Rotten Judgement - part 2

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,630

Warnings: Language, Angst, Slaves, Demonic creatures, Mythology , Attempt Assault 

A/N: Seriously guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback. I hope I tagged everyone, sorry if I didn’t :/ (As usual some quotes from the movie)

“I know who you work for,” Brock Rumlow, notorious human trash bag, hissed as he pinned you with the weight of his body against a brick wall.

He put his big, calloused hand around your throat and tightened his grip until you were gasping for air. You tried to pull yourself free, but your hands were trapped behind your back. He was breathing so close to your face that you could feel his clammy breath on your skin.

In hindsight, you should have known that Rumlow wasn’t going to be easy an easy target. He was a murderer and a thief, he probably didn’t even have a heart. Your targets were usually old people or horny men, this was a first and you couldn’t understand why Bucky needed his heart. It was most likely all black and corrupted.

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Galaxy The hedgehog: Wannabe hero of Mobius

Hi! I’m Tama and I’m here to present you my Oc correctly. (Please have in mind that english it’s not my first language and I may have some mistakes)

Name: Kiara Storm (real name) / Galaxy is her nickname

Age: 18

Birthday: January 24

Personality: She’s very naive, impulsive and brave. She lives to help people and always tries to find the positive side of things. Even after all she has been trhough she’s very friendly and has a strong sense of justice, what sometimes makes her do stupid things without thinking too much on the consequences. 

Powers: Still training to find some…

Backstory: She lived in a  small village that was far away from Knothole and Robotnik’s attacks, so she didn’t grew up with those problems. The peace didn’t last forever tho. One day the place was invaded and a lot of badnicks started to take the people to Eggman to be robotized. This took everyone for surprise so there was no way to defend themselves. Galaxy and her bigger sister escaped from their house before it burned down with their parents inside, trying to espape from the robots her sister was taken by one of them and Galaxy couldn’t no anything about it, this event changed her way to see life, she felt useless and a coward for doing nothing. 

The next years she travelled from town to town scearching for her sister who she belived was still alive and somewhere. By this time she heard about the Freedom Fighters, a group of heroes that was fighting against Robotnik and his robot army. She was fascinated by the stories she was told and decided to look for them to help her.

Relationships: (Only the most importants)

Scourge: They met while this guy was hidding from the interdimentional cops. This was short after Fiona and her team betrayed him in their last job after escaping the prision. Galaxy knew who he was, she heard about the hedgehog who was identical to sonic but evil. So she was about to go and tell the others about him when he basically prayed her to not do it (Scourge was alone so he thought he could use her to hide) She felt bad for him and let him stay with her.

Amy: They are best friends since the two of them are Sonic’s fans (Galaxy isn’t in love with him tho) 

Sonic: He’s cool with her, he can see how hard she tries to help so he sometimes helps her training

Silver: (futere comic maybe?)

Tails: Galaxy loves spend time with this guy and is always curious about his inventions, it seems like she has a lot of potencial to be a mechanic so he teaches her all the stuff he knows and how he does it.

Sally: She was the one who first listened to Galaxy when she was scearching for help, both of them went to Eggman’s base and tried to find some clue to Galaxy’s sister location… They couldn’t find anything tho.

Shadow: He just doens’t give a fuck :3

Present Day: Galaxy now spends her time training to be stronger to be able to fight along her heroes and trying find her real porpuse. This last thing was pretty clear for her before, but since she meet Scourge everything feels very confusing. She’s still looking for her sister without a lot of success

As you can see, she’s just some regular Sonic the hedghegog Oc. I can’t say that she’s perfect or super original but at least I can say that I’m trying to make her the most “real” possible. I can’t talk about ther powers yet, but she has no super transformation. If you keep the support I may make a comic with Silver as a co protagonist about Galaxy’s missing sister. 

I have to specify that this story is ONLY for the Archie universe, it’s weird but I have some crazy ideas for the Boom universe too (I’m not going to talk about the videogames universe since I wrote about that years ago and it’s really painful to remember)

If you read all of this THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU! I already took too much time of your precious life, so I’m just gonna go to sleep

Watch on beevean.tumblr.com

Did somebody ask for subtitles? :D


Sonic admitting that he can be afraid is already good in my book. Give me more emotionally vulnerable Sonic, please, Sonic Lost World was a step in the right direction.

Tails: “You’re Sonic from another world!” - Announcer: “Sonic from older times…” uhhh

“Become Sonic’s reliable sidekick” but what about Tails D:

“Torturing this wannabe hero doesn’t feel too bad” jeez infinite way to treat your long lost friend :V

“this exciting yet serious story” YES PLEASE I HOPE IT’S TRUE BECAUSE I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE

Inktober - Day 7: Shy

Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki
Rating: T (for language)
Other tags: Copious amounts of blushing, Bakugou Katsuki Sweats A Lot, Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings

If you want a little bit more context, you can find Part 1 here! Or you can read both parts over on AO3!

