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Lately, I have been re-reading Bnha and I found this scene quiet hilarious; 

Because, as you can see, Todoroki is standing beside Kirishima at that moment, relatively “far” from Midoriya or, at least, it would be difficult for Izuku to get where Todoroki is standing because of Iida between them and the fact that the space is as narrow as it is. 

And in this panel we see again that is not “error” from Horikoshi but in fact Kirishima is proper to Shouto than Deku is. But… 

What we see later on, however, is that Midoriya is the one standing on top of Todoroki! 

I just laughed so hard at realising this litle thing…. Because I can picture the scene totally going like: 

Todoroki: “I choose Midoriya” 

Iida: “B-but… Kirishima is just next to you-”

Todoroki: “I want Mirdoriya” 

Deku: “-sighs- Fine. Iida-kun, please, move aside.”

Iida: “HOW!?” 

Or something like that idk lmao 

This is something I haven´t seen people talking about but perhaps I’m wrong, excuse me if that’s the case, t’s only that I want to talk about it because I found it really funny xd

Headcanon early in the morning!

Class 1-A actually loves to think of All Might as their adopted (second) Dad, and since Toshinori and Izuku are not exactly subtile about the fact that they have a rather close bond, especially the girl gush over the two of them as father and son.

So one day, when goofing around with Toshinori once again, someone has the idea to draw some freckles on Toshi’s face, just like the ones Izuku has. Toshinori lets it happen, patiently smiling as someone puts the dots on his cheeks with a marker.

Izuku splutters and hides in a corner when he walks in and sees it, while the other laugh fondly at him.

Tododeku fairytale crossover idea

Once upon a time in far away kingdom…

lived sweet and good boy Izuku. Everyone were calling him Little Green Riding Hood because of the green cloak he was wearing and his beautiful green hair. 

He had very good heart and was helping everyone around. Such brave boy. One he got news that some dangerous beasts dragons and wolves attacked the neighboring village. So he immediately went to rescue these people from the dangerous beasts. 

Sadly there were tons of these beasts in the dark forest. Just too many for one person. Even such brave as our Little Green Riding Hood.

But then true prince on a white horse appeared. It was Charming Prince Todoroki! He defeated all creatures that wanted hurt our Lil Green Riding hood. Together they defeated all dangerous beasts and saved all villagers.

Little Green Riding Hood was so grateful to the prince and was all impressed how cool he is. The same for Prince Todoroki he was impressed how brave and good our lil hero is. They become friends very fast. :D wink wink

They decided to travel together with mission of helping people and saving them from dangerous beasts. They were such great combo. Soon they fell deeply in love. And…

lived happily ever after. :D 


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧


I keep giggling at the thought of a villain mama trying to raise her daughter to be normal and placing her in a prestigious school but often have her villain side show up, and the teacher who is used to pompous parents totally don’t bat an eye to put her in her place