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Hey, Cas, did you know that you're my first memory of supernatural? An episode came on one day while I was doing a project and all I remember thinking is "look at that beautiful man with the sleepy eyes". I watched the rest of the episode (hunter heroci?) and spent my spring break binge watching the series! In a nutshell, you changed by life, Castiel.

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Cas: Well, that’s all very flattering. I hope I had a positive impact.

My earliest Supernatural memory is probably my mum watching “Everybody Loves a Clown” I think. Years later I’m watching it properly when I’m like… this is familiar… two dudes in front of a car talking about their dad….

59.0 :: 'austin nights' by herocious

‘austin nights’ by herocious/Michael Davidson // tiny toe press, 2011



read this book if you believe in self-determination


“If I must run according to a clock, I want to run on this clock…the one of shifting tectonic plates, creeping oceans, imploding stars, and winding rivers.”


'austin nights’ doesn’t bother with ‘conventional’ plot;

the novel functions like the ocean: themes, motifs, people,

reflections, philosophical inquiries, and the ever-present

desire to find or make meaning out of one’s life briefly

wash up into the reader’s proximity before receding again

into sea and sky, character and description; herocious masters

the ebb and flow of observations referenced, set aside, referenced again


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