Art by Kumi. Words by Red.
Please, do not repost anywhere.

Katsuki could feel the blush rising on his cheeks. He felt too warm under his own skin.

He was dressed for the cold outside and, thinking they would just stay at the café for a little while, he hadn’t bothered to take off his winter jacket after they sat down with their drinks, which Kirishima had insisted on paying for without giving much explanation. But that didn’t matter right now.

Truth was, when Kirishima had all but dragged him out of his room - on a Sunday morning no less - because he was craving some hot cocoa, this was certainly not how he had envisioned the outing to go. At all.

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☘ Non-Existent ☘

I don’t usually specify gender, so I’m just gonna keep that part blank, so… I hope you still enjoy.

Author: Jaegeronice
Anime: Boku no Hero Academia
Character: Bakugou Katsuki
Warnings: Angst, swearing

“I can’t fucking believe you still hang out with that bastard Deku!” he growled, his jaw tight and teeth gritted. His hands were slightly smoking, showing how pissed he was.

“I don’t see what’s so wrong with being friends with him? It has nothing to do with you,” you crossed your arms, waiting for your boyfriend to calm his attitude and rationalize. It didn’t usually happen, but this was getting out of hand.

“What’s so great about him anyways!?” he jabs his finger at you, a second away from blowing a fuse.

You breath in and out calmly, trying to find your peaceful mind. It was something you were teaching yourself so you could handle him better. But it didn’t always work, since you were an easily enraged person as well.

“He’s just nice to have around,” you said. His eye twitched, his lips tugging into a snarl.

“Yeah? Well have fun playing around with your new fucking pal!” he yelled at you, his animosity nearly reaching it’s peak. You finally snapped, not willing to put up with his shit any more.

“I will! At least he’s nicer than you are!”

“You bitch! I change my mind. I guess you really do belong with that loser,” he swore at you, making you flinch at the cruel words he spit out. You looked down at your feet, fists clenched as you hid your face from him, full of mixed emotions.

“What, can’t say anything now, you weak hero wannabe? JUST DIE!” he roared, explosions bursting from his hands. You stumbled back a bit, raising your head as tears flung from your eyes. He really was horrible.

His eyes widened for a split second, realizing how much he just hurt you. But it didn’t matter anymore, because you had already turned tail and ran in the opposite direction.

Bakugou bared his teeth as he watched you go, frustration in his features as tears burned in eyes. He would have to apologize, which is something he hates doing, but this time it was necessary.

The next morning at school, you ignored him. Flat out gave him the cold shoulder. He called your name, yelled it, screamed it, but as everyone else around you thought he was going crazy, you simply acted as if he didn’t exist.

“Who is Bakugou? I don’t know. I heard he dug his own grave, apparently.”

You walked by yourself to your next class, trying your best to block out the fact that you were being closely followed by Bakugou himself. He was stomping after you with a dark look on his face, his hands dug deep in his pockets as he trailed after you. Your indifference- no, your rejection to his presence made him furious. But there wasn’t much he could do to change that.

By the end of the day, he was practically pulling his hair out and threatening his classmates more than usual. He refrained from shooting death threats at you considering that’s the reason you began to ignore him.

“Hey, listen to me. Fuckin’ just- agh, I mean-” he tripped over his own words, attempting to sound polite but he just failed miserably.

You didn’t even acknowledge his existence.

Midoriya came up to you, avoiding Bakugou’s fiery gaze as he spoke to you. “Do you want to join me at the dorms again? There’s another All Might interview broadcasting on TV again tonight.”

Stopping in your tracks, you glanced at Midoriya, noticing how Bakugou’s aura got more intense as anger churned inside him. Were you really going to go off with Deku again?

You shook your head, declining the offer. “I’m sorry, I have things I’ve got to you. Maybe you could tape it and send it to me later?”

“S-Sure!” Midoriya stuttered, seeing how Bakugou was leering at him with a deadly glare. As he quickly scurried off, you began to walk again. But two arms stopped you from walking any further.

“Stop,” Bakugou trapped you in his arms, his grip almost as solid as steel.

“Let go.”

You finally dropped the punishment. He was slightly relieved, but under the circumstances of your response he still wasn’t willing to let you leave just yet.

“No, I’m not going to fucking let go,” he mumbled, dropping his head down onto your shoulder. You froze up, not used to this affection. He never showed anything like it before. Shaking with frustration, your eyes were watery as your lip bled from biting it so hard.

He guided his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest. You felt his lips on your shoulder. Your neck. The side of your head. Your jaw. He was surprising you in more ways than one. “Stay with me. Please.”

That was all he needed to say.

You didn’t really expect an apology from him, It wasn’t really him. If he had said “sorry” you probably wouldn’t have believed him. This was the most sincere he’s ever been, and it was good enough for you.

“I would never really leave you, you know.”


