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Could you do prompts for a female villain who was the childhood friend of the female hero but the hero never picked up on any of the hints and now they're meeting for the first time in like 6 years and the villain still loves the hero and the hero doesn't recognize them.

1) “Why did you spare me!?” The hero nearly howled in her rage, feeling like her lungs and heart might burst right out of her chest with the force of her grief. She couldn’t stop shaking. She couldn’t stop crying, even if she didn’t want to give that monster the satisfaction of her tears. 

The villain stared at her, expression frozen. 
“Because once, you saved me. I was trying to return the favour.” 

The favour, as if any of this had been a favour! 

2) “But you,” the hero spat. “No one would ever yield to the likes of you! You know nothing of kindness, or loyalty, or love.”

“And of course you are the expert of recognizing love and loving things. You have me all figured out. Clever you.”

3) A body flung her out of the way to safety, knocking the breath out of her, warm and armoured on top of her. Arms covered her head, as the shrapnel of the explosion missed them by inches. 
“Thanks.” She rolled over, expecting - not them. She stiffened. For a second, that unreadable, masked face seemed to study her. Fingers trailed over her lips with a tenderness not suited to either villainy or war. Then the villain was up and gone.

4) “So, they sent you to negotiate with me.” 

“I’m told I’m very persuasive,” the hero flashed a smile. 

“Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason they sent you. No.” The villain rose to her feet. “How dare you?”

She hadn’t even suggested anything yet!

5) “Do you know who I am?” 
“Someone who needs to be stopped.”
The villain laughed, then - an oddly cracking, broken sound. 


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Disney + “grumpy sarcastic guy/energetic optimistic girl” main characters

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Villain/hero drunk New Years ramble:

Since the dawn of time there has always been something sexy and alluring about the dark and brooding type,

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Something hot about the bad boy, the villain, the “beast”, the anti-hero

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In common fairy-tale the handsome hero gets the girl. That’s all fine and dandy, I’m not knocking the original ideal scene, but relationships that form between the hero and the villain can be twice as interesting.

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The challenges the couple will have to face become ten times more difficult. Love triangles, redemption arcs, and raised stakes! The added villainous love interest makes for a very complex and compelling story.

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Of course, it takes a little more time for relationships like these to iron out, that’s why we love them! We feel more deeply for what they’ve gained, because of the extra mile the two characters had to run in order to get to the end result. This isn’t love at first sight! This is two people bonding.


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