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Heroic Military Dog Gets Animal Victoria Cross After Losing Her Leg In Afghanistan

Lucca the military dog has been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after saving thousands of lives during active service. 

The retired 12-year-old German Shepherd and her owner, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham, served in the U.S. Marines and are in London to receive the PDSA Dickin Medal at a special ceremony. 

As a search and explosives dog, Lucca was on duty in Afghanistan for six years, seeking out hidden explosives on over 400 missions. She was so good at her job that there were no human casualties on any one of those outings. 

Lucca with owner Gunnery Sergeant Willingham and Corporal Rodriguez, who saved her life [PDSA]

But on her final mission in 2012, Lucca was checking for hidden dangers around a 30lb improvised explosive device (IED) when a second IED went off. 

The blast took Lucca’s front leg clean off, and also left the dog with severe burns to her chest. Thankfully Lucca’s handler, Corporal Juan Rodriguez, was on hand to administer the emergency first aid that saved her life. 

Cpl Rodriguez didn’t leave the dog’s side throughout her treatment [PDSA] 

Lucca and Cpl Rodriguez after Lucca’s surgery [PDSA]

Now fully recovered and adjusted to live with three legs, Lucca is enjoying a happy retirement in the U.S. with Gunner Sergeant Willingham. 

He explained what a special dog she is, saying, “Lucca is very intelligent, loyal and had an amazing drive for work as a search dog.  She is the only reason I made it home to my family and I am fortunate to have served with her. 

“In addition to her incredible detection capabilities, Lucca was instrumental in increasing moral for the troops we supported. 

“In between missions, I took the searching harness off and let her play and interact with the troops.  Due to her personality, demeanor and proficiency as a search dog, Lucca made friends wherever she went. 

“Today, I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well-deserved retirement.”

Lucca enjoying her new life of leisure [PDSA]

The PDSA has only handed out 65 Dickin Medals (Lucca’s is the 66th), the majority of which went to messenger pigeons in WW2 (32). 

The other recipients have been 30 dogs, three horses and one cat - come on, cats. Up your game. 


Just another letter from your same husband, darling.

yournewfriendshouse  asked:

hello! has tom ever talked about what the word hero means to him? do you know?


What a great question!  

He’s been asked various questions about heroes, about being a hero, etc., over the years in interviews.  Aside from his work in Victoria Cross Heroes, War Horse, and The Night Manager, being a major character in the biggest superhero movie franchise has made it a frequent topic. :) There are probably also comments from press about Only Lovers Left Alive (Adam’s wall of photos).  A recent Mirror article covered the WWI hero in his family. 

Regarding his personal acting heroes, it seems like he’s mentioned Daniel Day Lewis the most, once calling him “simply, the greatest” in answer to a question on Twitter.  This is from Facebook:

He posted this on Instagram last month:

This is an answer to a question about real life heroes (screencap from tomhiddleston-gifs):

I hope this gives you a good idea of his thoughts!  Perhaps others who read this can add more info for you.  :)


Tom Hiddleston - Military characters

1. Cassio ( Othello, 2008)
2. Phone operator ( Conspiracy, 2001)
3. Coriolanus ( Coriolanus, 2013)
4. Henry V ( The Hollow Crown, 2012)
5. Captain James Conrad ( Kong: Skull Island, 2017)
6. Captain Nicholls ( War Horse, 2011)
7. Captain Jack Randle ( Victoria Cross Heroes, 2006)

This Valentines Day Instead of Seeing 50 Shades of Grey, celebrate it by watching Tom Hiddleston Movie/Shows.

Here is a list of all roles out so far:

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Victoria Cross Heroes (TV Series documentary) Capt John ‘Jack’ Randle- The Modern Age (2006) … Capt John 'Jack’ Randle 2006
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A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets (TV Movie) John Hall 2002
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In Burma on 23 June 1944, a Battalion of the 6th Gurkha Rifles was ordered to attack the Railway Bridge at Mogaung. Immediately the attack developed the enemy opened concentrated and sustained cross fire at close range from a position known as the Red House and from a strong bunker position two hundred yards to the left of it.

The cross fire was so intense that both the leading platoons of ‘B’ Company, one of which was Rifleman Tulbahadur Pun’s, were pinned to the ground and the whole of his Section was wiped out with the exception of himself, the Section commander and one other man. The Section commander immediately led the remaining two men in a charge on the Red House but was at once badly wounded. Rifleman Tulbahadur (sic) Pun and his remaining companion continued the charge, but the latter too was immediately wounded.

Rifleman Tulbahadur Pun then seized the Bren Gun, and firing from the hip as he went, continued the charge on this heavily bunkered position alone, in the face of the most shattering concentration of automatic fire, directed straight at him. With the dawn coming up behind him, he presented a perfect target to the Japanese. He had to move for thirty yards over open ground, ankle deep in mud, through shell holes and over fallen trees.

Despite these overwhelming odds, he reached the Red House and closed with the Japanese occupants. He killed three with his rifle and further five with his kukri knife.


Victoria Cross citation for Ghurka Tul Bahadur Pun, issued in 1944

The citation did not mention that after clearing the house he grabbed a flamethrower and killed a further thirty Japanese troops who were in a locked bunker. He described it as “appropriate reparations”

Tom Hiddleston

You can like Benedict and Tom. You can love Tom and still be happy that Benedict won an Emmy. Benedict winning an Emmy before Tom doesn’t mean that Benedict is better, it means Benedict actually performed on the television in the last year. Belittling Benedict as ‘less than’ or 'not as talented’ or 'undeserving’ does not make Tom a better actor. Really, Tom’s major work in the last year has been Coriolanus, and he got an Olivier nomination for it. He’s been super busy filming this year, but actual films have been scarce. You aren’t going to get an Oscar nod for The Great Escapo.

Please remember, Benedict is five years older than Tom and five years further along in his career. Benedict’s first BAFTA nomination came in 2005, a year before Tom was Captain Jack Randall in Victoria Cross Heroes. Benedict may be enjoying a lot of attention right now, but he’s not a one-shot wonder; he’s worked hard for every accolade he’s earned. People paying attention to Benedict is not a judgment on Tom. It’s a judgment on Ben’s incredibly talented performances that he’s put in year after year.

Let’s celebrate that we have two amazing actors both doing absolutely incredible work and stop denigrating one to make the other look better. The two men are great friends. If they can love each other, then maybe we can love both of them too.

Edited to fix an error I made about Olivier nominations.


Dafuq?   Tom Hiddleston in Victoria Cross Heroes?