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“My motivation might seem trivial compared to yours, But I can’t lose, either. I have to live up to the hopes of those who supported me. That declaration of war you gave earlier… I’ll return that. I will beat you, too!

I think the thing I love the most about Mad Max: Fury Road is the fact that while it holds out this persona as ‘hey look some classic post-apocalypse action flick’, it actually breaks and twists a ton of genre tropes. It’s a futuristic desert world, but there is COLOR COLOR COLOR literally EVERYWHERE, it’s not some sepia-toned snooze fest. Immortan Joe isn’t the usual post-apocalypse villain, either–he’s not a sickly philosophizing bureaucrat, he’s just over-powerful and shamelessly selfish. (Plus the overabundance of cool females is fairly unusual in an action movie and exceedingly welcome, but that’s a dead horse I’m going to refrain from beating here).

But my favorite subverted trope in the whole film comes at the end. Like a The Book of Eli or I Am Legend, the movie holds forth the promise of some semi-civilized remnant of humanity that the heroes have only to reach to be safe. The entire plot revolves around Furiosa, and eventually Max, trying to get everyone to the Green Place of Many Mothers; somewhere where plants and kindness still exist, somewhere where the horrors of Immortan Joe’s tyranny can be left behind and forgotten. And then comes the kicker: the Green Place is no longer. It’s as dead and poisoned as everything else, turned into a noxious, useless swamp. And then the heroes have a choice: keep running towards some distant Green Land, some half-hopeless promise–or go back and fight. And THEY GO BACK. And they FIGHT. And in fighting, they save not only themselves but who knows how many others–all the people living under Immortan Joe’s sorry excuse for a rule.

I just love that the solution was not, for once, simply to flee and ignore and save yourselves, but to turn, to hold your ground, and to destroy the evil instead of letting it destroy anyone or anything else.

I just realized I missed BH6′s anniversary again.

Here’s a little something from a side project I had planned for the first anniversary    (。+・`ω・´)

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I hope this isn't weird but it makes me excited that you're excited to draw stuff with your tablet. Also for the color palette thing amajiki & anxiety if you can!

He loves standing in the snow and has his cloak to keep warm

YO THERE! I’m Thyme and this is a brand new independent and selective roleplay blog for Kirishima Eijirou from Horikoshi Kōhei’s manga Boku no Hero Academia —— Please LIKE / REBLOG this post if you’re interested in interacting with this ray of sunshine and I’ll be sure to swing by your blog and check things out!   

GuardianLioness’s BNHA Fanfic Rec List: Version 1

It’s been about a year since I discovered Boku No Hero Academia! I’m so glad I found this series. I really look up to Horikoshi Kohei’s writing style and his exploration of the superhero genre.

However, he’s not the only master explorer of this genre. Oh no, some of his fanbase is pretty top-notch too! Clearly that can only mean one thing. Fanfic rec time!

I’ve read so many really fantastic authors in this fandom, so it’s entirely plausible I’ve missed a few, but here are some of my absolute favorites. If you’re bored, hungry for more BNHA shenanigans, or just looking to see what other authors in the fandom are doing, I heartily recommend checking out these works.

Fair warning, the vast majority of these works are based on the manga events. Beware, because Thar There Be Spoilers! Furthermore, I’d heavily recommend checking tags and content labels. Just because I enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone.

Don’t worry if I’ve missed you - I’ll be doing more of these rec lists eventually. (Also everyone should take this as complete permission to message me and talk fic/plots!!!!)

Complete Works

The thin gray line by A_ToastToTheOutcasts
The definitive Vigilante!Izuku AU. Exceptionally well done OCs, some exploration of the BNHA world, and some questions about the governmental system alluded to in the canon manga. All in all, a very satisfying read.

Canvas by @swiftwidget and @aoimikans
Part of a continuing series. I won’t sugarcoat it, this is angsty and dark as I’ll get out. But no BNHA fic rec list is complete without it. Tightly plotted, nice prose, excellent plot and elaboration on concepts within the BNHA-verse. Exercise caution, as there’s some serious body horror involved.

One Shots

Star Children by @blacknovelist55
Cute family feels. Need I say more? Novel makes some guesses as to All Might’s hobbies, and I quite enjoy them.

Pins and Plates by @forgedobsidian
Dad Might feels and adorable parallels. I’m a sucker for them. ‘Nough said.


Am I allowed to promo something that I helped with but didn’t originate with me? Because BlackNovelist55’s ageswap plans are my favorite. [Tagged here.]

I’m quite a fan of @the-button-harlequin’s Journalist of Justice AU headcanons! Izuku as the heart of the hero community, with or without One for All, is my favorite.

@ladymischievous’s Dragon AU is quite fun! There are some fics attached to it, but originally they stem from a head canon post. They’re tagged on her Tumblr blog here.

Ongoings/Works In Progress

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by @athanatosora
A time travel AU that, I admit, made me cry. The story isn’t necessarily in chronological order, so placing each individual one shot on a timeline may be a little difficult without close reading, but the relationships AthanatosOra expands on are deliciously emotional and in character. You want friendship feels? Start here.

Heroes Are For Fiction by @ladymischievous
DAD MIGHT in a Writer AU! Yes? Yes. Lady_Mischevious reimagines All Might as two separate characters, a superhero in a novel and the man who writes him. In the process, she expounds upon Dad Midoriya’s absence, elaborates on Midoriya’s personal peculiarities, and delivers fluff and angst in spades. Fair warning: it is rated T for a reason; there are tinges of adult themes sprinkled throughout.

Yesterday Upon the Stair by @pitviperofdoom
An AU that expands on the idea of Midoriya having his own unique quirk. I’m not usually one for giving Midoriya a power outside of One for All, but PitViperOfDoom’s prose and plot are handled so well that I’m finding myself keeping up with every single update! The OCs are well done and the plot is absolutely intriguing. Given the premise, there is dark imagery and some sadder themes, so if you’re searching for pure fluff, this story might not be for you. This piece also codifies to me just how scary Izuku can be when he feels like it!