“What, can’t say anything now?” you teased him.

“You’re too cute,” he said as he turned your face to him and kissed you deeply on the mouth. At least you know now that arguments were the main way to open new doors between you, no matter how strange it was.

“You smell of ash.”

“Fuck you.”

In Your Corner

Hanzo was a well established presence on base by the time Jesse McCree found his way to Watchpoint Gibraltar.

He meditated with Zenyatta, helped out during simulations, and was slowly but surely earning the grudging admiration, if not complete trust, of the other agents. There were plenty who didn’t completely trust Hanzo, but they knew him, and they knew that he was a man who thought through every word before it left his mouth, planned every target he shot.

So no one really knew what to think of this latest development.

Jesse McCree had showed up on base to a welcoming committee, hugged Angela and was affectionately crushed by Reinhardt, and set off afterwards to look for Genji.

He found him.

Genji was delighted, but lost his enthusiasm quickly when he realized that Jesse’s smile had dropped off his face, his eyes fixed on the archer over his shoulder.

“Oh, Hanzo, this is-”

Hanzo held up a hand to silence Genji, then pointed at the cowboy.

“Jesse McCree. I’ll see you in the sparring ring in 20 minutes. Settle your affairs.”

And then Hanzo was out the door again, leaving a completely stunned Genji with the cowboy.

Jesse’s expression was more resignation than anything. He handed Genji his serape and Peacekeeper.

“Bury these with me.”

Before Genji could even manage to choke out a question Jesse had left, following Hanzo to the gym.

“What the fuck.” The cyborg whispered into the empty room.

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Daenerys Scenes Are Supposed to Make You Feel Uncomfotable!

Originally posted by bbatbitch

Now more than ever I am convinced that Daenerys will be the main part of the bittersweet ending of Game of Thrones. The show has set up her character perfectly to fulfill this role. She is the strong female lead who has ambition to rule and has badass scenes in the show. She’s also incredibly beautiful and for the most part seems to have really great intentions. All of these characterizations is the perfect way to subtly disguise a narrative and scenes that show her true charcater arc.

I’m gonna say this again, some of Daenerys scenes are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable!!

For instance this scene below is supposed to represent Daenerys acting as a white savior to the people of Meereen without understanding the customs and traditions of that nation. Some people like to debate the intent of this scene but the intent is clear. This wasn’t supposed to be a victorious moment. This was supposed to be a cringeworthy moment.

This scene with Hizdahr zo Loraq was supposed to make you have compassion and reevaluate Dany’s desicions. Y’all this scene was powerful and everything! The purpose of this scene was to drill home the point that not everything was as black and white as Daenerys was making it seem, not every noble man was a slave master and some were even fighting against slavery before Daenerys arrived.

Multiple scenes with Dany and fire. There are too many scenes where Dany is mystified by fire, uses fire as a weapon, or threatens fire and blood so here are just a few!

Last but not least, in Season 7 you were supposed to feel uncomfortable by Dany’s stubbornness. Probably more than any other season, you saw Daenerys in some ways acting unreasonable with her discussions. Her stubbornness on actually heading Tryion’s advice or listening to him. Her stubbornness on refusing to help Jon Snow until after she saw the White Walkers for herself and she lost Viserys.

Her first scene with Jon was filled with tension and not the good kind of tension. In many ways Daenerys came off as arrogant/pompous. With Tyrion, even though he made poor decisions last season, in other circumstances he was levelheaded and reasonable. He was right about the Tarlys and he was right to talk about her heir. Not once but twice she wrongly accused Tyrion of conspiring with his family. Tyrion didn’t deserve that and has proven himself loyal and trustworthy. Don’t forget y’all in season 6 he practically held the city of Meereen for Daenerys while she was gone.

I would add gifs but I’m running out of space lol. Anyway I say all this to say that if you saw these scenes and felt uncomfortable you were supposed too. The show has been gently hinting a particular character arc for a character that is beloved by many. Even though the show has portrayed Daenerys as this strong, justice warrior, hero female character, that isn’t the her true role. More than likely, in my personal opinion, Daenerys will end up as the wannabe hero with good intentions but her desire for the Iron Throne is her ultimate demise and leads her to make “mad decisions” for the throne.

BTW: None of these gifs are mine! I found them on google! Feel free tag yourself for credit! 😊

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This is probably a super used AU, but it's great. High school AU. Maybe Tony and Bucky? Like the classic ones with Tony being the 'rich kid' and being misunderstood, then something happens and it changes? And Bucky? Somehow? Thanks!

Super used AU just means it’s so great, it can’t be retold often enough ;) That said, I think I kinda lost focus, but the premise of the AU stands, so I hope you’ll like it anyways!

“I’m perfectly fine, thank you for asking,” Tony says drolly without bothering to look up.

