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“ Stop trying to change to be with me that hot head is a stupid loner.…(y/n) you’re already strong, as you are….so shut up and come over here...”


(I haven’t done these in a while thooough)


things i want from the few gv’s i’m in:

  • gv. welcome to new orleans: i want rapunzel to find out her friends aren’t human bc i like writing angst and i’m a sucker for ‘you aren’t who i thought you were’ things 
  • v; undercover operation: i want rapunzel to find out her coworkers aren’t civilians bc of the same reasons above like imagine her on a mission and casually running into one of them and she still doesn’t know so she still tries to pretend to be a normal person
  • v: heroes and sidekicks: I JUST WANT A FIGHT SEQUENCE OKAY

The indisputable proof that I hate myself is how I keep watching The Loo…

Really? Clarke would just up and let thousands of people die? Clarke, Wanheda, who has single handedly stopped wars, she would team up with Jaha? REALLY? WHO PROFILED CLARKE’S CHARACTER BECAUSE THEY SURE AS HELL MISSED THE MARK BY THREE DIMENSIONS YOU ABSOLUTE PIECES OF SHIT


why do these people have writing jobs? Please explain. Please. My soul is so tired of all this bulshit. I’m so tired of getting played and being told that these are professionals. My five year old sister can come up with better stories.

My Top Ten Television Shows of 2016

 1. I really did not expect the spin off of Breaking Bad to end up being another one of my favorite shows, but this show only got better in its second season. Bob Odenkirk proves that he can lead a show greatly and the writing is top notch. Jimmy’s journey to becoming Saul is absolutely worth being told.

2. The best news show on TV is also one of the funniest. Week after week, this show keeps proving that it’s one of the most intelligent shows on TV. John Oliver is one of our best comedians working today.

3. One of the best sci-fi shows in years. I’ve watched season one twice and it’s the best original show of Netflix I’ve seen. The ensemble cast is fantastic. Bring on season two.

4. Like John Oliver, Samantha Bee is another Daily Show alumni doing Jon Stewart proud. Bee doesn’t tone anything down. Each episode hits true and hard, while also being hilarious. We’re going to need shows like this and Last Week Tonight now more than ever.

5. The best comic book show on TV currently. One of my favorite characters has been so well represented and season two just further expanded upon that. With new characters like Elektra and The Punisher, this show’s only gotten bigger and better in the best possible way.

6. The last season stumbled a bit, but season four was a welcome return to form for one of the best and most underrated shows on TV. The tension only built further this season and now that we know there is an ending coming soon, it only made that finale hit harder.

7. Marvel’s road to The Defenders only got more exciting with this excellent series that tackles race issues and more without doing so in a cheesy comic book way. Mike Colter is perfectly cast as Luke Cage; playing a hero we needed now very badly. Also, Mahershala Ali made for one of the best TV villains of the year. I only wish we’d gotten more of him. And that soundtrack is dynamite.

8. It’s a shame this wonderful show got cancelled. Peggy Carter constantly proves that she doesn’t need superpowers to be one of Marvel’s best heroes. Season two further fueled my excitement that this wonderful character got such an awesome show. Track down both seasons if you haven’t already. They are well worth your time.

9. This is easily my favorite comedy on TV. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer make for one of the best comedic duos in years. They do uncomfortable comedy flawlessly.

10. While the finale may have fizzled out in its final minutes, season two was an overall fun, disgusting, hilarious time. I’m really happy to see my favorite horror franchise continue on the small screen and I hope season three is headed in a good direction.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think that A&E and the writers have been portraying Rumplestiltskin's character more and more uncharacteristically dark ever since 3B? To be fair, they've ruined all of these beautiful characters to the point of being unrecognizable, but it seems like they have had a particular personal bias against Rumple and Rumbelle ever since the end of 3B with the writing. It breaks my hear too because Rumplestiltskin has always been my favorite character too. I feel your hatred of this show.

Hey, anon! I saw this message earlier, but I was on mobile and wasn’t able to reply until now. I hope you see this!

If you were looking for a short answer, here it is: the writers have a boner for Hook, and they’ve thrown Rumple and Rumbelle under the bus because of it. Along with practically every other character, including Hook himself.

If you were looking for a long answer, here it is: from a writer’s perspective, what this boils down to is nothing more than poor planning. Season one, as well as the first half of season two, felt cohesive. It felt like a story that the writers had put genuine thought and effort into. It flowed, it made sense, it was enjoyable to watch because it included a little of everything: there was action, romance, humor, good vs. evil, parent/child relationships, etc. It never felt stagnant. Each of the characters, even the minor ones, were treated fairly. They had some importance to the plot, be it big or small. They weren’t flat. There were characters we loved, characters we hated, characters we loved to hate… but they were well written

I didn’t hate the show OUAT used to be. It was mid-season two when things began to roll downhill. They didn’t plan ahead. They steamrolled into Neverland and gave us a half-assed plot, complete with a half-assed “redemption” for Hook. The Lost Boys were barely touched upon, the Darlings were used as a plot device in what should have been their story, Pan was a confusing villain (and his feelings towards Rumple are still a source of confusion for me – was he possessed by the shadow? did he genuinely care about his son, hence the “thinking tree” and naming himself after the doll? was he being honest when he said that he’d never loved him? Pan was all over the board and it doesn’t add up), and what could have been an incredible arc was… lackluster at best.

It only got worse from there. The lack of planning on the writers’ part made consequent arcs just… confusing, to say the least. They’re retconned most of the first season for the sake of making their current plots make sense. The guest stars have no depth to their characters and are used solely for views (AKA, the Frozen crew) or as plot devices (poor Rapunzel). The villains, too, are not as intimidating as the Evil Queen was in season one. Regina was the primary antagonist, followed by Rumple, who acted as more of an anti-villain. Not a hero, but nor was he entirely working against the heroes. Hook entered into season two, alongside Cora, as the primary villain. 

Cora died. Hook was “redeemed.” Regina had more or less joined the heroes by mid-season three. Rumple, too, was redeemed by his sacrifice in 3.11. That left the series in late season three without a primary villain. Again, due to poor planning, the writers had to make a decision. Somebody had to revert from the “good” side, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be their new romantic lead. 

They’ve done not only Rumple and the others an injustice, but Hook, too. His redemption doesn’t seem believable because it was rushed. They’ve framed the story around CS with very little lead-up, which is a discredit to both characters, and the other characters have been OOC since 3b in order for the story to make a lick of sense.

Sadly, it still doesn’t. 

Choosing to stop watching the show was a long time coming for me, but after the train wreck that was 5a, I can’t handle the disappointment anymore. 

tl;dr The writers didn’t plan past 2a, and in their desire to “redeem” Hook and set him alongside the heroes, they were forced to throw everyone else (and their characterization) under the bus.