Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library art print ($4.00)

“Return what you borrow or you will not see tomorrow”

The Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library is a carefully guarded fortress of knowledge and research. Sending countless expeditions into the Netherworld to discover and archive every subject you can name, it serves as a completely neutral force. Heroes and villains, spirits of light and demons, all travel the hallowed halls.

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So our Hero of Light got a cool new red and black outfit… Ah, how I love it ♥ His colors are so close to those of Vanitas now… Beautiful and heroic!

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More God Tiers! I’ll put up the patterns in a bit. Before I hear anything about the Light/Time symbol shhhhhhh. I had to keep the designs within a certain space so it wouldn’t be too bulky. At a row count of 18 it is already bigger than I wanted it to be.

Design by me. Use if you want.
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Homestuck Prince of Light Aspects Icon

Homestuck Knight Classpects Part 1

Homestuck Knight Classpects Part 2

Homestuck Icons With Backgrounds Set 1

Homestuck Icons With Backgrounds Set 2  

Homestuck Transparent Icons Set 1

Homestuck Transparent Icons Set 2

shiningneedlecastle  asked:

If your inbox isn't too full, could you please explain Maid of Light?

The Maid is unconfirmed to be either passive or active, but seeing as how a maid is a person “employed in domestic service”, or someone employed to clean up after others, I am going to assume that it is a passive class. Maids are said to be similar to Heirs,  where as Heirs “inherit” their aspect, Maids are “made of it”. Maids are thought to be able to serve their aspect, by giving it to others or themselves to help overcome challenges the session may provide. After Jack Noir stabbed Jane, she was able to provide herself with Life and restore herself to full health. Aradia stayed behind and sent Dave, Rose and the remaining Trolls except Sollux to the Alpha session, telling them she’d try to slow  down Jack Noir  - providing them  with time. She was also be able to freeze Jack Noir in time, delaying his attack and providing herself with time. She was also able to provide her session with time to escape Jack when he destroyed their access to their newly created universe by sending her robotic clones to attack him while the others escaped. Aradia refers to the tidying of time loops as “house keeping” at one point, a direct link to the role of  a maid.

The Light aspect is related to knowledge and fortune. Aranea, Sylph of Light, was able to “heal” with Light by filling the holes in people’s knowledge, Rose was able to “see” and understand a lot about her session, demonstrated when she wrote game walkthroughs, saw through the Magic Cue Ball and collected information she was able to recite back to her group at various points. Vriska was also able to see into a Magic Cue Ball. Vriska turns the light aspect to luck with her class, Thief, when she steals the most favourable outcome (I speculate she was able to use her god tier power to manipulate the information of outcomes to be in her favour, hence she appeared to steal luck). In this way, Light may also be used to represent fate or destiny, if the information of an individual’s fate is manipulated. Light players may or may not also have some degree of control over actual light, too. It is speculated to be the antithesis of Void.

The Maid of Light will be able to serve knowledge to others and his/herself to help complete the challenges of Sburb. Since I take Maids to be passive, the power they have will be harnessed through others. It is likely that the challenge of the Maid of Light will be to ensure they’re always trying to “tidy up” knowledge, by making sure that all the players in their session know what’s going on, no one is being mislead with false information, and everyone knows which part to play for their team. Upon godtier, these abilities will come to the player with more ease. The Maid of Light will also likely be able to provide their session with luck in the face of enemies. Maids are said to be “made” of their aspect, as if they collect it to aid their teammates. so it is likely the Maid of Light will try to collect as much knowledge as he/she can to help themselves and their teammates through the game and make sure everyone knows what’s going on. The Maid of Light may find that what they do will go unappreciated at times, but they must keep going until they ARE appreciated, as they will probably be an extremely helpful player to the session. Additionally, I suspect that the Maid is very near the middle of the passive/active scale (JUST being passive) so I would think that this player will not focus all their power on others, and will be sure to aid themselves as well, making sure they are out of the face of danger to help find out as much as they can about the game and all it contains.