“Sure you are,” the sarcastic drawl finally makes Tony lift his aching head from where he’s been staring unseeingly at the tips of his shoes, and hello Hot Leatherjacket whom he’s been secretly crushing on for going on four months. This has the potential to become awkward very fast. “That’s why you’re sitting out here, two hours after school let out, in the rain, without a coat.”

Tony shrugs. All he wants is to be in his warm bed, a cup of Jarvis’ home-made cocoa on his bedside table and a notebook in his hands, and be left alone.

Apparently Unnecessary Questions doesn’t get the message though. “You waiting for someone?” he asks, shifts until he’s fully facing Tony, clearly intent on continuing this conversation for a while.

Tony just barely suppresses a sigh. He might have been thrilled on any other day, to finally get this guy’s–and how pathetic is it, that he doesn’t even know his name after four months of pining from afar?–attention but right now he just- doesn’t have it in him.


“For whom?” Shaggy Hair continues the interrogation.

“Parents.” Jarvis, technically. He’s learned early on though, that any reminder of his parents’ wealth won’t lead to anything good.

“Oh,” Blue Eyes sounds surprised–and completely unimpressed by Tony’s monosyllabic answers. “When are you meeting up with them?”

“One hour and 24 minutes ago.”

It’s unlike Jarvis to be late. On the other hand it’s very likely that his father has given Jarvis another task to handle and forgotten to make sure his only son would get home in the process. Usually that would have made Tony angry. Usually he would have started walking home or got himself a phone or something. But today–today had been a bad day and Tony is so tired.

Pretty Smile grimaces. “That sucks.”

A pause. Silence, except for the gentle pit-pat noise of the falling rain.

“Do you have a jacket?”

Tony nods.

“Where is it?” Killer Jaw steps a little closer.

“Football team.”

“Ah.” Another grimace. “They’re a bunch of irredeemable assholes.”

Had Tony been in a better condition, he would have commented on the team jacket the guy is wearing. Instead he settles for a pointed look.

Nice Muscles shrugs unapologetic. “I’m part of the team, doesn’t make me blind. Here, do you want my jacket?”

He’s already sliding out of it but Tony doesn’t make any attempt to reach it. He doesn’t want to.

“C’mon, man.” Is that worry? It sounds a little like worry, Tony absently thinks. “You’re shaking, you can’t tell me you’re not freezing.” Uncharacteristic Footballer takes on of Tony’s hands, winces. “Fuck, you’re cold. C’mere.”

Something warm–jacket–is draped over Tony’s shoulders. It’s kind of nice.

“See, that’s better, isn’t it?” Sad Smile asks him, and yeah, it really is. “I’m gonna pull you up now, alright? We really need to get you out of the rain. On three, one, two, three.”

Tony is pulled up all right. It’s a little hard to stay standing, his legs are trembling and uncomfortably stiff, but Wannabe Hero has a tight grip around Tony’s waist and keeps them both upright. Tony leans his head against the closest shoulder. It’s not very comfortable, with the up and down movements during every step, but it’s still kind of nice.

“Here we are,” Knight In Shabby Leatherjacket mutters eventually, props Tony up against–the side of a car? The world kind of slips sideways a little, and he doesn’t even realise he’s falling until a strong grip around his upper arms pulls him up again. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t do that!” Terribly Worn Down Boots scolds, “keep those pretty eyes open for me, will you? I need you to tell me where to go, hey!”

Tony blinks up at Really Blue Eyes lethargically, which for some reason earns him a bright smile. “There you are.” He’s being shifted and moved again, until he’s finally sitting–passenger seat. It is surprisingly comfortable.

Helpful Not Quite Stranger helps him put on a seatbelt, which is nice. Tony isn’t sure he could have done it on his own. His fingers are very numb.

“Hey there,” Possibly A Kidnapper murmurs, a warm hand carefully tilting Tony’s head up. “I’m gonna drive you home, alright?” he asks, adds with a twist of lips, “probably get banned by your parents too because I have a couple of words for them and they aren’t fuckin’ nice. But for that to happen I need you to tell me where you live, alright?”

Okay. Tony can do that. He rattles down his address and though his voice is shot to hell, Gentle Hands seems to understand him, what with his raised eyebrows and the whistling and the “Damn, hope nobody’s gonna call the cops on me when I show up there in this wreck of a car,” that causes Tony to flinch.

“Joking, I’m just joking!” Comforting Voice insists immediately. Tony tries to ascertain his truthfulness but it’s hard to focus, so he just ends up relaxing back into his seat again.

“I’m James by the way, but my friends call me Bucky.”

Tony isn’t sure what that means.

“It means I’d like you to call me Bucky,” Warm Chuckle tells him with an amused but genuine grin and leans forward to turn up the heat.

