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Preview of my sub to @bnha-fashion-zine​!! :-D

The last chapter gave me too many feels and now I don’t know what to do w myself and all my feelings for BAKA-gou lets face it he can be such a baka sometimes  :-(

If you haven’t given Boku no Hero Academia a read just yet, you should bec omg it’s sooo goooooooood!!! 10/10 recommend!!! :-)))

BNHA Quirk Zine!!

A new potential zine is coming to town and it’ll hopefully be good enough to impress Aizawa-sensei!!

With the hype of season two and more people knowing about the animanga, we’ve chosen to take charge and set up a BNHA zine we’ve been interested in making for a while!!

The zine will be focusing on the quirks of characters in BNHA, including, but not limited to, students, heroes and villains!!

We aren’t sure as to whether this zine will be successful or not an so this post is to promote and see how many artists and writers would be interested in taking a part in the zine. As well as whether or not people would be interested in buying the zine!!

Our blog is currently under construction, but will soon be fully functional and updated!! 

Till then,we would appreciate any way of promoting this post and blog to help us out to see if anybody would be interested in a BNHA QUIRK ZINE!


Thank you!!

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Fire Emblem Camilla, my favourite lady~~ <3<3 I love her so much I hope I did her justice! Anyway, if you guys love Fire Emblem and looking to participate in a zine, our Fire Emblem Fanzine, “Scorpacciata” is opening a guest artist search until 4 June 2017! more info can be found here > bit.ly/gasearch

Thank you!