heroes of the arctic and their adventures

The World of Lapis

Lapis is a world consisting of various island continents, scattered across the sea. Many different environments exist on each land, from tropical to arctic, to industrial to even the mystical.

The continents are bound together by the six World Crystals of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light and Darkness, and these crystals have provided the power needed to sustain the legendary Vision Crystals.

These ultra rare gems contain the spirits of various heroes and villains from across time, space and even dimensions, all forged from the precious mineral this world is named after: Lapis stones. Collecting the stones is no easy feat, reserved only for the greatest of warriors and adventurers to locate and utilize to their fullest potential.

But there are villains in this world that seek to destroy the six World Crystals of the elements, which would in turn destroy the Vision Crystals and eradicate all Lapis on the planet, thus plunging the world into chaos. Heroes have set out on a quest to halt those men, but the tale about to unfold is not theirs, but another’s…

His own journey will put him through the harshest trials, force him to make increasingly difficult choices, and affect the lives of thousands. His quest is not a noble one, but one that will equally determine the future of Lapis nonetheless…

From NPR’s All Tech Considered and KTOO: Native Stories From Alaska Give Gamers Something To Play With

As in movies, native characters in video games tend toward stereotype. Few of them are heroes, but this game is different. Never Alone is based on a traditional story known as Kanuk Sayuka and the experiences of Alaska elders, storytellers and youth. The story follows a young Inupiaq girl and an Arctic fox as they go on an adventure to save her village from a blizzard that never ends.

long drives & french friesa "driving with harry" playlist
this is an adventure//the lighthouse and the whale / wild heart//the vamps / cigarette daydreams//cage the elephant / our deal//best coast / luv. hold me down//drowners / little games//the colourist / california//phantom planet / bit by bit//mother mother / cool kids//echosmith / kill your heroes//awolnation / 400 lux//lorde / fluorescent adolescent//arctic monkeys / say it just say it//the mowgli's / unpredictable//5 seconds of summer / wild//royalteeth / best day of my life//american authors / sweater weather//the neighbourhood little daylight remix / under cover of darkness//the strokes / kisser//step rockets / diane young//vampire weekend / why don't we go there//one direction / woodland//the paper kites / sun//two door cinema club / sex//the 1975 / tighten up//the black keys / harlem//new politics / the start of something//voxtrot / ways to go//grouplove / west coast//coconut records / eighteen cool//hoodie allen / on top of the world//imagine dragons / hello brooklyn//all time low / stella//san cisco / midnight city//m83 / mr.brightside//the killers

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Actor Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek) cast by filmmakers Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and Frédéric Dieudonné as the narrator in PASSAGE TO MARS, a feature documentary relating a breathtaking expedition in the Arctic to prepare the future human exploration of the Red Planet. The recording session took place a few days ago in New York City.

“Zachary was our very first choice to tell the 'PASSAGE TO MARS’ adventure, and we are truly delighted with the performance he delivered. His profound voice, his diction, his theatre experience, as well as his sense of nuances were perfect assets to express the expedition leader’s wide range of feelings, and to bring his ship log to life on the silver screen.”