ron weasley is so important

we need characters who have doubts and don’t always hide them. we need characters who are embarrassed, we need characters who have a bit of prejudice, and we need characters who can be selfish, because it actually gives them someplace to grow. it makes writing them important, because they are natural people.

ron weasley is everything we need, because in all his flaws, he matures, and he’s loyal, and he owns up to his mistakes. it’s important for readers to know that it takes time and effort to get to that point. recently i’ve been noticing this thing on tumblr where a naturally flawed person or character is completely disregarded and attacked, and i get it. we want to correct things, but ron weasley is the perfect example of being – well – normal, and actually transforming into a better person. he’s the prime example of the “problematic fave” because he’s awesome, and has flaws. but the thing is, that itself is normal, and we can’t treat it like the plague.

ron doesn’t refuse to change, and he doesn’t want to hurt people, but in his youth and jealousy, he can’t really help the way he acts all the time. and that’s completely okay, because what matters is that he actually tries to get there. but it lets readers who are familiar with “problematic traits” feel some sort of comfort, because things like jealousy and embarrassment can’t just disappear because someone tells you you need to get better.

i think this was already clear in the books, and i know we all praise book ron because he’s witty and a great friend, but it’s also really important to not only acknowledge his flaws, but accept and embrace them. because it’s cool to see someone like ron, who went from belittling house elves to wanting to make sure they were safe for example, actually go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’

so seriously PLEASE REMEMBER RON’S FLAWS. don’t just attack a character because they have undesirable traits because lots of us can relate to ron, and he’s a huge source of inspiration and admiration. he shows us it’s possible to not be the “scum of the earth” just because we have resentment and doubts and insecurities

Summary of the chapter

Source - u/et_exspecto

  • Annie secretly follows Kenny to get more information about the King, but gets caught.
  • Reiner & co are in a lull, so Reiner suggests destroying wall Rose. The plan is to escape from the training corps as the chaos ensues and go to the capital to directly attack the King.
  • Annie points out that the plan would kill most of Reiner and Bertolt’s “friends”. She is disgusted with Reiner who says that gaining trust of the trainees is part of the show.
  • In Eren who struggled with his gear Reiner sees himself five years ago and encourages Eren that he will be able to eliminate all titans one day.
  • Back to the current timeline, Reiner is struggling from a sort of PTSD from all these memories and attempts to commit suicide.
  • But he hears Falco who despairs from not being able to gain the Armored at this rate. Reiner realizes there is some job for him to do.

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I was lucky enough to attend the Pacific Rim: Uprising NYCC panel at Madison Square Garden (and sat in the first row ayyy~~) and took a bunch of notes lol. The panel included the director Steven S. DeKnight, and a few members of the main cast including John Boyega, Cailee Spaeny, Scott Eastwood, and Burn Gorman. Here’s my recap:

