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Characterisation in HoO

Formerly titled: because lili’s headcanons hurt my heart 

Okay so @lililibird did this and it made me emotional and we got chatting, and then she said this, because that first round of tags just wasn’t enough:

“Like it would start with everyone talking about Percy like he’s a god in TLH, and then Hazel and Frank and CJ acting like he’s basically the most amazing thing ever, and then the quest and everyone’s always screaming for Percy to save them bc he’s Percy and he can do anything and the DEVELOPMENT to make him seem human would have been stunning I’m not crying.”

And.. well… I got a bit carried away with my response and have decided to move the discussion to a place where word limits aren’t a thing. 

Because this idea is incredible. Just imagine it - rather than Percy’s character development just stalling and then completely flatlining over the course of HoO (imo anyway) this would be such a great chance for us to see him coping with the pressure of being ‘the most powerful demigod’, as Nico said.

  • Can you imagine Hazel completely idolizing him like the best big brother in the entire world?? Always thinking to herself,  “Percy promised I’d be okay, he’s gonna get us out of this.” Having absolute faith in him and not noticing how terrified for her safety he really is, because he did promise her that and he can’t imagine how he’d live with himself if she ever got hurt.
  • Frank thinking Percy’s what a ‘real man’ should be and trying to imitate him and wishing that he had cool powers like Percy before he masters shapeshifting.
  • Jason seeing Percy as a real threat??? Like this guy just came from nowhere and was nominated as Praetor, the Roman demigods saw him almost single handedly save their whole camp - So not only has Jason been listening to CHB gush about Percy and how they miss him terribly for months, he gets back home and discovers that he’s essentially replaced him at Camp Jupiter. This needs to be explored more!! I know Jason’s a good guy and yeah, he was wary of Percy at the start, but come on. Give me a proper emotional confrontation, not a fight where they’re both possessed.
  • Piper seeing the way everyone hangs on every word Percy says, how he can inspire people to fight and be strong and rally the troops almost effortlessly. So she practices her charmspeak by repeating his speeches to herself in the mirror, wondering how he’s so comfortable, how he became such a natural leader.
  • Leo just being so jealous of everything Percy is. Older, taller, better looking, a better fighter, popular, with an amazing girlfriend. Resenting him because he’s everything Leo so desperately wants to be and he doesn’t even try and how is that fair? (Not because of that bull with Calypso.)
  • Nico’s crush on Percy hitting him full force again when he’s rescued from the jar, because would you look at that, Percy Jackson rescues him again, but then his heart breaks when he follows Annabeth into Tartarus. Give me Nico absolutely pining over this guy he has idolised for years, simultaneously hating him and loving him. Give me Nico agonising over his promise to lead the others to the House of Hades because he’s bitter about how much Percy loves Annabeth but at the same time of course he’s going to do it because he promised Percy and he couldn’t break that promise even if he really wanted to. Give me Nico getting over his crush not because he randomly starts thinking of Percy as immature (?????) but because he finally gets close enough to Percy to see him as a real person, so his hero worship can finally fade. Give me a gradual lessening of his heartache as that crush turns into a genuine friendship.
  • AND ANNABETH glorious Annabeth omg. So everyone else looks up to her almost as much as they do Percy, because she’s so perfect how could they not? (More comments about people finding her intimidating and impressive and experienced and the best ever please.) And she’s taking it in stride a bit easier than Percy because she’s used to being head counsellor already. But Percy’s trying to be everything for everyone and he’s holding it together (barely) and he’s sO PROTECTIVE OF HER like ridiculously so, he’s always checking on her and he never wants her to go anywhere without him and it’s cute at first but then one night he gets in her way and she just SNAPS and is like, “Wth is wrong with you, Percy? I can take care of myself, have you forgotten the past five years??” 
  • And he’s like, “Oh thanks, Annabeth, nice word choice!!” and it turns into this massive fight and everything comes out, like how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her again, how he knows she can take care of herself but he can’t bring himself to risk it, how he’s already looking after everyone else on this gods damned ship so why shouldn’t he look after her too huh?? And he’s crying and she’s crying because she had no idea it was this bad and she just holds him and tells him he doesn’t have to take all this on himself because it’s not his responsibility, they’re a team and they have to work as a team.
  • “But annabeth,” he says, “every team needs a leader, a captain, someone in charge.”
  • “I am obviously captain, Seaweed Brain. You’re the first mate, and that’s only if you behave yourself.”
  • Things get a little better after that, but percy’s protectiveness still rears it head whenever there’s a conflict.

