This is Tadahiro Kanemasu, the “Carry-Your-Pram-Ranger.”

He is an IRL superhero who chills out in a green outfit with silver trim and mask, waiting by the stairs of a Tokyo subway station to lend his strength and exquisite manners to the elderly and passengers who need help carrying heavy packages, as well as mothers with baby strollers. Photos by REUTERS/Yuya Shino.

i would just like to see that will byers is v v v important to people who struggle w mental illness and abuse survivors. he’s this eleven year old boy who survived in a dark, cold, empty place where he underwent torture for a whole week alone and this is so inspiring to so many people and i love will so very much okay bye


Happy birthday to the Queen of All She Surveys (and Everything Else, Ever) - AMY POEHLER. 

Sometimes just knowing that she is around and killin’ it every single day is enough to make me feel like I can do anything.