General Worldbuilding Tidbits

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising is set 10 years in the future after the last film. DeKnight said that they wanted to show a “new generation of Jaeger pilots who have known nothing but chaos.”
  • Previous characters slated to return, as seen by the trailer, include Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman), and Dr. Newt Geiszler (Charlie Day).
  • The new main “trio” seems to consists of the main lead, Jake Pentecost, and the late son of Stacker Pentecost (John Boyega), Jake’s best friend and Jaeger pilot Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood), and tech-savvy Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny). 
  • 10 years later, the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) has come together to work as an international fighting force, with all of humanity working together - i.e. Jaegers are no longer coded by specific country, like the Russian Jaegers, Australian Jaegers, etc. 
  • This also allowed the opportunity to build Jaegers from the ground up, since they were all previously destroyed in the first film. It was jokingly claimed, “we cancelled the apocalypse and then un-cancelled it to make this movie.”
  • DeKnight discussed how  Del Toro originally set the table with Pacific Rim as a “fantastic visual feast,” so the goal with the sequel was to honor the original, but also expand the universe at the same time. 
  • John Boyega claimed that they weren’t trying to “rewrite what Guillermo Del Toro did, but rather to build upon and expand this universe, and where the humans are at now.”
  • Boyega also talked about how he came onto work behind-the-scenes creatively on the film as a producer. He described Pacific Rim as one of the only franchises he’s come across where the fans are hopeful and “sacred science fiction ground." 
  • Going in, Boyega felt like he had the same creative passion as DeKnight. When they met in LA for the first time, they went over the specific Jaegers and basically what Boyega wanted to see after Pacific Rim. He claimed that "I believe this is everything you want Pacific Rim to be." 
  • One of the goals of Pacific Rim: Uprising is to explain exactly what happened 10 years after the first film, but not necessarily be a complete detachment to the origin story. It was highlighted that there are a lot of young teenage characters in the cast and hopefully that’ll be something that new viewers can relate to. 
  • According to DeKnight, one of the overarching themes of Pacific Rim is: "It doesn’t matter who your parents are, the color of your skin, your religion, or sexual orientation, you can make a difference and be a hero. It’s the human inside the Jaegers that makes you super." 
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising was filmed both in Australia and China. The cast pretty much agreed that as a director, DeKnight runs a "relaxed” and “creative” set - it was a tough schedule, but the actors all felt that they could still have creative input.

New Jaegers

  • DeKnight called them all “badass,” with Gipysy Avenger leading the charge.
  1. Gipsy Avenger: Has a lot of upgrades, including a Gravity Sling which allows the Jaeger to reach out and grab buildings, cars, etc. and hurl them directly at the Kaiju.
  2. Bracer Phoenix: This is the brute force Jaeger. One of its special abilities, above many, is the fact that it’s a three-pilot machine. Therefore, the third pilot can drop into the chamber and operate a pair of massive guns called the Vortex Cannon.
  3. Saber Athena: This is the most advanced Jaeger in the fleet that uses Plasma swords. Also described as a “little experimental,”  and “incredibly swift.”
  4. Titan Redeemer: Has a special weapon called the “ball of death,” which is attached to the end of his arm. According to DeKnight, this was “pretty damn cool." 
  5. Guardian Bravo: Is another brute force Jaeger that has a special weapon called the "graphine arc whip." 
  6. Scrapper: Described as a "little guy,” that’s been slapped together. Since in the future, there are a lot of people pilfering and stealing PPCD technology to make their own Jaegers. 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked if all the new Jeagers run on analog. DeKnight claimed one Jaeger is built on sticks (lmao), but the general idea is that no EM-powered Kaijus will be able to take down the Jaegers in this film.

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega)

  • Boyega stated that he “loved the first movie and one of the reasons was Idris Elba.” So, he understood the big shoes that he had to fill. Boyega claimed he understood this responsibility, but  "we [the cast] all worked as a unit, and Jake Pentecost doesn’t exist without the other characters. This is also a great ensemble piece.“
  • When the moderator asked if Jake is trying to live up to Sacker’s legacy, Boyega jokingly claimed: "Hell no!” He went to explain that “the greatest heroes don’t accept legendary status. It takes a tussle and a turn and for Jake’s position. Where we find Jake in the beginning of the film is in very different circumstances from his Dad.”
  • Boyega described Jake as a “stealer, a hustler, and lives in half a mansion. He’s really a guy that doesn’t want to live up to the Pentecost name.”
  • Jake is bought back into the PPCD in a very unique way through his connection to Cailee Spaeny’s character Amara. So, Jake is bought into this adventure and decides that he’s gotta “step up,” after realizing that the “Pentecost name still means something to people." 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked Boyega what’s the most rewarding part of being a sci-fi icon. He claimed that he doesn’t feel like one, but working on both Pacific: Rim Uprising has been exciting, since it’s allowed him to jump into various elements of sci-fi that he loved growing up.

Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood)

  • Eastwood described him as a Jaeger pilot who’s one of the best out there. Yet, he’s still "the tip of the spear,” and really nothing without his best friend Jake.
  • Jake and Nate still have issues in this movie to work out from the past, so Eastwood felt that coming back around and dealing with a lost time with these characters was something cool to explore as an actor. 
  • Eastwood also emphasized that while yes, there is plenty of action in the film, it “has a great story first and foremost.”

Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny)

  • This was Spaeny’s first film that she was ever cast for. So, she was definitely intimidated and a bit terrified, but knew that fans were so supportive of the first film. 
  • Spaeny didn’t actually watch Pacific Rim until she got the audition for the sequel, and really took it upon herself to dive into the universe in order to understand and respect the original film.  
  • In terms of Spaeny’s film experience, there was also diving into tons of stunts and action and lots of skills that she to catch onto , since she was participating in a whole world that’s already been created. 
  • But Spaeny felt that both DeKnight and the cast were very supportive and helpful, whenever she had questions, so it was really easy for her to dive into Cailee’s character. She also bonded with DeKnight since this was the first feature-length, theatrical film that he ever directed. 
  • Spaeny described Amara as very “independent,” and super “badass.” She’s also a tech-savvy person. 
  • For Amara’s backstory, her entire family was killed in the first wave of Kaiju attacks. So, Amara really “takes it upon herself to dive into Jaeger tech and make sure that when Kaiju do come back, she’ll be ready to fight and protect herself." 
  • While Amara’s past is very different from Jake’s, Spaeny claimed that both of them still see a lot of things in similar ways.  

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman)

  • Gorman said he was very excited to be back in the sequel, which felt like "being back in the playground.” He also joked, "I’ve been lucky enough with this face that God gave me to play a few jerks on screen,” when an audience member briefly highlighted his past roles on Torchwood, Revenge, Game of Thrones, and The Dark Knight Rises. 
  • Gottlieb still has problems with personal hygiene. Gorman claimed, “let’s just say that he hasn’t changed his socks since the last film." 
  • In comparison to Charlie Day’s character (Dr. Newt Geiszler) who has moved onto the private sector, Gottlieb chose to stay behind with the PPCD and arguably their most important scientist at the highest level at this point. So, Gorman joked that Gottlieb now, in effect, has a "really great budget,” to work with now. 
  • However, DeKnight makes it clear that where we find Gottlieb is: “as a man still very much affected in what happened in the previous film in terms of his drift and communication with the Kaiju.

There was a brief Q&A and the last question really stuck out to me, where an audience member asked each cast member to sum up their Pacific: Rim Uprising experience in one word:

  • John Boyega: Unity
  • Cailee Spaeny: Life-Changing
  • Scott Eastwood: International
  • Steve S. DeKnight: Mind-blowing

The Return of the Tybers

After a century of watching quietly while their people are slaughtered and persecuted, the Tyber family is back and ready for action. Why? According to Zeke they are going to help build support for a military attack to retrieve the Founding Titan.  

The reality is that ulterior motives are everywhere. Zeke has a “zekret” and I suspect he isn’t alone. The reason Billy gives for his public appearance is much more benign. 

“I’ve come here to see the Heros statue.”

There’s been much speculation that Heros was an Ackerman, and I believe rightly so. The parallels are there and no other human is capable of taking down a titan alone.

Part of the intel that Zeke brought back to Marley is that Ackermans exist. He tells Magath that there are at least two member of “the line once thought to exist only in legends told by the royal family.” 

Which Royal Family?

When Zeke says “royal family”, I suspect he’s referring to the Tybers and not the Fritz/Reiss. If so, it means the Tyber family is uniquely interested in the Ackerman clan.

