heroes hotline

hey i thrive on following a lot of blogs so if you post any of the content down below, like this and i’ll follow you!


  • boku no hero academia
  • haikyuu!!
  • one punch man

video games

  • persona series
  • overwatch
  • hotline miami
  • life is strange


  • steven universe
  • orphan black
  • sense8
  • miraculous ladybug


  • studio ghibli movies
  • wes anderson movies
  • heathers


  • heathers
  • hamilton
  • wicked (the novel included!)


  • critical role
  • just… anything d&d

if you also post fashion, art (impressionism, original, etc.), makeup, food porn, stationery (studyblrs welcome!), or nature (sea, sky, flowers, etc.) i’ll follow you as well!