Septicart Entry #1

So I’m making an official post for what I am entering into the Septicart event by @therealjacksepticeye!!! 

#1: The Hero & The Villain 

First time ever drawing Jackaboy Man and since there are plenty of theories of how Jack and Anti share a body I decided to through in a little Jekyll and Hyde on this one! Spoop-tacular is I do say so myself. XD



1. wear supportive Clothes

i saw thephilosophah doing the merch thing, and really wanted to desing some for them. Like HELL I WOULD WEAR THESE FOR SURE. 
Enjoy my daily kiribaku spam.

(Person A is looking through Person B’s phone.)

Person A: “Why are there so many photos of flowers and sunsets and then like twenty of me?”

Person B: “I only take photos of things I find beatiful.”

Person A: “…Oh.”

“Rescue” sentence starters

for the pair in a dangerous situation (or for the dramatic pair in a regular situation). can be applied to spy, superhero, soldier, detective, or supernatural hunter characters, as well as many others. as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

The Rescued

  • “You came to save me!”
  • “What took you so long?”
  • “Wait–did you come without backup?”
  • “Ha ha ha ha! I thought I was gonna die.”
  • “Why’d you come? I could’ve handled this on my own.”
  • “Thanks for coming…I really owe you one.”
  • “Wait…you didn’t bring your weapons?”
  • “I was so scared…”
  • “Let go of me! I can do this on my own!”
  • “YOU came? We’re so screwed.”
  • “I’m okay…”
  • “Shit–it hurts–”
  • “Don’t worry about me. Where is everyone?”
  • “I’ll be fine. You go take care of the civilians/bad guys/monster.”
  • “Don’t LEAVE me!”
  • “I’ve never been so happy to see you.”
  • “Hey–I don’t think I can walk.”
  • “…this is gonna sound stupid, but did you bring any food with you?”

The Rescuer

  • “I finally found you!”
  • “Sorry it took so long–had to take a detour.”
  • “I’m here. You’re welcome.”
  • “Glad to see you survived until I got here.”
  • “I would never leave you hanging.”
  • “Stop criticizing me! No one else came.”
  • “Yeah, there’s no way I’m helping you next time.”
  • “You’re safe now.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
  • “Hey–shut UP, I’m here to help!”
  • “I could’ve sworn I brought more weapons with me…Oh well.”
  • “You don’t look so good.”
  • “I wish I came earlier! You’re all scratched up.”
  • “Stay here. I’ll go get help.”
  • “DON’T move. I need to catch that guy/lady/person.”
  • “We have to get out of here. There’s a bomb.”
  • “Hey, how many fingers am I holding up?”
  • “Hold on, I’ll carry you.”