Next four outfits in the Connie Project!

This batch includes my top two favorite outfits she’s worn so far: the overalls and the sun shirt.

I like the overalls because they’re just absolutely adorable, and the sun shirt because it resembles the Hero of Light symbol from Homestuck and because I’m Homestuck trashI want to believe it was done on purpose.

All of Connie’s outfit qrs (past and future) can be found on my blog under the tags “Connie Project” and “Steven Universe QR”.

Day one: Your Bedroom

Started the 30 day BG challenge i hope to get day two finished tomorrow, but i can’t prommise cause i have to work tomorrow too, but i’ll surely start tomorrow, thats for sure!!!

Also to those of my friends whom have seen my room before, i drew this from my head, so i left some things out, so if you remember something you don’t see in the draw then thats correct haha


This my friends is character development.

This is a character with confidence.

This is a character who has been there, done that and knows the difference between right and wrong.

This is a character who has realized there is no pitch white or black in war or life in general.

This is a character who knows about sacrifices.

This is a character that knows sometimes you have to do bad things for the greater good.

This is a character that knows that others’ opinions about you shouldn’t matter to  you.

This is a character who has suffered just like everyone else.

This is a character willing to sacrifice anything for the good of the future.

This is a character willing to sacrifice anything for the good of many.

This is a character willing  to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in.

This is a character willing to sacrifice themselves for what they care about.

This is Vriska Serket, the Thief of Light, the Hero of Light.


So our Hero of Light got a cool new red and black outfit… Ah, how I love it ♥ His colors are so close to those of Vanitas now… Beautiful and heroic!

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More God Tiers! I’ll put up the patterns in a bit. Before I hear anything about the Light/Time symbol shhhhhhh. I had to keep the designs within a certain space so it wouldn’t be too bulky. At a row count of 18 it is already bigger than I wanted it to be.

Design by me. Use if you want.
Homestuck belongs to the high overlord Andrew Hussie.