[Aka The Story Of How Bucky And Tony Became Friends (And Later Something More)

Aka The Story Of How Bucky Was Banned From The Stark Mansion (And Earned The Standing Approval Of Jarvis)]

BNHA is a series long meta on what is means to be a hero and that’s… amazing

  • conversation about heroics vs. vigilantism vs. villainy 
  • what makes a hero and what makes a wannabe 
  • should heroes be celebreties or treated like firefighters? 
  • the commercialization and over glorification of heroes
  • what it means to realize that a hero is a human too
  • the next generation of heroes learning from an imperfect generation 
  • that being a hero might just only mean what side of the law you’re on
  • Being a good hero doesn’t mean you’re a good person

I could go on and on, but these are all topics that have been raised in the manga thus far and honestly in such a mature yet entertaining way. It doesn’t take away from the story, it doesn’t preach, it just raises questions and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions which is… literally all I’ve ever wanted

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The premise of Steven Universe is flawed. It hinges on some kid being the moral center of a group of feminine aliens who have centuries of experience over him. Steven’s a boy wonder whose judgement constantly outweighs the judgement of the Crystal Gems. The Gems are made out to seem incompetent compared to Steven and it’s beyond annoying. The passing away of their leader Rose Quartz is not an excuse for them to be so destabilized by her absence that they need some little kid to help them fix all their problems. The Gems’ entire existence revolves around Steven so much that it stifles their characterization.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are skilled warriors, so it’s obnoxious to see the average kid Steven be rewarded almost every time he disobeys their instruction. It’s also annoying to see the Gems outclassed whenever Steven happens to get lucky and resolve a conflict all on his own. The problem with Steven Universe is that it takes the “out of the mouths of babes” thing to the extreme. Sure, sometimes adults can learn a thing or two from children, but sometimes children need to learn from adults. Interactions between children and adults are negotiations, it’s a dialogue with both parties needing to learn from another to grow and develop. Crewniverse completely ignores this well balanced dynamic and suffers from this polarized approach in that Steven has no reason to really develop because he’s portrayed as being right the majority of the time. Rarely ever is he told he’s wrong, because for whatever reason Crewniverse thinks telling children they’re wrong is bad. Yet it’s not bad to tell a child they messed up, because it’s a natural part of life. Just as much as adults need to be told they’re wrong, children also need to understand when they’ve made mistakes they need to confront and apologize for. 

Furthermore, this lopsided dichotomy is only made more troublesome because it echoes the cliche of the newbie every boy protagonist constantly outperforming the supposedly hyper competent feminine characters. The fact that he doesn’t really think much of the gems doesn’t help either:

Connie: I hope [the Gems are] back in time for me to say bye.
Steven: Uh, it might be a while? You wouldn’t believe how many of them it takes to screw in a lightbulb.

Heck, I don’t even think that Crewniverse really respects Gems given the way Peridot and Lapis were portrayed in “the New Crystal Gems.” Connie’s rant in the episode even suggests that the Crystal Gems are “a bunch of super-powered children” and that Steven’s role is to be the reasonable, level headed “adult.”   

The basic set up of the series leaves such a sour taste in my mouth, and while there are great things about the series, Steven’s virtual dominance over the Gems is too distracting to ignore. Personally, it was one of the things that made me lose faith in Steven Universe as early as the first season. The pilot clued me in that this privileging of Steven over the Gems would be the foundation of the series! I did have hopes that this trend would change, but so far it’s been getting worse with no signs of a shift any time soon. 

I love the Gems: Garnet, Amethyst, and Bismuth! Even Pearl and Rose Quartz! The Crystal Gems deserve a better series where they aren’t held under the thumb of some irritating preachy self-righteous wannabe hero like Steven. Shame on you Crewniverse for creating great characters with loads of potential just to have them pushed to the wayside to perpetually showcase some tagalong kid. 

You are going to tell me that Albus-too-many-bloody-names-Dumbledore, who has to insert his opinion into everything, and has to have control over everything going on around him, couldn’t possibly do anything to help Tom Riddle when he was very well aware of the signs the boy showed and what happened if those signs went unchecked?

Sure. Dumbledore is perfectly innocent.

Fact is, had he at least tried to help Tom instead of pushing him further away, he wouldn’t be credited in the creation of Voldemort.

And everyone loves to excuse him. Well, it wasn’t his business so why should he get involved? I’ll tell you why.

Because nothing else was his business but he felt the overwhelming urge to involve himself in everything. Harry’s placement with Petunia, not Dumbledore’s business but he decided he knew what was best. Harry being able to send a letter, not Dumbledore’s business, but he forbade anyone from sending Harry mail. Withholding important information from Harry for years because he thinks he knows best. Setting up situations that put Harry in danger all to test his attitude and groom him properly for death.

People too easily gave in to his demands just because he once disarmed a Dark Lord and then decided to form his own little group of wannabe heroes to try and stop another. Which didn’t even work in the first war.

Dumbledore was given too much power, which had him feeling like he knew better than everyone and that no matter what, his way was the best way.

And that is why he is credited. Because he shoves his nose into everyone’s business, but when it really mattered the most and could have prevented so much pain and suffering, he couldn’t be bothered?


