Rick Riordan and Diversity

People complain about Rick Riordan “beating a dead horse” but HE CAN BEAT ALL THE DEAD HORSES HE LIKES.

Rick Riordan has actively added diverse characters in all of his books to represent more kids. Characters in his books include:

  • a Arab-American Valkyrie (Magnus Chase)
  • a mute elf who uses sign language (Magnus Chase)
  • a Hispanic son of Hephaestus (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a half-Cherokee daughter of Aphrodite (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a Chinese son of Mars (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a bisexual God/Teen (Trials of Apollo)
  • a happy and loving gay couple, Nico and Will (Trials of Apollo)
  • a male dwarf that loves fashion and design (Magnus Chase)
  • a black daughter of Hades (Heroes of Olympus)
  • a genderfluid, transgender warrior of Odin (Magnus Chase) 
  • kids with ADHD and dyslexia (All greek/roman demigods in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus)
  • POC siblings of mixed heritage, Carter and Sadie Kane (The Kane Chronicles)

and that’s just off the top of my head! This is not at all a conclusive list!!

When Rick Riordan first revealed Nico, a son of Hades in his best-selling Heroes of Olympus series, as gay people asked him “why?” and he said because he wanted kids to see themselves in his books and that all kids need to be able to see themselves in literature and find reassurance that they’re fine just the way they are. HE PORTRAYS ALL OF THESE KIDS AS HEROES. This is SO SO IMPORTANT

So unlike some people who beat dead horses and don’t even try to be diverse (*cough*JKROWLING*cough*) at least Riordan is constantly adding more and more young heroes and heroines that are diverse, well-rounded, and important. 


  • Annabeth: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • Piper: That was deep.
  • Leo: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Jason: That was deeper.
  • Percy: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.

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Can you do some Christmas Solangelo headcanons? Just because I love that ship so much and I love Christmas so yeah

Hoooo boy, for the past few years I’ve been relatively lukewarm about Christmas because??? I was just emo?? But NOW? Now I’m PUMPED and this holiday season is going to be GREAT! In celebration, my dear, here are those Solangelo Christmas headcanons:

  • Will loves ugly Christmas sweaters. He has a vast collection that he has stowed away in the back of his closet, just waiting until December first and he can break ‘em out without seeming too eager
  • of course he does seem eager because he is and when you have an ugly sweater for everyday of the goddamn week it’s not really an obsession you can hide
  • when he started dating Nico was when it got really bad though because then there were the SALES and Will would come home with four new sweaters, two of which he bought for Nico, even somehow finding some in black
  • “I am not wearing that”
  • “But it’s black!!”
  • “Yeah so is Catwoman’s suit but I’m not gonna be wearing that anytime soon either”
  •  Nico is a bizarrely good gift wrapper??? He claims Bianca taught him but Will knows better, this son of a bitch is always offering to wrap people’s presents for them. Hell, he offered to wrap his own present from Will. The nerd fucking loves wrapping presents
  • Christmas. Baking. They suck at it. 
  • Will tries to follow the instructions to a tee but Nico is just a Fuck It kind of guy. Measuring cups??? Never heard of ‘em, that’s what your eyes are for. Preheating the oven?? Who cares, shove those bad boys in pronto
  • Will of course goes back and takes them out until the oven’s actually ready but Nico INSISTS it doesn’t matter
  • Much to all of their friends’ dismay, Will and Nico discover Pentatonix’s Christmas album. Nothing is ever the same again. You haven’t suffered until you’ve heard an emo Italian and a theatrical blond try to sing Carol of the Bells a capella 
  • They had mistletoe hung up but when Nico and Leo came face-to-face under it, it was never seen again. It’s still unknown whether Will, Nico, or Leo was the perpetrator
  • You thought Nico bundled up before?? Ahahaha, the little shit can’t stand the cold, catch his ass outside on a snowy day in three jackets, a scarf, two pairs of socks, gloves, and a beanie with a ball on top. Maneuvering? Impossible. Worth it? Totally.
  • Will thinks this is adorable especially because Nico’s cheeks get all red and when Will points it out, Nico gets flustered but his movements are so constricted that he’s basically just a sputtering ball of cloth waddling ominously toward his boyfriend
  • Curling up by the fireplace is absolutely Nico’s favorite thing. Warmth? Check. Cuddles? Check. Hot cocoa with three pounds of whipped cream on top? Fucking check.
  • They’ll sit there for hours, snuggled up against each other just talking endlessly about everything. Nico was robbed of a lot of his childhood Christmases so Will just shares his own holiday stories and Nico loves hearing them especially knowing that he’s currently actually making his own Christmas stories to tell in the future
  • Snowball fights are the worst. Nico may be trying to surpass the circumference of the sun in all of his clothes but it just adds extra protection. 
  • They mostly just have one vs one’s but sometimes the whole camp gets involved
  • it’s more intense than capture the flag
  • They decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and Nico is just in awe of how beautiful it is adorned in twinkling lights and homemade ornaments. 
  • Will jokes about how they should put Nico on top of the tree as the angel because of his name and Nico kind of wants to throw the tree at him but he also kind of wants to kiss the adorable little fuck
  • he does the latter