Oh man I could keep going with this forever, I’m so sorry this completely got away from me and turned into an incoherent rant. 

FAHC Jeremy because GOOD LORD I do not give Lil J enough love and that needs to change!

Sorry this took so long y’all!


Okay but FAHC Jeremy nearly shitting himself when Geoff offers him the promotion.

He’s looked up to the Fakes since he was just a kid fighting in underground rings for a meal. He’d heard tales of how Geoff had been broken out of prison with a limo and how Brownman had once driven a tank through downtown Achievement City just for shits and giggles. There was talk of a time when The Vagabond actually went on a Murder Break because Mogar didn’t think he could do it and had replaced his weapons with nerf guns. They were all stupid, silly, idiots but they ruled Achievement City and Jeremy desperately wanted to be a part of that kind of mayhem.

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It makes me cringe when I read things like “Regulus was the real Slytherin’s hero, not Snape!” Regulus used to worship Lord Voldemort and pure-blood supremacy. He became a death eater early but realised he shouldn’t have and then rised against his master and died to help defeating him. Snape wasn’t a pure-blood lover to begin with. He passed nearly half his life risking his life as Dumbledore’s spy and died to help defeating Voldemort. In the end, they’re BOTH heroes, especially Snape.

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Hi I found your blog on Reddit.. :D I love Overwatch and yanderes so.... could I get some yandere Reinhardt and Zarya (separate so you don't need to write too much!) protecting his s/o by keeping them at home as their little housewife kinda thing? It's kinda Stockholm syndrome-ish and the s/o is really happy and loves being kept like that. (Bonus points for cute things like Rein and Zarya making snacks for the s/o and stuff) THANK YOU SO MUCH and I hope this isn't too much of a request? <3

My computer has managed to die on me 3 times while writing Rein, everything I’ve written lost. I had to write it over again THREE freaking times.


Your life is so much better now. You could focus on your writing, not having to deal with people. Reinhardt was there for you. It was such a blessing when you found him. You had a stalker a few years back. Everywhere you went, you felt followed. Like a brand on your back, you could feel it burning. Things went downhill one stormy night.

Trying to lose your stalker you’ve managed to miss the last train home and you were frantically looking for a taxi, stuck on deserted streets. That’s when you walked into a wall. Warm, wool clad wall which apologised to you. Desperate and terrified you clung to him and blurted out your situation. To your absolute relief the Wall took you seriously and led you to the safety of his car. From up close he looked more like a brick house, 7 feet tall and full of muscles. But the smile on his face was the warmest and friendliest thing you’ve ever seen. He kept calm and assured you in a deep voice nothing bad will happen to you with him there. You realised you haven’t even thanked him or asked for his name. Blushing furiously you started thanking him, floodgate of relief opening.

He assuringly patted your hand and introduced himself as Reinhardt Wilhelm. As he followed the GPS, you two chatted. Or you nervously blabbered and he listened without interjecting much, focusing on the rainy road, checking rear-view mirror from time to time. He was making sure that creep didn’t follow you!

You offered him a coffee after arriving home and he obliged. He even asked if you want him to stay a bit longer in case the stalker did follow you. You felt like it was too much but he eased your guilt away saying he had nowhere to be in the morning. He spent the night on the couch and gave you a ride in the morning.

You told your co-workers and friends about the knight in shining armour but their reaction was not what you’d expect.

They chided and ridiculed you for letting a strange man sleep in your house. What if he raped or murdered you? You bristled inside but said nothing.

From that day onward it seemed you bumped into Rein all the time. Whatever alarm bells might have been going in your head was silenced by his explanation. Reinhardt was retired military. He just moved into the area, your area. Kept to places he knew, but everyday tried to explore a little more. He told you about this amazing little coffee shop he’s found in one of the back streets and you couldn’t contain your happiness as it was your favourite. Rein promptly invited you for a coffee. You got to talk and it seemed you had so many things in common and a lot of your favourite places he already knew and loved. You even told him about your friends’ reaction to your meeting and he concludes with ‘That’s not really friendly of them’. He makes you realise they never took your ordeal with stalker seriously and can’t help feeling hurt. It all goes away when he offers to escort you around to make you feel safe. It seems to be working as the stalker never showed himself when Reinhardt is around.