Author’s Note. I´m actually really excited to be sharing this with you guys. It´s my first Losers Club imagine and with one of my favorite characters. Really hope you like it and request for more. 

Originally posted by dailylosersclub

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Since we’re talking about reasons to want a Young Avengers show again...
  • The comparison of Nate going from wannabe hero to unintentional villain, and Loki going from wannabe villain to unintentional hero.
    • This also leads into Jonas and Kid Loki, because Jonas was a copy of Nate that split off, and Kid Loki was a version of Loki that got integrated into the whole.
  • Noh-Varr as a positive or at least vaguely neutral representation of Kree, since what we’ve had so far is Ronan and the guys on AoS.
    • And because his story is beautiful and tragic and also because FIRE and IDK if they’d do the “FUCK YOU” fires but I hope they do something. Maybe crop circles made of fire?
    • Also just so that there’s more male fanservice because YO THOSE ABS.
  • America Chavez??? As the introduction to the multiverse?
  • Kate Bishop??? As the random ‘what are you even doing here you don’t have powers HOLY SHIT THIS PERSON HAS A SKILL’
  • Cassie Lang??? As the already existing legacy character?
  • IDK what more you could want these superladies are wonderful
  • ELI. BRADLEY. and all the criticism of racism and revisionist history he brings with him.
    • Also he’s just an interesting character? Like, I hope they change his storyline because it’s basically drug abuse, but like his entire personality and his attitude towards legacy heros and Steve Rogers and his maturity and focus is just… he’s a really deep character, okay.
  • David as like, the hacker friend or something I just want the series to have the most intelligent character be a black guy because there isn’t enough of that in Hollywood and for YA it is CANON.
    • And his snark is beautiful. We need that too.
    • I mean he’s a mutant, so he belongs to Fox, but STILL. I’M SURE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING WITH HIM. YOU MANAGED IT WITH THE MAXIMOFFS.
    • Seriously, though, I love David, give me more.
  • Which reminds me, canon gay couple HELLO.
    • HAPPY canon gay couple.
    • IDK how they’re going to do Teddy when Sony still has the rights to the Skrulls as F4 villains, but I’m sure they’ll work something out.
    • Also Billy means more Wanda.
  • (I’m pretty much the only person hoping they somehow work in Sylvie Lushton from Dark Reign… but I totally hope they somehow work in Sylvie Lushton from Dark Reign.)

mean-and-serene  asked:

I imagine that during the hero killer arc in your fem!deku au, stain would take one look at Izuko and say "I can't fight this kid, they're too sweet" so he'd just kinda try and avoid her in the fight but surprise! the sweet kid can kick, hard.

I think it will be more like “i don’t care if you are a girl, i’m gonna treat u equally like everyone else. i’m gonna kill you. and i’ll kill all the snotty-hero wannabe-brats”

but after he see that deku is a ideal hero (a pure, strong yet gentle and kind person that is willing to make selfless sacrifice)

stain would be “…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..sh*t now i gotta adopt you….but i have to steal u first”

this throws everyone ( all might, todoroki, iida etc etc) in catastrophical/aggressive state

A Playwright’s War: An IndioHistorian Review of Aurelio Sedisyoso: A Rock Musical

Both entertaining and disturbing, the stage was once again familiar yet strange. As if straight from the ghetto, the world of Aurelio Sedisyoso would have been the world of the early 20th century Philippines if thrust into the world of the 21st. Darker and more conflicted than the Philippines portrayed in Mabining Mandirigma, Aurelio Sedisyoso promises to be a good sequel of the musical mentioned, and indeed it was.

*The musical plays around with visual allegory, much like the technique used by Aurelio Tolentino in his sarswelas.

With libretto composed by the great Nicanor Tiongson, directed by Chris Millado, and music by Joed Balsamo, Aurelio Sedisyoso is a rock musical by @culturalcenterphils‘s Tanghalang Pilipino that tells of the life of the Filipino playwright Aurelio Tolentino (1867-1915), a Filipino hero whose 150th birth anniversary will be celebrated by the nation this October. The musical is set at the turn of the 20th century, when the Americans have already wrested control of the Philippines from the First Philippine Republic led by the defeated President Emilio Aguinaldo. Aurelio Tolentino, portrayed by actor David Ezra, was Andres Bonifacio’s fellow dramaturg in Teatro Porvenir. In the course of the Philippine Revolution, Bonifacio’s demise, and Aguinaldo’s rise, Tolentino as a writer, kept the ideals of the revolution of 1896 in his plays. When the United States occupied the country, amidst sweeping “pacification” and the opening of elections of government positions to Filipinos under American control in 1902, Tolentino kept at it with his plays, while his friends Macario Sakay (portrayed by Remus Villanueva) continued to wage war against the Americans in the mountains, and Dominador Gomez (JV Ibesate) continued to fund both Sakay and Tolentino’s efforts. Eventually Tolentino was arrested many times as the American authorities branded his plays “seditious” for allegorically portraying how Americans invaded the islands and subjugated the will and identity of Filipinos.

