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Image: Cover of America #2, starring America Chavez, Marvel’s lesbian Latina superhero. (Marvel Comics)

NPR’s Glen Weldon is used to comics shop chatter that revolves around things like which new books are worth checking out, what storylines have gone way too long and which hero could kick which other hero’s butt. Generally speaking, the word “demographics” doesn’t crop up a lot; but it did last week, after a Marvel executive’s comments about diversity in comics unleashed an online firestorm.

Beyond The Pale (Male): Marvel, Diversity And A Changing Comics Readership


America Chavez gets a Beyoncé-inspired cover

  • America Chavez is the queer Latina superhero the world sorely needs.
  • And now she has her own series and the cover of issue 2 is a tribute to Beyoncé from comic book artist Joe Quinones
  • Gabby Rivera, the writer behind the new comic, shared the new image on Instagram on Tuesday. 
  • Rivera is tasked with bringing to life Chavez, one of the break out characters of a 2013 superhero team called the Young Avengers. Read more

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