We know the Ackerman family was historically close to the crown. In chapter 65 Grandpa Ackerman told Kenny, “Our clan was the royal government’s sword and shield. We had a key role in insuring humanity’s survival”. In chapter 69, Uri apologizes for the Ackerman family persecution. Nowhere does it specifically say that the Fritz/Reiss family was the one the Ackerman clan supported. This chapter makes me wonder if perhaps the Ackermans were originally tied to the Tybers.

Marley needs another Heros. Perhaps the Tybers need another Ackerman. I believe Billy’s true reason for supporting this mission is somehow tied to Levi and Mikasa. 

Supervillains AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are a group of “supervillains” that started off as superheros – albeit slightly misbehaved ones that didn’t get along with the city’s other heroes – but they didn’t live up to the “family friendly” image standards that are required to maintain a hero status, so Characters A, B, C, and D now live a life of petty revenge or slightly illegal whims.

  • Character A however is an honest to goodness eldritch being who was accidentally summoned by Character B and is now bound to do their bidding.
  • Character B used to be a harmless magic user, but now they’re the caretaker of Character A.
  • Character C is convinced they’re the sole voice of reason in the group and leads most of the missions.
  • Character D quit their hated part time retail job for a life of villainy and now works as the group’s secretary. Their paycheck doesn’t always come on time – depending on how good of a week the villain’s had – but it pays better than minimum wage.

The group is actually pretty harmless in real life and are all the sorts of people to give people directions or rescue a stray cat or help out a confused old lady, but when the city’s superheroes start acting up and using their hero status for devious deeds, it’s up to the supervillains to save the city.

this was going to be a small project to alleviate stress and art block but i underestimated how much i missed drawing pjo/hoo and especially these three so have a team statue drawing

(i had a ridiculous amount of fun with this rip))

unfortunatelackofaliens  asked:

for the fic recs, perhaps some angsty 8th year?

Thanks so much for your support, @teamfreetitan! These have varying degrees of angst, with some that made me burst out sobbing and others that gently wounded my heart before soothing the hurt with loveliness, and a few are either immediately after the Battle of Hogwarts or Hogwarts Era, but I love them all, so I hope this is okay! 

What Malfoys Don’t Do (Lady_Slytherin, 50k): Draco’s trying to cling to his old reputation and prove that he’s still a real Malfoy and that the war hasn’t broken him. Unfortunately, he can’t sleep, keeps getting overwhelmed with the feelings he’s desperately trying to repress, has to deal with a wonky wand that’s doing magic he doesn’t know, and has a very earnest Harry following him around wanting to help

Of the Heart’s Fullness and of the Coming Emptiness (tout-a-coup, 9k): Everyone’s walking on eggshells around Harry and treating him like a revered hero, and Harry doesn’t really know what to make of it. He doesn’t know what he wants or what he has to look forward to now, he just knows that there’s something about Draco’s acerbic dismissal of his hero status that makes him feel grounded

When the Songbird Stopped Singing (Nherizu, 37k): Draco feels so disconnected from his emotions that he’s often at a loss on how to react without drawing unwanted attention to himself. He tries to remember how he used to behave and mimic those actions, but Harry senses the disconnect and keeps seeking him out, determined to help

I Am Your Shadow (@eidheann, 3k): Draco feels isolated and Harry feels nothing at all, although with Draco’s help, Harry’s willing to try

The Swallows Will Return (This_Bloody_Cat, 4k): A numb and disconnected Harry finds himself getting involved with Draco, and slowly he starts to feel again  

Where Darkness Follows (@alpha-exodus, 12k): At their beginning of their eighth year, Harry can’t stop dreaming about Draco and his Mark, and finds himself drawn to him like a magnet

The Jabberwock (blithelybonny, 9k): Everyone goes on a field trip to a magical animal preserve, where they end up having to face a fearsome Jabberwock

Azoth (zeitgeistic, 89k): Harry decides to study to become a Potions Master, with the help of Draco and Snape’s portrait