*Remus Villanueva as Macario Sakay. Photo courtesy of Tanghalang Pilipino.

The musical vividly shows Tolentino’s inner conflict through visuals, movement and song, between his ideals for the nation and the realities that beset his poor family and his theater’s cast and crew. We are shown of the playwright’s stubborn nobility and idealistic nationalism amidst his friends’ changing loyalties and vested interests to fit the times.

Perhaps to really portray the great changes done by Americans in the Philippines that shaped the will of Filipinos of Tolentino’s time that turned friends into turncoats and traitors, the production ingeniously created an allegorical character to represent American hegemony in the country, likened to the spirit of American imperialism. Throughout the musical, he comes in and out on stage, gatecrashing Tolentino and his friends. This quintessential character is the spiteful, insulting and messy, known only to the viewers as the American flag wearing, Tikbalang (portrayed by Baron Geisler).

*Baron Geisler as the spirit of the American age, called the Tikbalang. Photo courtesy of Tangalang Pilipino.

And unlike Mabining Mandirigma that relied on the original libretto a la emotional operatic scores performed by an orchestra, this one was still an original, but performed by a band of drums, keyboard, guitar and violin in the tune of rock music, guitar showdowns and rap battles, perhaps to portray the turmoil of the time.

*David Ezra as Aurelio Tolentino, and his theatre crew raps out debates with the characters portrayed as Americans. Photo courtesy of Tanghalang Pilipino.

What was really admirable about the musical is not so much as the attempt to capture Tolentino’s ideas in his play through music and song, but more so on the unsettling feeling it gave the audience. As soon as the viewers get into the theater in CCP (the theater was also named Teatro Aurelio Tolentino), the theatrical experience begins even before the musical starts. One would be greeted by a series of sculptures on the side (done by the artist Toym Imao, who also designed the set), and the entire stage platform had been switched. 

*A series of sculptures by Toym Imao that would greet the audience on the way to the bleachers.

The audience seats and the bleachers are set on the stage, while the seats of the theater served as the stage for the actors. The musical itself is a play within a play, as if inspired by the playwright’s art and life, the musical switches from portraying Tolentino’s life into portraying his seditious sarswelas. The flashbacks are also very vivid, showing his close friendship with Andres Bonifacio, and how the nationalism Bonifacio inspired in him remained unchanged, despite disappointments from allies-turned-traitors, or Filipino disciples-turned-American-advocates.

*Scale model of the Aurelio Sedisyoso’s installed stage within the Teatrong Aurelio Tolentino or CCP Little Theater (photo from Chris Millado, designed by Toym Imao).

The musical, however, didn’t capture the nuances of Filipino participation in politics at the time. Manuel Quezon was portrayed as a hero wannabe who was blinded by ambition in politics, instead of also recognizing that he was but part of a host of Filipinos who fought the revolution against Spain and the U.S., and sought to bring that fight into the political arena for eventual Philippine independence from the United States. But if anything, this black-and-white narrative of Filipinos pushed the narrative forward. It also highlights perspective espoused by Tolentino himself throughout his life.

The musical never fails to astound the viewer upon that realization that in a span of one single generation, through Aurelio Tolentino as spectator and actor, Filipinos have greatly changed—from the revolutionaries of 1896, to citizens of its self-created government, transforming into a subservient population for the new conquerors, the Americans. Aurelio Tolentino, as a product of his time, indeed used his creative energies, showing how a stage platform can be used in the battle of ideas to aid Filipinos in their fight for identity amidst the barrage of American cultural offensive. 

What was unnerving was the end of the musical, that as a funeral wreath was laid by Tikbalang himself, to signify Tolentino’s death, the musical ended with the Tikbalang’s laughter, with Filipinos lined up and following him all the way. And this abruptness is what makes this musical worth watching. The musical might not be as moving as Mabining Mandirigma, but it is a musical that we direly need in our time, when political leaders pose as friends when they are really foes. It also brings to mind the realities of the American hegemony that is slowly being eroded, and how a new one is taking over. Would we be as unmoving as Tolentino and stick to our ideals, or would we bend over and embrace this change?

The cast was awesome to watch, although there are moments when actors had to catch breath and that it slightly affected their singing range. The stage design was also very innovative, and the music band (led by Francis de Veyra) was a delight. I rate the musical a 4 out of 5 stars for the sheer wit and unconventionality in delivering a timeless message set in our not so distant past. Bravo to Tanghalang Pilipino!

If The Egos Were Musicals. (Jacksepticeye ver.)

Antisepticeye - Jekyll & Hyde, Anti is known as the darker version of Jack - a polar opposite to our beloved YouTube personality. He is ultimately the Mr. Hyde to Jack’s Dr. Jekyll.

