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Send Me a Number
  • 1. Favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 2. Least favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 3. Grover?
  • 4. Percico or Percabeth?
  • 5. Jasico or Jasper?
  • 6. Valdangelo or Solangelo?
  • 7. Is Gaia or Kronos the better villain?
  • 8. Did Luke deserve Elysium?
  • 9. Favorite character?
  • 10. Least favorite character?
  • 11. Favorite scene in the books?
  • 12. Favorite book?
  • 13. Least favorite book?
  • 14. Most heart-wrenching moment?
  • 15. Best canon fluff moment?
  • 16. Cabin you're in?
  • 17. Cabin you'd like to be in?
  • 18. Coolest demigod powers?
  • 19. Caleo or Percy/Calypso?
  • 20. Leo/Hazel or Frazel?
  • 21. Percy/Rachel or Rachel/Annabeth?
  • 22. Pipabeth or Pipazel?
  • 23. Annabeth/Reyna or Reyna/Piper?
  • 24. Jeyna or Jasper?
  • 25. Do you ship Thaluke?
  • 26. If you went to Camp Half-Blood, what would be your favorite activity?
  • 27. Least favorite CHB activity?
  • 28. Who would you want on your team for Capture the Flag?
  • 29. Hunters or Amazons?
  • 30. Demigod most likely to stab another in the back if it would benefit them?
  • 31. Demigod most likely to die for another demigod?
  • 32. Best demigod parents?
  • 33. Best demigod siblings? (Can be actual sibs like Percy and Tyson or more like Piper and Leo)
  • 34. What would a prophecy about you say?
  • 35. Would you rather be mortal or demigod?
  • 36. Cinnamon Roll demigod?
  • 37. Most hardcore demigod?
  • 38. Most underrated demigod?
  • 39. Best demigod team?
  • 40. Most "WTF" moment in the series?
  • 41. Demigod most likely to survive the apocalypse?
  • 42. Demigod most likely to die first in the apocalypse?
  • 43. Demigod with the most awesome name/nickname?
  • 44. Metalest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 45. Cutest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 46. Favorite thing about BOO?
  • 47. Most "wtf" moment in Blood of Olympus?
  • 48. Least favorite part of BOO?
  • 49. Favorite minor character?
  • 50. Favorite minor ship?
  • Bonus Question: which character's death was totally unnecessary and should not have happened as they didn't deserve to die like wtf

In Chiron’s office there are two file cabinets. Both of them have files with all the information about each camper: the date they arrived, when they were claimed, school information if they are full time campers, their summer activities, etc….the only difference is that one cabinet is filled with all the living ones and the other with all the ones who died.

And every time he has to move a file from one cabinet to another he makes sure to read all the files in the second cabinet before putting it away. It is his way to honor the heroes who are gone.