Manticoria (zeitgeistic, 71k): The magical wards are falling around Britain, so the Ministry assigns the eighth years into groups to work on strengthening their defenses and finding a solution

Trust in Hope (Omi_Ohmy, 20k): When everyone in school shuns him, Draco finds himself grateful to Neville, who’s paired with him on an Herbology project and makes an effort to be kind to him. Harry notices Draco’s efforts to make amends for his past behavior and encourages Draco to try to still retain some of his old snarky arrogance

Mental (Sara Holmes, 196k): Harry and Draco are accidentally linked by a Legilimency bond and can hear each other’s thoughts. Although they initially resent it, they soon find themselves closer than they ever expected

Unexpected Consequences (lauren3210, 39k): As a punishment for his involvement with the Death Eaters, Draco has to be bound to someone. He requests Harry, who reluctantly agrees. They return to Hogwarts and get their own quarters, and find themselves drowning in sexual tension

No Greater Victory (@dictacontrion, 27k): Draco makes a bet with Pansy that he can make Harry fall in love with him and then break his heart

Wildfire (abbycadabra, 20k): Wildfires are decimating the land, Draco is hurting, and Harry feels nothing. They start hate fucking, and Draco revels in the distracting pleasure/pain while Harry is just glad to be able to feel anything at all.

And I Know the Spark (@firethesound, 16k): Harry and Draco are in a secret relationship during their sixth year. To help save Harry’s life, Draco breaks up with him and secretly goes undercover with the Death Eaters, spending his days trying to foil their plans and figure out a way to keep Harry safe (Warning: dubcon that borders on noncon)

Deep Waters (huldrejenta, 13k): Fed up with feeling numb, Draco decides to take charge of his life once again by conquering his fears and teaching himself to swim

Beyond the Mirror’s Edge (VivacissimoVoce, 40k): After a spell goes wrong, Harry seemingly disappears from existence, thought to be not quite dead but not alive either. Draco can’t understand why he’s not happier about this news, nor why he keeps hearing a strange voice calling out to him 

Kiss the Joy (Until the Sun Rise) (ICMezzo, 38k): Immediately after the final battle, Harry and Draco both find their way to the Room of Requirement and end up hiding out in there, wounded and angry and unsure where to go next.

To be Back Again in the Rest of the Room (lamerezouille, 16k): Draco and Harry are trapped in the Room of Requirement with ghost Crabbe, only one bed, and no way out

Waiting (Part One) (Stony Soulmate AU)

Welcome to the story! Be prepared for just crazy amounts of fluff. Just everywhere. Barely a plot, lovelies. Just Tony and Steve helplessly in love.


Enjoy :)

“D’ya think we’re soulmates, Buck?” Seventeen year old Steve asked idly, his small feet hanging off the edge of Bucky’s bed, kicking at the air.

“Why ya ask?” Bucky stopped halfway to putting his shirt on, looking over at his best friend in surprise. “What brought this up?”

“Jus’ thinkin’.” Steve shrugged. “My parents are soulmates  y’know? Mom always says it’s because her and dad were best friends. Aren’t we best friends?”

“Course we are.” Bucky frowned. “That don’t mean we’re soulmates.”

“You don’t wanna be my soulmate?” Steve asked, and his voice got quiet.

“Damn.” Bucky swore and flopped onto the bed next to him, nearly bouncing Steve’s ninety pound frame onto the floor. “Don’t do that, Stevie. It’s not that I don’t wanna be your soulmate. I’m jus’ not.”

“How do you know?” Steve challenged, dark blue eyes sparking. “They say you don’t know till you kiss someone.”

“What, Stevie, you wanna kiss me?” Bucky teased, but was taken aback when Steve flushed a deep red and looked away.

“Forget it.”

“Hey, hey come on.” Bucky reached for his friend and turned him onto his side easily. He had at least fifty pounds on the blond and even though he never used his strength to make Steve feel bad, he definitely used it to force the stubborn kid to listen.