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Dr. SchneeplesteinAmélie, honestly - the reason I think this musical fits him is because he and Amélie share(d) the same yearning for some sort of freedom. Schneep wanted to be an artist and she wanted to experience the beauty of France, and both had to be mature, or a hidden away childhood.

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Chase Brody - Hamilton, the revolution!! Hamilton, as perceived in the musical, was a friendly yet badass dude - so is Chase! They both loved their children and struggle with finding something to fight for within themselves and others. Also, A. Ham - as played by Lin-Manuel Miranda - and Chase are very upbeat and won’t hesitate to fight in a war for the future of others (including their children).

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Angus The Survival Hunter - Chicago, the musical is about the reckless life in Chicago! The wild and out of control lifestyle portrayed be parties, murder, and emotional rollercoasters can also be compared to the life of a hunter. Mostly because of murder, Angus - as well as any other person, can agree that’s pretty animalistic enough.

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Bingsepticeye - Book of Mormon, no real intellectual reason here really.. I just thought of the comedy that they share.

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Jackaboy Man - Brooklynite, both wannabe heroes want to be known as unique people that can save others. Both characters are quirky and rather comedic and cowardly. But, nonetheless want to be accepted by society as heroes!!

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Marvin The Magician/Magnificent - The Magic Show, comedy and magic mix into this musical like it does for Marvin. And although the musical is comedic, it actually takes magic in a light and funny way.

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Robbie The Zombie - Sweeney Todd, honestly… it’s because of the meat pies that Miss Lovett and Mister Todd serve to inhabitants of London, which suspiciously enjoy!

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((if i missed any egos, please feel free to tell me!!

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In honor of Zelda. Gerudo Pyrrha trying to date hylian jaune with bad pick up lines while her sister encourage and egg her on. While jaune is baffled at this Desert amazon asking silly things like did it hurt.

(Oooh, I like this one.)

The gerudo have a coming of age ceremony for their women- one in which the prospective adult has to acquire a child to prevent the nearly all female race from dying out. 

Most hit up an orphanage in Hylia, adopt a child that way. Others prefer to have their own child, but it’s a rare gerudo that finds a husband with all the racial tension between the hylians and they. Many try, but far more often than not they give up and try one of the other approaches.

But Pyrrha is a romantic. She has never admitted failure or defeat before, and she will not begin now.

Her problem is two fold. The first is the tension between her people and the Hylians. The second, is well… she just doesn’t find anyone she’s attracted to. It’s tough search. A year later she’s seventeen, and still hasn’t gotten even a single date. She’s now forced to find work as a mercenary to support herself while she continues her search.

Until she sees a blonde hylian trip over themselves in a back alley, about to be mugged. She steps in; she’s a woman of honor after all. The blonde thanks her with a smile for saving him, and invites her to visit his home for a meal. She accepts.

The boy’s name is Jaune, and he’s a wannabe hero; he’d been in that alley buying someone else time to escape. He’s clumsy, but earnest and kind. He doesn’t care about her heritage, and treats her warmly. During their meal it comes out that Pyrrha has a hard time keeping a home; racists vandalize wherever she rents and she simply can’t get a place in a nice part of town like Jaune.

He offers her a room. His home’s a big place, and lonely since his family passed or moved away. Pyrrha half heartedly refuses, not wanting to trouble him, but also wanting to stay. Jaune’s insistent; she’s saved him from a beating after all, and he wants to pay her back. She quickly caves, and moves in.

They get along well. Pyrrha starts showing him a bit of the combat styles she’s picked up over the years. Jaune is a wonderful housekeeper; Pyrrha always returns to hot bath, a hot meal, and warm smile. It’s… nice. Not being alone anymore, knowing you make someone happy. They start falling for each other. 

Pyrrha notices her feelings first. How could she not? This is what she was looking for! …How does she get him now that she’s found him? She sends letters home, and quickly begins receiving replies chalk full of “advice”.

She can’t bring herself to do anything raunchy. It’s too embarrassing! She tries pick up lines, but they translate poorly; what would a man born in a city full of wells know about oases? So she tries cooking him a meal, and nearly burns down the house. She takes him dancing, and stomps his feet into two giant bruises. She brings him a bouquet of flowers which he is allergic to. 

In the end she despairingly just keeps up their sparring, and tries to pretend that beating him up is romantic.

Jaune is utterly charmed, once he figures out what she was trying to do. Nobody has ever tried so hard to impress him before.

So he tries doing the same for her. He teaches her how to dance. He brings her to a field of flowers. He finds out how to cook her favorite foods, and arranges to make them for her. He still didn’t get what him being her oasis meant though.

It’s not long before Pyrrha brings him to meet her many sisters, back in the desert. There he finds out how important water is, that being Pyrrha’s oasis meant being her life.

After that, it’s not long before they meet an alter, Pyrrha in her wedding veil, and Jaume in his finest tunic.