He also made you realise how no one helped you so far. You two grew close and soon he moved from self-declared bodyguard to boyfriend. He even encouraged you to quit your job and follow your dream of writing. Rein was so sweet and sorted out all the confusing parts with publishers and some of the stories you wrote all those ages ago were printed. Soon you had a book deal and you were so excited. Reinhardt dealt with publishers and any other details. You could focus on what you loved, undisturbed. He kept you going, the mountain of a man baking you lebkuchen and sneaking a plate to you whenever you were busy working. He loved to watch you write.

True, you didn’t see your friends much, some not at all. Whenever you felt sad about it, Rein reminded you how none of them helped you when you needed them. How some of them must be feeling bitter that you are living your dream, having a loving man and doing what you love for living. They all were stuck in their office jobs. They probably hated your happiness. It hurt to know that, but Reinhardt was there for you and he was all you needed. Always will be.


There were days when you felt so silly. How could you not see from the very start what Zarya was doing for you? She took you from a demolished city near the front line and kept you safe. All you did was give her grief. You cried, swore and cursed at her. Threw objects. No wonder she had to tie your hands. And then you refused to eat. She was ever patient with you. Lovingly forcing a tube down your mouth so she could feed you. Zarya knew you needed to be strong. If only you understood that.

But you didn’t. You tried to run away and you broke her heart when she had to break your leg in return. How sad she was putting your splints on. She never wanted to hurt you, only protect you.

That’s why she moved you to that abandoned Crisis bunker.

It was a cold and dreary place. Zarya tried her best to turn it into a home for the two of you. She’d bring books for you to read. Small tapestries and rugs. Pillows and stuffed animals. She seemed particularly fond of bears. Candles. She even got fairy lights to hang around the bunker, making it cosy.

As you healed she dotted on you. Cooked for you, helped you wash and dress. The chain around your good ankle was for your own good. If you went outside like this, dove with a broken wing, you’d surely be devoured by dangers lurking outside.

You didn’t know if you were relieved when she left you for a longer period for the first time. The bunker was stocked with dry rations to last at least two years.

You panicked when she told you that. Zarya assured you she wouldn’t be gone that long. Even got a TV set down to the bunker so you could watch programmes and movie drives with movies. She was so thoughtful even then!

You’ve thought that’s the last you will see of her for some time. Yet there she was, on TV. Every day. The Saviour of Russia. Sports champion turned fighter. The Siberian Medveditsa fighting for the Motherland. For months.

Zarya was so different on TV. Stern, dutiful. Humbly accepting praises, stoic face of a soldier.

Is she really the same woman who was giggling like a little girl when she presented you with an extremely fluffy teddy bear for your bed? Or sang while she cooked?

Something akin to pride blossomed in your chest then. They didn’t know Zarya! Not the real one. But you did. The hero worshipped by the entire nation trusted you and was herself when with you.

It’s good that you got over your nonsense rebellion stage of the relationship, you mused to yourself.

‘And what are you laughing at, Myshka?’ - Zarya shot you a curious look. She was busy making your favourite blueberry dumplings. Those strong warrior fingers making each seam into a frilly plaid.

'Nothing, Medveditsa’ – you smiled, chin propped up in your hands.

If people only knew how cute she looked in that Rilakkuma apron you bought together (she always pretends all the cutsy things are for you, but you know better). Or how she will stick out her blueberry stained tongue at you, like a child.

No, it was absolutely silly of you to fight her in the first place and you were thankful for the scar where bone broke your skin. It reminded you that your She-Bear wanted only the best for her Mousy.

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How do you think Jackie and Donna would've been (personalities, behavior, etc.) had they been raised by the other's parents?

Ow. Jesus, that’s weird to think about.

Donna has a very strong personality but is also a girl of her house, even when she tries to deny it. Her encounter with feminism was brought from Midge, so I see two options her: Her inclination to reading may inspire her to find it in herself and by herself, or she would never.

I’m worried about what kind of relationship she may had have with Pam, but it all depends on what Pam is raising her. If it’s the Pam from season 1, Donna may turn out just as we know her, but maybe with more traditional femenine fashion taste.

Now, if the Pam raising her is the one from season 6, BOY. I’m sure they may have not have a great relationship as she grow older and realized her mother is– not a good one. Her parents would not divorce, but she would had been abandoned since forever.

