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The celestial pillars all have different effects on the player based on the order they were defeated in.


  1. Defeating stardust first causes the hero to become very sleepy, like they were being coaxed into sleep by the pillar itself.
  2. Defeating it second centralizes most of the pain around where the heart should be, and brings recurring pain throughout the poor hero’s life.
  3. Upon beating this pillar third, the pillar itself talks to the hero, along with the background chatter of nearby ghosts and spirits filling the hero’s ears.
  4. Fourth, and the hero becomes emotional and clingy to the Npcs, wailing as if they’ll never see their friends again when the moon lord strikes. They are completely inconsolable before the fight begins.


  1. For some reason, this pillar somehow knocks the hero into a comatose state after being defeated first, usually lasting from a week to a month.
  2. Defeating it second only causes unbearable migraines, nothing really too unusual besides the pain.
  3. The pillar plays mind games with the hero when defeated third, confusing and frustrating the poor sap into a short rampage. It finds this rather amusing.
  4. Defeat this pillar last, and the hero becomes unresponsive to everyone, waiting outside their base before the moon lord attacks, mumbling to themselves feebly about visions and dreams.


  1. The solar pillar takes away the hero’s conscience temporarily, leaving them with only their survival instincts, when defeated first.
  2. If solar is defeated second, the pain experienced by the hero ebbs away and resurges with more pain than before every other heartbeat. Luckily for the poor hero, this goes away on it’s own, without having to beat the next pillar.
  3. The solar pillar shows the hero horrible (and fake) visions of the npcs trying to kill them when defeated third. These dream “npcs” also say horrible things about the hero, saying the hero deserves to die, ect. during these visions.
  4. The hero is forced to view anything that moves, including their npc friends, as the impending doom they fear if they defeat solar fourth. They lash out at everything before the moon lord appears in this case.


  1. Defeating vortex first makes the hero lose their sight, hearing, and other such senses temporarily.
  2. If it is defeated second, the hero feels horrible pain in points of major injuries, no matter how long it has been since they have acquired said injuries.
  3. The voices heard by the hero if they defeat this pillar third say harsh things to them, making them feel worthless and thinking that every bad thing that has ever happened in Terraria was their fault somehow.
  4. If vortex is defeated fourth, the hero succumbs to a deep despair, laying down at the spot they were standing at and refusing to move or even eat, saying that there is no point, and that they are doomed either way. They snap out of it when the moon lord appears, obviously.

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Thank you to everyone who stuck with us even with our production push-backs. It means so, so much to us all that you put your faith in our little project and we’re so glad that you enjoyed the journey! It’s been a two year endeavor for just season 1 and that’s including all the scripting, character development, and season production and it’s insane to think that it’s actually over.

But, this isn’t the end! We have season 2 98% recorded and we’re working on the series finale and epilogue episodes slowly but surely, writing and re-writing them to ensure we give you all the most satisfying ending we can possibly muster.

Thank you so much for sticking with us! We’ll see you in season 2!

- Julia, Director and Creator of Attack on Heroes: Resurgence

So according to some, Roman is a Jerk

From The Sportster.com:

3. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns might be one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE right now, but he is a fan-favorite nonetheless which has encouraged the company on pushing him further into the center stage. Reigns is actually quite the favorite among the young fans and the ladies, as his “superhero” like persona is a hit among a lot of people who have bought into his domination. Though Reigns might look like a resurgent hero in WWE TV, he’s actually quite the jerk outside the WWE as he stated in an interview last year about how WWE is a product only for the kids. He’s also been mean to some fans in twitter recently and seems to be quite the jerk to the other section of fans which has only helped increase their hatred for him, as the Superman of the WWE right now needs to improve his attitude and be less of a jerk to the fans who really matter to the product.


I guess the writers don’t know Kevin Owens or Baron Corbin. Not saying that these guys are jerks, but have they seen the clapbacks these guys on Twitter?

Reasons to check out Attack on Heroes: Resurgence

In light of recent Canonical SNK events, we’re trying our best to get ourselves known even more and out there! So, while this may be pandering just a little bit, it’s factually true. Armin doesn’t die in AoH: RE (neither does Petra, Marco… you know, the usual ones who die). Hell, if it sweetens the pot, we even have TWO beach episodes. That’s right, not one but TWO. 

Don’t believe us? Here are some very trustworthy reviews:

“It’s just so nice to know he’ll be happy” - Tumblr Times Anonymous
“At least he won’t die the same way he entered this world. Naked and screaming.” - Some passerby