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Can you pretty please continue the swim instructor au? , that fanfic gives me life everything I read it. A really good job at it and please don't feel pressured

Part 17 | Other Parts

  • Annabeth and Percy went to pick up James from Luke’s. She was getting anxious to see her son again. 
  • They signed in and headed to Luke’s room and there was a nurse outside of his door with James in her arms. 
  • Annabeth had a million things going through her mind as she went over to James. He reached for her and she gently took him from the nurse. 
  • “What’s going on?” Percy asked for them since Annabeth was fussing over James.
  • “He had a panic attack.” The nurse informed them. “Nurse Grace is in there taking care of him.”
  • “Oh. Thank you for getting James out of there.” Percy told her. “Can you tell Luke that we came to pick him up?”
  • She nodded and the three of them left. Annabeth was holding onto James like her life depended on it. James didn’t seem as frazzled as Annabeth was, more like he was confused on what was happening.
  • “Mommy, what is wrong with daddy?” James asked as they walked down the street. “He was screaming and crying.”
  • “Daddy was having a panic attack. He was so overwhelmed that his body reacted that way.” She told him. 
  • He nodded and looked at her. “Daddy gave me an ice pop! And then we started to watch Thomas!”
  • “That sounds very nice, sweetie.” She told him. 


  • Percy was in the pool which was great for him. It helped him relax from the stress that Annabeth was bringing on him. He did love Annabeth to death but he was starting to feel her stress on him. 
  • What should she do about Luke? Trusting him to watch James for a couple of hours and he had a panic attack which was not good. Her trust in him went down a bit. And now she was wondering if she could leave James alone with him again.
  • Percy wasn’t prepared to handle all of this. Sure he was prepared to help take care of James. He wanted to do that ever since the little guy got lessons from him. 
  • He looks at the water wondering if he could handle all of this. The stress was starting to overwhelm him.
  • Percy sank underwater the water, trying to clear his head. That’s why he loved the water. It can muffle his thoughts and sounds from above. 
  • He came up for air and took a deep breath. 
  • “Daddy!” He heard, knowing that voice from anywhere.
  • He turned and saw James dressed in his bathing suit. Annabeth was standing from the doorway. She wasn’t dressed to go swimming like she usually was. That was concerning to him. Usually this was their bonding time where they don’t have to worry about anything but James progress in swimming.
  • James walked over to the edge of the pool and sat down, like he’s been told to do numerous times. His feet were kicking the water that he could reach.
  • “You’re not swimming with us today?” Percy asked as he waddled over to James and splashed some water on his feet. 
  • “No. Something came up at work and I need to head in.” She replied. “I might be late to come pick him up. I’m sorry for throwing this on you.”
  • “Its fine. Go work. He’ll be my little helper until you get back.” Percy promised.
  • Annabeth blew a kiss to her two boys before leaving the pool. She took a deep breath and walked out of the building. Taking steps towards her destination put lead in her stomach but she knew she needed to do this. For James. For Percy. For her. 
  • She walked into the building and went to the elevator. 
  • Deep breath, Annabeth. You’re doing this to keep your head straight, your son with you, and to make Percy worry less.