So… if she reacted by smoking, answering to her parents, then dating an ass, etc. by them fighting (and then Midge leaving), I’m very worried what this basement gang-less Donna may do. Which is where her friendship with them and Jackie Pinciotti enters (more on that later).

What would def change is her dynamic with the gang. She and Eric wouldn’t had grown up together, and she would had grow up in a different social circle. I’m sure she would always feel like if she didn’t fit with the other girls she may hang out the most before she started to hang at the basement.

I don’t see her dating Kelso, I don’t see her actually dating anyone to enter their group of friends. I’m thinking in, Eric does has a crush on her. She’s freakin’ pretty and probably popular (rich kids are always popular, even when they don’t want to), so I bet the boys would thinks “that chick’s hoooot”. 

Right now, what comes to mind, is them having to teamup for a class assigment and the spark going from there, or something. 

What I think won’t change that much, is Jackie wanting to be friends with Donna and she kinda not wanting to, at the beginning.

Jackie would had grow up with both her parents and Eric in front of her house. Midge is present all the time and has some similarities to Jackie, they are both femenine and pretty, and are treated as dumb. But coming to this AU, Jackie would ha grow up as an even bigger daddy’s girl.

Bob would had spoiled the hell out of her as we see him spoiling Donna. But because of Donna’s more closed personality (when it comes to showing affection and doing family stuff), it wasn’t as obvious as with Jackie. The difference betwee this daddy’s girl Jackie and her real self, is that she won’t hero worship Bob as she did with Jack.

She seeks for attention and normality that’s who Jackie is in the show; but in this case, her search for normality would be similar to Donna’s in the show. She has parents that didn’t love each other enough to make it to forever together, or have a more– intimate marriage, so the constant fights of her parents may drown her more into the basement than not.

I can totally see her growing up not shallow but… annoying. Bitchy. Like Laurie, but without being– well, that open with her sexuality. And I don’t see her being best friends with Eric, lol. I mean, I can see her growing up seeing them play and going over from time to time, since Bob and Midge will still be friends with the Formans.

But as they grow up, I think they would… have this phase in which they hate each other and Eric would bane her from the basement, and Kelso and Hyde would be like “don’t be an ass”, especially because Kelso would try and be with her.

Which I don’t think would happen. This time, Jackie woudl know him in a different way, and she would know the kind of moron he is. So maybe after she rejects him, he would agree with Eric to bane her from the basement, and that’s when she starts getting close to Hyde. 

After Donna and Eric gets closer (I’m thinking, Buddy and Eric style), Jackie would absolutely try to be closer to her. She may not be shallow, but a chance to have a girl in that stinky basement? Yes, thank you. And now that I think about it, maybe Donna getting closer to Jackie may put her in front of Midge and her feminism, something I think Jackie will absorve but not be as passionate about it as Donna in the show.

Her take on it, I think it would be interesting to explore, especially in the case Donna may absorb it too and notice how fucked the society she was raised in is. I wonder if Pam’s education would get too much in the way as it did Jackie, or if she would wake up from it sooner than her.

What I do think is that Jackie would had been happier and Donna would had gotten way more chances at what she wants for herself than what she got in the show. Man, studying out? Absolutely. Getting to see the world? Every summer. 

I do wonder how she would take Jack going to prison and how Jackie would deal with Midge leaving. I’m not sure how Eric would try to help Donna about it… (It’s more easy for me imagine how Hyde would help Jackie, which isn’t too far from what he does for Donna. The interesting thing for me there is, would they be together as a couple by that moment or would they be only friends that obviously have a crush with each ohter?).

Has anyone else in the ML fandom thought about this?

A reveal that just…goes absolutely wrong. Not a partial reveal, not an accidental reveal, not one being excited and the other being too upset. Just both of them being like: “What? No. It CAN’T be you! Why is it you? I don’t…like this.”  

What I’m referring to is the very believable scenario that, once their identities are revealed, BOTH Adrien and Marinette don’t take it very well, straining their partnership, friendship, and potential relationship. They have reservations. It’s awkward, and their respective crushes are essentially dismantled in a way they dislike. The chase is over, the illusion is gone, this isn’t who they were expecting and there’s even a bit of…bitterness. I’m a sucker for a happy ending, so in my head this all works out EVENTUALLY, but I think at first, it makes a lot of sense that the immediate result of a reveal wouldn’t always be sunsets and hand-holding and teary-eyed relief. 