โœฏSuper-hero & Super-heroineโœฏ
  • “Honor and Truth will never fail against the enemy.”
  • “I fight because I have to.”
  • “No matter what you do to me, it won’t change anything. I will never break.”
  • “Talk, talk, talk… it’s always the same old speech, if you’re going to do something, JUST DO it already, so I can stop you.”
  • “Even if ONE person needs me, I will fight for them with everything I’ve got.”
  • “I never said you’d be easy to destroy, I said no one else could do it but me.”
  • “I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and shake off what I see, and still get out there and be strong for everyone else.”
  • “Powers are NOT the most important thing; you have to have the guts to stand up to the enemy with or without them.”
  • “Anyone can say they have the answers, but the real decisions are never easy.”
  • “My heritage is only a starting point, I defend everyone else’s right to their own.”
  • “I had the choice too, you know. I could have been as destructive and selfish as you, but I chose to rise above it.”
  • “You think this is an easy life for me? I wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone.”
  • “You can’t make war on the whole world!”
  • “The ones that did this to you are not responsible for what you’ve become. YOU are.”
  • “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s needed, and I can provide it.”
  • “Some are born with weakness of spirit and body, and a rare few are stronger than the rest. They have to lead an example so that the weak can hope.”
  • “People may not understand, but they will see, and they will learn through time, we have to be paitent.”
  • “That sounds like something a maniac would say.”
  • “I only need one shot, as long as it counts.”
  • “My burdens don’t lessen. They multiply.”
  • “When you fight through the pain and put blinders on to all the noise, you can move through anything.”
  • “Are you taking lives and destroying people’s peace? Then it doesn’t matter what your cause is, you’re the bad guy.”
  • “Careful your fear doesn’t turn to anger, careful your anger doesn’t turn to rage.”
  • “Those that hate the opposing side so ardently are doomed to become worse than the thing they despise.”
  • “When I say I protect everyone, I mean everyone. Not just those that claim they deserve it more.”
  • “As long as I am around, you won’t win!”
  • “I don’t do the sidekick thing.”
  • “I don’t do this for the fame or adoration.”
  • “All I know is what I am, and I was made to stop you.”
  • “Look at the horror you’ve caused! Look at all the bloodshed!”
  • That… I can’t pay for that, sorry.”
  • “Most of the time, people are just as afraid of me as they are of the bad guy.”
  • “Sometimes I don’t know why I still help them when they would turn against me at the slightest sign of fear.”
  • “I just want a normal life, but I didn’t get it.”
  • “If I had a normal life, I suppose I’d be like all the ones I try to save.”
  • “I can’t just sit here, idly by while innocent people suffer!”
  • “The ( mayor/counsel/prime minister/president ) has me on speed dial.”
  • “I’m not perfect. They only see what they want to see.”
  • “Ignorance and Vanity are diseases that infect even the most educated. THAT is the true plague of mankind.”
  • “I won’t turn my back on them!”
  • “Your fancy weapons and technology won’t win this!”

My lord may stand defeated, but we also won in so many ways.

We got a memorable fight.
We gave an older game more recognition.
We got a new a bromance and/or otp.
We got a good score in the end despite the lack of resources.

And most importantly,

We grew as a community and got new friends.

So thank you everyone for fighting in the voting gauntlet and I hope you guys had fun!


Honoring Our Heroes: Woman Gives A Biscuit To A Man She Believes Is A Firefighter

Ring Of Honor roster
[Circe late 2008/2009]

What an amazing roster this truly was. So many heroes and legends, guys who could be cited as being mat masters and teachers. Some who would go on to headline WrestleMania. Others who’d help pave the way for the future.

Also, that weird time period when Jigsaw wrestled without a mask. :(

I’m traveling right now so I can’t do the full post I would want to do, but it has officially been reported that Carrie Fisher has died. May the Force be with her and my condolences go out to her family and friends. We have lost an icon and my personal hero and we must honor her memory and spirit now that she is gone.

How to change a character's outlook on life.

So our group, a cavalier, a cleric, a wizard, and a gunslinger, was tasked with investigating possible plague and undeath in a small town before it could spread to the main city. We arrive to find that an old folk hero has been risen in urgathoa’s name and spreading disease and death through town. We approach the crypt to find twn undead lined up outside. Our cavalier approaches and calls out the ex-hero in an honor bound duel. The creature answers and the fight ensues. 

Bad roll after bad roll result in the cavalier in really bad shape when he calls in for the party’s aid. We jump to action but so does the ten undead. The cleric isn’t able to keep up with the heals, more bad rolls. The cavalier falls and is turned into a fire elemental that screams hell fire and accusations at the group. The ex-hero turns his attention on the rest of the party and it falls apart.

The cleric buffs up and draws the new elemental and the undead further into the cemetery, calling for the others to run. The wizard, the gunslinger’s brother, uses his last invisibility on the gunslinger and instructs her to run. She does, leaving her brother and the cleric praying they can get away. They don’t.

So now, my character, the gunslinger, has to gather reinforcements and return to the place where she abandoned her friends and brother to their death. The once carefree and loving character has hardened and given a new resolve.