  • Annabeth went back to the Y after two hours. Her eyes slightly red and puffy. But she felt slightly better.
  • Before going to the pool area, she tried to clean herself up as much as she could. 
  • She walked in and saw James in the pool on Percy’s shoulders as he blew Percy’s whistle. He was having a grand time doing that. 
  • “Alright bud, that’s enough.” Percy told him as he took James off of his shoulders. 
  • James was giggling until he saw Annabeth standing there with a slight smile on her face. 
  • “Mommy’s here!” 
  • Percy turned and saw Annabeth standing there. He waved and turned back to his lesson to finish it up. 
  • Annabeth waited on the bleachers with some of the other parents who were on their phones or reading a book. 
  • She was on her phone, looking at the pictures she took at the ones she took of her and James along with the ones with her and Percy. Towards the end of her camera roll, she saw a couple pictures of her and Luke, their engagement pictures. She remembered she kept those there to show James who his dad was when he got older.
  • She didn’t know what she wanted to do with those pictures. She could see a couple that was happy and excited. A tiny James was starting to grow in her at that time and they didn’t know it. 
  • But that guy was different now. He wasn’t the same guy she fell in love with five years ago. Was he going to be the same guy if he didn’t get deployed or disappeared four years ago? If he was, she never would have met Percy, or dated him. He was everything she wanted.
  • But that happy couple on her phone, that was the happiest time in her life, until she met Percy.
  • “You okay?” She heard Percy whisper in front of her.
  • Annabeth looked up and looked at Percy’s concerned face. “Oh, yeah. I’m fine.”
  • “You’re crying.” He told her. 
  • She touched her face only to confirmed what he stated. She quickly wiped them away. “I’m fine.” 
  • “Are you sure?” He asked. 
  • “Yeah. Um, I can take James home if you have more lessons.” She told him. 
  • “I’m done for the day.” He told her. “I’ll clean him up and then we can go home.”
  • His eyes were scanning her, wondering what she was upset about. He needed to know what was bother her to the point of her crying.
  • But now wasn’t the time or place to do this. James was always their focus first before talking about their problems. And they already moved into their new apartment which was also taking a lot of adjusting along with other problems. 
  • He just wanted the stress that Annabeth was feeling to go away.
Solangelo Headcannon’s:

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  • Nico always wanting to cuddle and/or touch Will in anyway
  • They are always sneaking into each others cabins for sleepovers. Mostly Will into Nico’s
  • The only time Nico doesn’t have nightmares is when Will is sleeping next to him
  • Nico watching Will getting out of the shower and just muttering a silent “holy shit”
  • Will calling Nico ‘death boy’ just to get a rise out of him
  • Nico returning the favour and calling him ‘sun boy’ or ‘sunshine’
  • Will always being the first one up in the morning, and Nico threatening violence if he is woken up before 9am
  • When Nico is sick Will keeps a very close eye on him, knowing how he is with medication
  • When Will is sick Nico is almost worse. Since he has no idea what to do he just kind of shoves everything towards Will and tries his best to be of assistance
  • “Hand me the bottle of medication. The green one”
  • “Here”
  • “No the green one”
  • “Okay”
  • “NO the green one” 
  • “WILL THEY are all green”
  • “Gods I’ll be dead before sundown”
  • Nico shunning all forms of touch while out in public, but when they are alone he never wants Will’s hands off of him
  • Slowly he gets better with public affection
  • Will trying to get Nico to join in on the camp fire sing along’s
  • “Solace you are lucky I am even here, don’t you dare drag me up there’
  • Will getting Nico a pack of Mythomagic cards for his birthday, because nostalgia 
  • After Will confessed the places he had always wanted to visit, Nico shadow traveled them to one of those places every night. (Much to Will’s constant scorn for wearing himself out with his powers)
  • Little kisses on cheeks

I was just thinking about Reyna and whether I wanted her to be confirmed as a lesbian or stay single and show that you don’t need romantic love but then my brain was like “but what about the wlw rep??”

And I was like “what are you talking about we have Piper” and then I remembered that PIPER ISN’T ACTUALLY CANONICALLY QUEER wtf I’m rolling I legit forgot Piper is straight


Hermes: Obrigada, semideusa! Nada, quando precisar é só pedir.



Poseidon: Não vou parar não. E se levar pra casa eu apareço lá rapidinho. Vocês tão achando o quê? Que só por que sou um deus vou ser mais liberal com meus filhos? Nem pensar.

Percy: Mas comigo você…

Poseidon: Shhhhh

Percy: Eu tentei, mana.

Poseidon: Percy, a BlueCookie não ta chorando?

Percy: Hãn… N-

Poseidon: Tá sim, vai lá ver.


Afrodite: Ah, eu sei, meus filhos são maravilhosos <3

Poseidon: COMO ASSIM??????????

Hécate: De nada, semideusa.


Hermes: Atena, tira o seu homem daqui antes que ele desmaie.


Poseidon: minha filha… meu bebê…


Mods: Beijos! <3

  • PJO Rick: Well they're all straight, obviously. Ignore that completely intentional parallel between Selena and Clarisse and Patroclus and Achilles.
  • HoO Rick: I will allow one (1) gay. But he must be sad about it.
  • ToA Rick: Well you know it's foolish to pretend that LGBT+ people don't exist or ignore their presence in history and mythology.
  • MCGA Rick: I will allow one (1) heterosexual.