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“So you surely realize by now that…dragon blood courses through my veins.
Dragons have not often lived in harmony with humans…or is it vice versa? Yet here I feel as if I can truly be myself without fear or shame. That’s because of you. You have the rare gift of seeing others, or at least me, as if there are no divisions between us. I appreciate this more than you can know. And so, I offer you all my dances in deep gratitude.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians moodboard #59

Zoe Nightshade, daughter of Atlas (2)


“You know, I consider it a high honor and an exceptional privilege to spend these moments with you. Aw, who am I kidding, Summoner? Ha! Let’s drop all that royal jibber-jabber. It’s just us, right? Right! The thing is, I love being around you. I’ve never been happier! Sure, you’re a valuable addition to the Order of Heroes-blah, blah, blabbity, blah. But after spending so much time with you, I just think of you more like…a close friend. Do you feel the same? Are we friends? Best friends? On our way to being best friends? We are? Er, which one? Never mind. I’m just delighted… so delighted…so very…Waah! You’ve made me cry, you silly goose.
I won’t forget this day. Why, I’ll save all my tears of happiness in a vial to remind me-forever!”