“You know I don’t care about… about all that.” Bucky said with a short shrug, and Steve turned even redder. “You wanna kiss and see if we’re soulmates, let’s kiss.”

“Forget it.” Steve mumbled again and tried to move off the bed. “I’m gonna go.”

“You’re not gonna go.” Bucky argued and grabbed at his arm. “Come on, Stevie.” He toppled the smaller kid onto his chest and cupped his jaw. “Come on now.”

With a quick roll, Bucky pinned Steve to the bed and leaned over him. “Gonna kiss you real nice, alright? Let’s see bout this whole soulmate thing.”

Steve was trembling a little, even as his hands came up to grab at Bucky’s biceps. Bucky hated how weak the grip was, hated how hard this last winter had been on his friend.

“You alright?” He asked again, and Steve nodded quickly. “Alright, Stevie, come here.” Bucky dropped his head and gave him a gentle kiss, licking at his bottom lip until Steve opened wide beneath him with a desperate little pant. “Easy.” Bucky murmured and kissed him again. “How’s that?”

“Um.” Steve’s eyes opened slowly and Bucky smiled down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead. “I can see why the dames let you kiss them.” Steve finally said and Bucky raised an eyebrow.


“And…. nothing.” Steve touched his chest, over his heart where a soulmate mark was supposed to appear. “Nothing.”

“So not soulmates then.” Bucky actually looked a little disappointed. “That was my best kiss, Stevie, if that wasn’t enough to make us soulmates then–”

“–then I guess we’re just best friends.” Steve finished and shoved at Bucky’s shoulder playfully. “So get off.”

“Fine.” Bucky laughed and rolled off, reaching for his boots. “I got to get to work then.”

“Thanks Buck.” Steve was sitting up again, still looking a little sad.

“Stevie.” Bucky wrapped his arm around his thin shoulders. “Stevie one day you’re going to find your soulmate. He’s gonna be wonderful and sweet and at least half as handsome as me and–”

He?” Steve asked shakily. “Why would you say–”

“Hey I told you. I don’t care about all that.” Bucky emphasized. “Everybody else might but I don’t. So yeah, this soulmate of yours is gonna be great for you. He’ll find you, you just gotta wait. And if he’s not perfect to you, Stevie I’m gonna rip his candy ass apart. But he will be. He will be your whole heart, your entire reason for breathing, because that’s what soulmates are. Our heart. You’ll find him. Maybe just gotta wait a little.”

“Love you, Buck.” Steve mumbled and Bucky squeezed him.

“I’m with you always, Steve. Soulmates or not. Besides, this was your first kiss. I gotta make sure the next punk to kiss ya is just as good.”

“That’s a weird thing to say.” Steve rested his head on Bucky’s shoulder.

“Weirder than kissing my best friend to check a soulmate bond?” Bucky teased and Steve just blushed again. “I got to go.” Bucky jumped up, grabbing his work things. “Stick around all ya want, Stevie, I’ll be home tonight.”

“Thanks, Bucky.”

Steve glanced up long enough to catch one of those heart stopping winks from those light blue eyes and then Bucky was gone.

Steve flopped back on the bed and placed his hand over his lips. He hadn’t felt anything when Bucky kissed him. His very first kiss, and nothing. Barely even a spark and certainly not the flare that was supposed to accompany his soulmark.

But if it wasn’t Bucky, then who? Who else out there would love him?

He blinked back the tears at the thought of being this lonely forever, and took a deep breath, wincing when his chest hurt.

Whoever his soulmate was, Steve had a hard time believing he would run into them here in Brooklyn.

No, his soulmate might be out there, but they he was waiting somewhere far away.

Steve just didn’t know how to find him. And he didnt know how long he would have to wait.

