heroes of space

short hc: lying

when leo lies, its usually in a few situations:

on the spot,he’s an awful lier. being upfront and unable to think the lie through gives him away easily. over time, he does a little better, but not much.

ones hes told a million times over? leo presents himself rather coolly, voice unwavering as they come forth and he doesn’t feel much guilt. mostly, its with little things, to evade the truth or some other reason. mainly to spare the feelings of others about himself.


Vera Rubin, the woman who discovered the first evidence of dark matter, has died at 88

  • Vera Rubin, the astrophysicist responsible for confirming the first existence of dark matter, died on Sunday night at the age of 88.
  • Carnegie Institution president Matthew Scott called Rubin “a national treasure as an accomplished astronomer and a wonderful role model for young scientist.”
  • Rubin and her colleagues observed galaxies in the 1970s, they learned the motion of stars is a result of a “material that does not emit light and extends beyond the optical galaxy” — also known as dark matter.
  • Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky proposed the idea of dark matter in 1933, but Rubin’s groundbreaking work subsequently led to the confirmation of the material.
  • This finding is what led to the discovery that 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter, a finding some colleagues felt was overlooked and deserving of a Nobel Prize. Read more

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#BlackHistoryMonth #tbt: Being the first African American woman to travel to space is one of Mae Jemison’s many accomplishments. A dancer, Peace Corps doctor, public speaker and astronaut, Mae went to college at age 16, holds 9 honorary doctorates and has founded many STEM-related programs for students. 


Someone: *shit talking about robot characters also offending those who like them*













  • What gay movies are: attractive, but shy guy meets attractive, but shallow guy. There's a lot of sex and it probably ends sad.
  • What lesbian movies are: blonde girl who is about to marry her loving fiance suddenly falls in love with the dark haired wild lesbian. There's a high chance that at least one of them dies at the end (probably the dark haired one).
  • What other queer movies are: ???????!? Do they even exist?
  • What queer movies should be: Bisexual space pirates save the universe. Genderfluid kid is the protagonist of a teen rom com. Transboy travels the world to make good music and meet interesting people. Asexual demigirl kicks ass in her secret super hero identity. Polyamorous squad goes on a fantasy adventure with dragons and quests. Not everyone is white and able-bodied and a walking stereotype. Queer ladies live. Happy Endings.

Leia and Chewie’s relationship doesn’t get enough love tbh. Like, they start off very much on the wrong foot - Leia Organa, galactic diplomat, calls him a walking carpet. (Though to be fair, it’s unclear if he ever insults her in any way; maybe he started it, who knows.)

But then. Then. They fly the Falcon together and hug once they lose their pursuers. They’re allies of circumstance and just like Luke, Chewie is all about it. Han is in it for the money, or so he claims, but Chewie is an idealist. Chewie wants to stay with the Rebellion and Leia probably figures this out, from Han’s reactions if nothing else. Chewie is Han’s best friend and he’s loyal to a fault, but no one can tell me that Chewie doesn’t also think that Han is sometimes a bit of an idiot.

Leia insults Han and Chewie laughs at him because Han is an idiot and he had this one coming. Chewie probably does this a lot, because no one seems overly surprised by it. So probably, the whole time while Han is with the Rebellion and having his little spats with the princess, Chewie is in the background quietly cheering her on because finally, finally, here’s someone who had no problems with telling Han what an idiot he is.

And Han storms back onto the Falcon in a mood and he’s cursing and he rants about royal pains in the you-know-where and Chewie just laughs and says that it’s funny how they always seem to be the ones taking her on missions, and the High Command is going to be moving bases again soon so who does Han need him to intimidate this time to make sure they’re stationed on the same base as Leia again?

(“I told you, it’s because of Luke, if I’m gonna be stuck on one of these backwater dirt holes then I want him there suffering with me, he’s the one who got me into this. I don’t know why they keep assigning him to the same bases as her. Maybe she likes him. Maybe you should go bother him.”)

But Chewie keeps taking Leia’s side, and Leia knows it, and they develop a silent sort of understanding where they just exchange looks whenever Han is being stubborn and difficult. And maybe on the anniversary of Alderaan’s destruction, when most of the Rebels are celebrating the victory over the Death Star, it’s Chewie who puts an arm around Leia’s shoulders because his planet may still exist, but he has lost it to the Empire and slavery all the same. And maybe when Han pulls another crazy stunt as a distraction, it’s Chewie who hoists Leia to safety so she can cover him while he runs to help Han.

And while Luke is all aboard the Rebellion, it’s Chewie who really understands the cost like Leia does, he understands the toll it’s going to take, the responsibility she carries, because he’s like a hundred years old and he fought in the Clone Wars and he knows.

And it’s Chewie who stands vigil with Leia when Han has gone out into Hoth’s lethal night to save Luke. It’s Chewie who understands, really understands, how she feels, and what’s at stake.

And then the Empire attacks, and Han runs back into the bombarded base to get Leia and for once Chewie does not make any comments. He and Han work together and yell at each other as they try desperately to get the Falcon off the ground, and they do, and it’s one catastrophe after another but they make it. Just about.

And once again Han is full of reckless plans and Chewie and Leia go along in horrified admiration mostly because they don’t have any choice. They all work together to fix the Falcon. Leia helps - and that’s another thing, Leia is a princess but she knows at least a little about fixing a spaceship, and unlike Han she probably does not yell and blame Chewie when something explodes, and this probably makes Chewie appreciate her even more and maybe he’s even taught her a few things by being very clear about what he was doing while she was watching.

And when Threepio goes missing on Cloud City and Leia is worried, it’s Chewie who goes to find him and fights to get him back and tries to fix him even while he’s locked in a cell. It’s Chewie who carries Leia’s droid on his back in pieces because he’s annoying and Han doesn’t like him but Leia does and Leia has already lost enough.

And when they try to take Han away, it’s mention of Leia that stops Chewie from trying to fight Vader and his troops single-handedly. Han transfers his lift debt onto Leia and Chewie accepts her as part of his honor family and he lets Han go in order to save Leia because that’s what Han wants. And then Han is frozen and Leia and Chewie stand there together holding onto each other because once again, they’re both in the same boat, they both feel the same way. And it’s Leia who talks Chewie out of choking Lando, Leia takes charge and Chewie follows just like he always followed Han.

I have a lot of feelings about Chewie supporting Leia and Leia trusting Chewie and bringing him back to a cause he believes in and Leia and Chewie teaming up on Han.


Cause I’m both BH6 Trash and Voltron Trash :D

I wonder what it would be like for Pidge to meet Baymax. She would prolly be so fascinated with him, and Hiro would have no problem bragging about him. While two Dads stand watch auugh. Shiro would be impressed for sure <3

I can’t with these guys.