Like in the most basic sense, they’ve probably conjured up their own expectations of who the other is, so feelings aside, if that expectation is WRONG, it’s going to feel very weird at first. No matter what. There might even be a bit of, dare I say, disappointment. (((this hurts me to even think about ughh why do I do this to myself *shudder* If this EVER happened in canon I would be inconsolable tbh))) I’ve read it in partial ways in other fanfic, where essentially the reveal isn’t a happy one, but it’s usually one-sided. Hardly do you see BOTH of them react so negatively. 

To start, I think we can all agree that Marinette and Adrien act differently as Ladybug and Chat Noir. This is NOT me endorsing the belief that one side of them is the “real” side (ya’ll really need to chill on that lol), but instead just understanding that this is a fact, and the love square exists partially because of this fact.  BUT I think we can also all agree that over the course of season 1, both Adrien and Marinette incorporated more of their hero personas into their civilian lives, and this is done on purpose, of course. I think ML is portraying self-discovery and adolescence well with this setup. I don’t think Marinette and Chat are putting on airs, they’re just finding out sides of themselves they had no idea they were capable of expressing, or felt too insecure to express in the past.  That being said, if they DON’T do what I see in a lot of fanon, and they DON’T start having conflicting emotions aka Adrien doesn’t start noticing Marinette and Ladybug doesn’t start noticing Chat Noir, but the REVEAL happens first, think of the implications there. 

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Yes think THINK. Would YOU be super happy and relieved? You sure? None of you would be anxious about this even just a little bit? Would you just jump into a relationship with this person right away?

Or would you take a step back and evaluate exactly what has happened? And not just simply accept things the way they are? Because we know their identities, we see this a bit more rosy than I think a typical person would. Picture yourself loving someone, and being great friends with someone else, let’s say online. And you’re certain they’re different people; the possibility of anything else doesn’t even cross your mind. Suddenly you find out they’re the same person. My immediate reaction would NOT be “Ahh true love!” I’d be like HOLD UP! :(  I’d feel like something important was just decided for me without my consent. So here is how I think it would play out with our two kiddos. Brace yourselves, the Wall of Text™ is back. 

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PITCH-SLAPPED: a fan-guide to the Barden Bellas and gay lady ships of the Pitch Perfect franchise

So you just watched Pitch Perfect again and you’re feeling a little enamored with those aca-awesome characters. Or maybe you finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 and you’re just a bit obsessed after that tent scene. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to deal with the wait between now and July 2017 when Pitch Perfect 3 finally comes out.

Whatever the reason: you’ve come to tumblr to assuage those Pitch Perfect feels you got goin’ on and discovered a whole fandom. AH! So much to sort through. So much to feel. What even is Pitch Perfect tbh???? How do I join the fandom? Do I have to sing? WHAT ARE THE RULES HERE? 

Don’t worry. We totes got your back. 

(warning: the following post is very very long and really really effin gay)

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lucas talking about real madrid’s locker room

lucas: something cool that happened in the locker room once… marcelo is always cool, always fun, always putting some music, playing with a ball, joking with everyone and cristiano keeps to himself, very focused, listening to some music, getting a massage… and one day marcelo asked him to come play with him and the whole locker room stopped to watch them play, show their skills, it was very cool. what they do with the ball, their tricks…

reporter: to the sound of pagode?

lucas: that too, but also some pop music that marcelo likes. he always puts some music and when he doesn’t, people complain. “hey marcelo, where’s your music?”

reporter: he’s the dj.

lucas: yeah, yeah.

I really don’t understand why people worship Brenda so much and put Teresa down. I thinks that’s some serious shit there. Brenda was working for Wicked the whole time, she lie to Thomas about not knowing him. Everything was just a show. People worship Brenda for actually helping Thomas and giving his back to Wicked. Ok. You can do that.

But Teresa? I’m sorry but that’s for me the real warrior princess. You guys put it so easy like “she hurt Thomas”. Most of you are so fast in pointing out how Brenda helped, but nobody point out the fact that Thomas is still alive because of Teresa. She had everything to lose, you think is easy that people kidnapped you out of sudden and give you two choices? If you don’t hurt him, he’ll be death? That’s not easy. Specially because Teresa knew she will lose him anyways once she accepts the plan, she rather have him hating her than losing him, or be without him. Because his her best friend, the closest thing to a family. She knew all of that, but she continue her mission keeping the person she loves the most in the world save. Won’t you do the same? Teresa was practically dying for how Thomas looked at her now, but she keep going and that needs so many straight.

