s a doctor actually.”
  • he calls his best friend, toby, out when he mistakenly thinks toby’s insulting another woman, “okay so she’s not your type, you don’t have to be rude about it”
  • also gets fed up with toby when toby tries using ‘winning older girls’ as a reason jim should run for spring fling king
  • the gender roles are reversed between him and his crush, claire
  • she’s bold and confident. she takes the initiative, she asks him out, and its not until he’s sure she’s comfortable that he makes any real advances toward her.
  • claire’s also “the popular girl” but jim doesn’t care about her status. he doesn’t care about popularity. she’s not a prize to be won. he admires her as a person, and an equal.
  • claire’s also sorta “the smart girl” but she’s never just “the info dump” and jim doesn’t view her as such either. he doesn’t depend on her to tell him whats going on, like a lot of other male heroes i can think of.
  • between the two of them claire is more likely to be charging headfirst into the fray while jim is losing hair watching her. claire and toby both probably give jim gray hair by the time he’s 20.
  • jim is not brash and bold. he values safety. he’s constantly thinking about the danger around him. he’s patient. he works hard in training to be prepared for fights ahead of time. he takes his job seriously.
  • he actually reads the book. a lot of male heroes dismiss what the book has to offer, preferring to rely solely on their brawn (or, again, a “smart girl” to tell him what’s up), but jim doesn’t. he actually uses the book along with his combat training.
  • jim’s sensitive too. he literally cries.
  • he’s just really well-balanced?? he doesn’t lean extremely traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine. he likes cooking and taking care of his home, but he’s also into bikes and scooters and baseball. he’s an actual, well rounded person.
  • i can’t think of any one label you could pin him under except maybe “stressed”
  • he is a beautiful boy feminist i love him

feel free to add anything i missed


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Summary: Chapter 7 of Trope-Tastic! ~ Tadashi + 4. Mutual unrequited pining until a third person(s) intervenes and gets them together.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.”

You hummed along to the music playing in through your earphones as you pulled a fresh batch of lemon poppyseed muffins out of the oven. While the last of the morning batch cooled, you arranged the bagels and pastries in the display case next to the counter.

The cafe was empty, only an hour until opening, when the usual breakfast rush would be coming in. The sun was just barely reflecting off the buildings of San Fransokyo as you worked.

You were getting a culinary degree, specializing in baking at San Fransokyo University. What better way to practice your skills for money, than at the Lucky Cat Café? The owner, a lovely woman named Cass had hired you back in the summer to be the in house baker and to act as a second waitress as needed.

Once all the food was on its place, you wrote the specials out on the whiteboard behind the counter as you boiled water for a cup of tea. Provided there weren’t too many people this morning, you had a fair amount of time off before making more baked goods for the rest of the day.

You were sitting at one of the tables, working on a paper about the science behind puff pastry, as you enjoyed your cup of english breakfast. So focussed on your work, you didn’t hear the soft footsteps on the stairs in the corner.

“Can I join you?” The soft, deep voice of one Tadashi Hamada brought you out of your trance. His throat seemed a little gravelly from sleep, making your heart flutter.

“Please do.” You said with a smile, flattered that he wanted to spend time with you. “Are you usually an early riser?” You asked congenially, closing your laptop to focus on the cute guy who had been the object of many of your thoughts lately.

“I try to be. This morning it was a little easier with all the delicious smells from down here.” He chuckled, making you smile widely.

“Have you eaten yet? I can grab you your pick of this morning’s selection.” you offered.

“Are you sure? I don’t want-” He tried to protest.

You waved him off. “Please, Cass won’t notice. Plus, who better to be my taste tester than you!”

You weren’t sure, but you could’ve sworn you saw a blush creeping up his neck. Within a few minutes, you were resituated at the table, chatting while he had breakfast. You were glad the conversation was mostly small talk, because you found it far too easy to get distracted when you talked to Tadashi.