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“Frigid Bitch” Nesta Archeron

Nesta is:______________

Is she a sister who failed her younger siblings? Or a sister who fought for her younger siblings?
She’s standoffish and emotionless. But perhaps she’s hesitant and reserved.
Maybe she’s an insulting shrew to Cassian. Or rather defensive toward the male?

What is Nesta Archeron to you?

To me she was someone I loathed in the beginning chapters of ACOTAR. That is until I finally caught a glimpse through Nesta’s walls that she keeps up. 

Nesta saved Feyre’s foxglove painting and trekked for days through the winter woods to try and get Feyre back from Tamlin.

And this is how Feyre describes her in the moment she finally begins to understand her eldest sister.

“I looked at my sister, really looked at her, at this woman who couldn’t stomach the sycophants who now surrounded her, who had never spent a day in the forest but had gone into wolf territory … Who had shrouded the loss of our mother, then our downfall, in icy rage and bitterness, because the anger had been a lifeline, the cruelty a release. But she had cared—beneath it, she had cared, and perhaps loved more fiercely than I could comprehend, more deeply and loyally.”

Here we have a complex character. Flawed, yet still learning how to trust and grow after all the traumatic events in her life.

One can only imagine how some perspectives might change if she were a male.

If Nesta was a male character she would dubbed with “tortured hero” status, yet she is given the “frigid bitch” treatment.

You can dislike Nesta. That’s completely fine! But it becomes a problem when blinded by labels and stereotypes we put on females that we would disregard when a male is the focus instead. 

I really want a superhero movie where the hero is fighting for justice and catches the villain.

But then the hero asks why the villain is doing all this crime and the villain explains that they are fighting against an unjust society with systematic inequality and all these “evil schemes” are actually fighting against a evil society.

And the hero realizes that law doesn’t mean justice and that they (the hero) is protecting the status quo not the people.

And together the hero and villain fight corruption and inequality and all the “good guys” you meet at the beginning that help/know the hero turn out to be using the hero for their own benefit and to uphold the oppressive system by presenting the oppressed with a “hero” that was fighting for them.

And you see the media present people with information that is incomplete or misrepresented.

Idk I think it would be interesting and really relevant.

Medusa!Flug Headcanons

~ Flug wears the goggles because they don’t let his eyes be seen directly. And the bag so no one will see the snakes.

~ He was conceived after his mother and father (who was human) met at a bar in Greece, too many years ago to count.

~ Medusa is a really supportive mom, sometimes a bit too much.

~ Flug wore a wig during his childhood. Medusa wasn’t happy.

~ He has a lot of cousins and sisters, but he’s the only male gorgon, and Medusa’s favorite.

He only interacts with Medusa and her two sisters.

~ He has his mother’s eyes.

~ His mother and aunts call to know how he’s doing. They have never visited the manor, though.

~ The snakes on his head are quiet most of the time, unless they’re hungry. They start hissing and headbutting the bag when Flug forgets to feed them.

~ Flug is always paranoid that Dementia, 5.0.5, or even Black Hat will try to take the goggles off and he’ll end up hurting them.

~ Flug turned a hero in a statue and now it’s decorating the manor’s garden.

~ Dementia puts make up and wigs on it sometimes.

~ Flug works on his free time to try and find a way to break the curse or, at least, make the turning into stone thing temporary.

~ 5.0.5 knows about the snakes because they hiss at him every time he’s too close to Flug. He’s just too scared to say anything.

~ The snakes are scared of Black Hat (who wouldn’t).

~ Flug is the shortest of his family, since his mother and aunts are more snake than human. They don’t really have legs unless they’re disguised.

My theory: Savitar is a warped version of Barry, either corrupted by a force greater than himself, or else from another earth/timeline in which he never had Joe & Iris or otherwise lost them. He wants to strip our Barry of everything he feels he “deserves” before killing him and taking his place. 

Alternately, he is a rando who strongly feels like Barry doesn’t deserve what he has and - again - wants to strip him of it and replace him.

Reasons why from 3.15:

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