Teresa is putting down for nothing, if you do your research and read “The Kill Order” you’ll be pretty surprise on how much of a warrior Teresa Agnes is. And anything she did was to be mean, or to actually hurt Thomas. She was keeping him save in the only way she could, because they tell her to. Teresa loves Thomas more than anything, in a way Brenda will never understand.

So I don’t know I hate picking sides cause you shouldn’t but for me the only female worth worshiping is Teresa, she’s the real hero. She die saving Thomas, as she promise she would.

In this case, I absolutely believe it was Thomas fault all in keeping this going after the 2nd book, because he never actually put himself on Teresa’s shoes and ask himself the question “what if it was me, and Teresa was in danger?” We all know Thomas would do anything for her.

Hating Teresa for something a certain character did too is really pointless. It just shows how one sided and double standard a lot of fangirls can be when the whole situation involves one particular boy. (But if you ask me, we all know Thomas loved Teresa, “you are not her, you’d never be her” was enough prove)

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HP: Prisoner of Azkaban, HP: Order of the Phoenix, HP: Half-Blood Prince


Burn Donate to a used book store: Half-Blood Prince, I suppose. If I have to give up something in this series that was my childhood, it’s Dumbledore putting on his Wise-Old-Wizard’s-Cap and setting up Harry for death, and the adolescent high-spirited fumblings of kids in spiteful teenage love. 

Read: Prisoner of Azkaban

Rewrite: Order of the Phoenix is my unabashed favorite of the Potter books. I can’t stand Harry and his ALL CAPS ANGST for most of it, but Dumbledore’s Army is my patronus, what can I say. They are my happy thought. 

So, if I was to rewrite it, I’d want more

More Fred and George being mentors in mischief, in creativity, and in kindness.

More of Ginny and Luna’s blooming friendship. More of Ginny as a steady, smirking shock to Harry, to the reader, and to everyone inbetween— the last time we saw much of her, Ginny was a pale and weeping wreck on the Chamber floor. Now she’s flinging Bat Bogey Hexes and laughing at boys over Butterbeer.

Ginny names Dumbledore’s Army for the Ministry’s greatest fear, because she knows about fear, this girl with her fire hair and iron bones. I don’t want Harry gaping at her beauty. I want him gaping at her strength.

More Hermione befriending Ginny, these two tough and underestimated young women, their violence and their warmth, their jealousies and their anxieties and their generosities. More Hermione learning to see that Luna’s intelligence, just because it doesn’t run in straight lines or careful notes, is just as bright and glorious as her own. 

(I love the Golden Trio, I do, but I want this one, too: these three girls and their varied strengths, the way they spend so much time underestimating each other and themselves, and then learn better. It makes them better, all of them, to build this respect and camaraderie between them). 

More of Neville refusing to back down. More of this gawky boy with his learning disabilities and clumsy fingers, the way he pulls himself, handhold by shaky handhold, into a place where he can stand his own against Death Eaters by the end of the book. 

More Luna. Always

More of Marietta Edgecombe, Cho Chang’s (eventually traitorous) friend. More of her uncertainty, her letters from home about how the Ministry is getting worse and worse. More of how Marietta was living in this new age of fear, not just in these school hallways, but in her sisters’ letters about Mom crying, her mother’s tense, tightly-cheerful Floo messages. When Umbrage called Marietta into her office that last time, the toad used her mother’s name and giggled. More of the way Marietta wasn’t sleeping through the nights, the way she was torn between loyalty to her schoolfriends and loyalty to her family. More of how her choice was not petty—it was not brave, but it was not petty. It was a sixteen year old girl put up against selfish people with power. 

Less of Harry angsting, and more of Harry mentoring: telling people off for teasing Luna, and feeling an odd, bursting pride weeks later when Harry sees those old bullies jumping furiously to her defense when some civilian in the Hogwarts hallways makes fun of Luna’s latest ornament.

More of Harry mentoring: having to learn how to deal with other people’s egos, with having to trust people, having to learn about strengths other than his own.