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a praise to accuracy

The pattern in shounen tends to have parents who are:

  • dead in tragic flashbacks (ex. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, HxH, Fairy Tail etc it’s a well loved trope)
  • uncaring and left their children alone (ex HxH)
  • to be avenged (ex. Naruto,Ao no Exorcist, Kill la Kill…)
  • simply non-existent, without even a bother to explain how or why, because they are not necessary to character development (ex Akame Ga Kill) 
  • mysteriously not be found 404

That is just because a parent is a heavy figure in the growing process of a teenager/young adult, who is the protagonist of shounen, a genre all about self-progress, indipendence, strenght, bravery. Parents are not only not necessary, but tend to prefer their children not to get hurt, at least in real life. 

So this is uncommon. After a fierce battle against some foul villains, the protagonist’s mother is concerned with her only child, who is to face them again and as a profession in the future. She realises he does not heal; she saw the battle and she’s grasped the scope of the  risks he undergoes; she’s preoccupied with his physical safety. When did this last happen? When was a shounen hero stopped not by adversities, losses, stronger enemies, moral and emotive defeat, maybe internal strife, conflict but by… his mom?

I can’t wait to see how this proceeds.


Hey all, I’m so pleased to announce my newest (follower controlled) series! 

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Fanfiction tropes. You all know them. You all love them, no matter how overused they are. 

With that in mind, here’s how we get this party started: Pick a character. Then pick a number corresponding to the trope you want me to write a fic with that character and send it to me through my ask box! (ONE TROPE PER ASK PLEASE)


  • Dean Winchester 
  • Sam Winchester
  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Alex Summers
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Boaz Priestly
  • Newt Scamander
  • Tadashi Hamada 


  1. There’s only one bed
  2. Fake dating/married…turns into real dating
  3. Person A thinks Person B has feelings for someone else but Person B has actually been in love with Person A for years
  4. Mutual unrequited pining until a third person(s) intervenes and gets them together
  5. Person A and Person B have to huddle together to keep warm in the cold
  6. “I hate them…but they’re so hot”/“I hate them…but I’d die for them”
  7. Person A and Person B have been friends for a long time and one day Person A realizes that they’ve fallen in love with Person B
  8. “If we’re just friends, then why are you jealous?”
  9. Emotional or physical hurt/comfort
  10. Always arguing but one day while arguing there’s a kiss 

Alright, go forth and send me some requests! 

nhl players as hero tropes

marc-andre fleury - 100% adoration rating

mitch marner - accidental hero

brad marchand - all up to you

zdeno chara - declaration of protection

johnny gaudreau - embodiment of virtue

p.k. subban - for great justice

jamie benn - hero with bad publicity

zach parise - heroic lineage

nathan mackinnon - the world’s expert on getting killed

alex ovechkin - one hero, hold the weaksauce

connor mcdavid - it sucks to be the chosen one

dylan larkin - homegrown hero

sidney crosby - heroic resolve

jeff skinner - little hero, big war

anonymous asked:

Uh, any chance I could request for a continuation of my previous EraserMight parent-teacher prompt? I really liked it and your writing style <3

Of course you may!  ^_^  I’m glad you liked it that much!!  This will take place… some time after that first meeting, probably at least a couple of weeks.  As an aside, Izuku and co. are in about third grade, give or take.

Shouta considered the different cereals with disinterest.  They all tasted about the same (bland), but he never had time to cook breakfast in the morning anymore, so he supposed he’d just have to deal with it for now.

He was still considering which one to settle for when a cart barreled past him, laughter ringing out from behind the broad shouldered man driving it.  Familiar laughter, and familiar shoulders.

“Izuku?  Mr. Yagi?” he asked.  Yagi spun the cart around with expert control, Izuku still laughing wildly in the basket, small hands clinging to the front.

“Mr. Aizawa,” he cried, waving enthusiastically.  Yagi obediently trotted the cart back down the aisle, grinning sheepishly.

“Hello, Mr. Aizawa.  What a surprise, running into you here!”

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