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The Truth about Cosplay Contests: What They Don’t Show You on Heroes of Cosplay

While I approve of the less dramatic direction the show has taken this current season I’m still a bit frustrated with the portrayal of the competitions themselves. Most cosplay contests are nothing like the ones they are show on Heroes of Cosplay. I know it’s played up for ratings but I started think about what it was like when I began entering contests. If all I knew about how these contests worked was from this show I would be super discouraged to even think about competing.  I’ve been doing cosplay competitions for several years (at large and small cons) and have a few awards under my belt. I also help run a contest at a local con and have acted as a judge before. I am by no means on the same level as most of the competitors of HoC but I do have knowledge of what it’s really like during one of these contests.  I’m not picking on any of the cosplayers on the show (in fact I have a lot of respect for them) I just want to set the record straight for anyone who it thinking about entering a cosplay contest for the first time.

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I'm done.

I wrote something with rationalizations, justifications, and defenses against misinformation but deleted it, because I realized it doesn’t really matter. What does is how I feel: my perspective has changed after this week on the world of cosplay. I will keep doing “make believe” costumes and encouraging kids (+those at heart) to follow their imaginations, but I’m out as far as everything else goes. No thanks. 

It probably would have been easier if everyone was just personally attacking me since that’s easy to ignore, but it’s that PLUS my friends and professionals who are amazing and hardworking, ethical people. Flawed? Yes. But do you want me to throw stones at your glass house?

My mom just survived cancer (again). I’ve gone to more funerals than I have weddings. My childhood was spent watching people I loved suffer through addiction, prostitution, jail, child protective services, abuse. I personally experienced things that are too triggering for me to talk about. 

And seeing all of this, that’s where I’m at. I don’t even want to go on my Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr anymore. Literally, panic attacks. And, I always tell people, “When it stops being fun, stop doing it." 

I couldn’t even get 100 shares when I (against better judgement lest it gets plagiarized) posted an excerpt of my research that inspired the Peter Pan costumes. That’s what people claimed they wanted right? Process? Fun? But when they get it? Oh… sorry. There’s some drama happening, better re-post that instead. But don’t do that on the TV show because that’s not real.

I’m tired of traditional cosplay. You can find me in the world of the Never Never Land. If that’s where you want to be, you know how to get there.

I love you. Let’s never fight again.

A thin person can cosplay as an overweight character

An overweight person can cosplay as a thin character

A white person can cosplay as a character of color

A person of color and cosplay as a white character

A scrawny person can cosplay as a character with huge muscles

A person with muscles can cosplay as a scrawny character

A short person can cosplay as a tall character

A tall person can cosplay as a short character

A person with large breasts can cosplay as a flat chested character

A flat chested person can cosplay as a big breasted character

A male can cosplay as a female character

A female can cosplay as a male character


This person has way more guts than I do, and I’m glad there are people being more vocal about it as well. 

“At Wizard World New Orleans the individual & group costume contests were held back to back Saturday night. All contestants were told to line up by 6pm. The judges took a break to change costumes between the contests. The ‘Heroes’ groups were added to the line around 10:30pm. About 15 minutes before going on the groups were told that due to time constraints they would not be able to do skits. Only 3 groups were allowed to do their skits even though there was an award for best skit. The award was still presented. Maybe Syfy needs to check the dictionary for the definition of ‘Hero.’ I learned early it isn’t heroic to lie & cheat.”

- Baroness Ancyra

Link to page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152168476192036&set=a.446281362035.235289.741662035&type=1


RE: Heroes of Cosplay

(from the perspective of a cast member)

I would like to take the moment, between airings of the first episode of Heroes of Cosplay, to post this video to TUMBLR- where it belongs the most.

This video applies to you just as much as /r/cosplay and /cgl/.

Heroes of Cosplay is a fun show. It is a reality show. If you go into this with a negative attitude (or a neutral attitude while wanting to hate it), you will hate the show. You may only see the cattiness, but that is NOT the show’s focus. Keep in mind, the show had to appeal to a greater audience AS WELL as you talented cosplayers, in order to be a show. Some things had to be reshot, some (MINOR) things had to be staged. I promise you, every documentary has done this too. It’s how filmmaking works. If you hold on, and continue to watch, I promise you, you will start to appreciate the show more. Please, keep in mind that everyone on the show is a real person, and it’s possible we may see your comments because we are insecure and sometimes search ourselves. OH DON’T PRETEND YOU WOULDN’T. By all means, if you don’t like it, criticize the hell out of it. Just please don’t be cruel. It just feeds the fires.

If you enjoyed the show, thank you so much for watching and supporting us. :D

During filming, some of us got physically ill from exhaustion, and I ended up in the hospital (Then had to continue filming after just having gone through a surprise surgery. I didn’t tell the higher ups, so this didn’t end up on the show.). This was a fucking labor of love. So please, think twice before you’re all mean and stuff. Pretend you ended up on the show with us, how would you feel?