More of Harry teaching the Creevy brothers about battle magic, but somehow learning photography tricks from them, and slowly slowly falling into a deep respect for these two boys who are always on the wrong side of the bullies, who manage to stay bright, stay awed, stay loyal to each other in a world that sometimes hates them for who they are; more of the Creevy brothers’ hero-worship of the Boy Who Lived fading into something quieter and more real as they get to know this stubborn, rash fool who chooses again and again to save lives at the expense of his. 

More of Ginny taking Harry aside and saying you have to trust somebody, you stupid boy. You have to talk to somebody. You’re going to explode, all that stuff inside you, if you don’t. And don’t you even try to tell me I can’t understand what you’re going through. 

…who do you talk to?

Ginny scoffs. Luna, of course. 

More Ron the chessmaster. More focus on the reasons this redhead boy deserves (and he does deserve) to be the final lynchpin in our Golden Trio. The boy’s a master strategist, and we’re building an army, after all.

More Slytherins in the DA: Muggleborns whose drive, ambition, and loyalty gave them the option of Slytherin, and whose stubborn refusal to let this bigoted world deny any part of themselves actually put them in the House. Non-Muggleborns, too, snakes who shed skin and shed skin but always stay the same at their core, who love their friends and hate their enemies, who just want to open bakeries and become Aurors and fall in love. These are the ones who set up complex hexes in the Slytherin common room to make it so that every time someone says a slur, the word explodes in their mouth. 

More Ravenclaws in the DA (smarts and focus, and smarts and distractability; thoughtfulness and enthusiasm), more Hufflepuffs (hard work and loyal hearts, stubborn, stubborn souls, as steady and as surprising as the castle itself), yes, but give me some Slytherins dear wizard god

(ask box (x), if anyone else wants to play)

“Heroes don’t exist”: Moffat and the good man

Written for Moffat Appreciation Week Day 4: Favourite Theme

“Clara, be my pal and tell me. Am I a good man?”

- The Doctor, Into The Dalek

“You were the best man, and the most human human being, that I have ever known.”

- John Watson, The Reichenbach Fall

Moffat’s era centres around two main concerns: stories, and the people who live in them. His love of story is fairly straightforward, as direct as it is magical – his tales follow fairytale logic and fairytale morality, carving out a space in a cynical, jaded world for the wonders of our childhood to breathe. Fairytales, in Moffat’s stories, are an unambiguous good, their nature questioned constantly but never their value.  

But his relationship with fairytale heroes is somewhat thornier. Because right from the beginning, Moffat attacks and deconstructs the very idea of an all-powerful, all-righteous hero – replacing Davies’ lonely god with a madman in a box, digging into Conan Doyle’s famous detective and finding the eccentric, slightly broken man at his core. Moffat’s stories have never been about heroes; they have, instead, always been about people.

His heroes – his Doctors, his Sherlock – are flawed men, just as capable of weakness and wrong as they are of strength and healing. But through them, and through their stories and the stories of the people around them, Moffat weaves a tale of what a hero really is, and what kind of hero we really need.

Because heroes don’t exist, and yet.

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when people Pull Shit Out of Thin Air™ so they can rag on the development of every single character in a fruitless attempt to cover up the fact that they really only hate the bleach ending purely because their ship didn’t become canon 

*examples include: Ichigo no longer being a shinigami, Ichigo never being happy in the human world, Ishida becoming a doctor despite never wanting to become one (even though that entire fiasco was dealt with when his father explained himself), Ishida being ‘excluded’ by his friends (even though the situation was explained by his coworkers and that’s literally just always been his personality??), Chad becoming a boxer despite swearing to never use his fists for himself (there’s a difference between fighting on the street and being a professional against professionals. also, he could literally be doing it entirely for charity we have no clue), Orihime becoming a ‘housewife’ despite all her ambition (she was wearing a fucking apron for one scene and by the end of it she was taking it off holy fuck), Yuzu being ‘sexually attracted’ to Ichigo (despite her always having a case of hero worship and it literally never going past that??), etc….

American Sniper: hero worship and the rewriting of history

by Michael T Fenn

“’Terrorism’ is what we call the violence of the weak, and we condemn it; ‘war’ is what we call the violence of the strong, and we glorify it”
–Sydney J Harris
This is the problem with veteran narrations about their war experience—they are often told through an emotionally charged, ideological filter that reflects the misinformation told to them by their leaders. And as a society we do nothing to correct these inaccurate accounts of America’s wars. Instead, we eat them up, celebrate them as truth, and feed them to the next generation of Americans who are doomed to make the same mistakes Chris and I made.”
–Ross Caputi, Former Marine who participated in the 2nd Siege of Fallujah
“Chris Kyle didn’t view Iraq like me and Garett, but neither of us have attacked him for it. He’s not the problem. We don’t care about the lies that Chris Kyle may or may not have told. They don’t matter. We care about the lies that Chris Kyle believed. The lie that Iraq was culpable for September 11. The lie that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The lie that people do evil things because they are evil.”
–Brock McIntosh; former Afghanistan veteran and anti-war advocate, who has been active, along with other veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, in support groups for returning soldiers.
“While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him.”
–Fyodor Dostoevsky
There is little doubt that American Sniper will go down as one of the most effective pieces of propaganda—justifying America’s wars—ever to come down the Hollywood pike. It has been a huge box office success, grossing close to $200 million and achieving the second most successful R rated opening since the The Matrix. This popularity seems unfathomable (and disconcerting) given the odious justifications for the 2003 Iraq War have long been proven false, and despite the disaster the “war on terror” has been. Its timing seems suspicious fortuitous, given the new terror threat that has surfaced in Iraq (ISIS), in which American leaders are once again clamouring for more war and intervention in the Middle East.
Hero worship
The film begins dramatically, with our hero Chris Kyle—the real life sniper whose exploits in Iraq (based on his best-selling auto-biography) are the inspiration for the film—in middle of a combat mission in Iraq where he is faced with “radical evil.” He kills a boy, and his mother presumably, who are being used as a “human shields” to deliver a grenade to an advancing infantry and tank convoy.
The film then cuts to Chris as a young boy attending church with his parents and younger brother, as a southern Texas Baptist minister gives a sermon about how “God’s plan will seem a mystery to us”. From there the scene switches to the young boy hunting with his father, the father sternly admonishes his son for leaving his rifle in the dirt, but then praises the boy’s marksmen skills, saying that he has a gift (by god no doubt), and will be a great hunter someday.
Then we find ourselves at the family dinner table where his father gives the boys a speech about how so many people refuse to believe that any evil exists in the world. And that if “it ever darkened their doorstep they wouldn’t know what to do about it”. Apparently the boys have been in a schoolyard fight in which Kyle comes to his little brother’s aid. His father then gives his own sermon on how there are three kinds of people in the world; wolves, who are violent, cruel, and prey on the weak (the sheep); and lastly sheep dogs- who despite their “gift of violence” uses it to defend the sheep from the wolves. He then says, as he slams his belt on the table, that he has no intention of raising any wolves.
Clearly, screen writer Jason Hall and director Clint Eastwood has constructed a sort of American “Greek Tragedy”, informed by a conservative, militaristic, Christian American culture. One that is designed to dramatically canonize Chris Kyle (the hero sniper in the film) and his fellow American soldiers. It is a pure hero worship—in which manly virtues (“gifts” for violence and bravery) are valorized. 
The only problem is that to make this hero worship effective—as propaganda, or as an art form that might actually make some money at the box office—is that its makers must distort both the war and the nature of the insurgency. They therefore cannot avoid the criticism that their film was intended to be “political” (ideological) with the claim that it was merely supposed to be a “character study”. Because they must validate their hero’s view of the world, which was highly political: that he was defending America against “terrorists” and or selflessly liberating Iraqi’s (referred to by Kyle, and his fellow soldier, both in his memoirs and the film, as “despicable” “savages”) from a tyrant. And that the insurgents were just a bunch of evil religious fanatics who hate and want to kill American’s simply because of their “perverse interpretation of religion”. 
Otherwise our hero, and his fellow heroes (US soldiers) who shared these attitudes and beliefs, no longer seem “heroic” but rather as tragic victims of their own ignorance and prejudice—which was of course spoon fed to them by both the military and the media, including Hollywood. In this context our hero/heroes appear more like sheep, whom, tragically were unable to discern real evil when it did happen to darken their doorsteps.  
War crimes and resistance
Such distortion is set from the very first scene, which, ironically, depicts the second siege of Fallujah. The real life scene of one of the most notorious crimes committed by the US occupation. Despite the inhabitants desire to negotiate a cease fire, American military leaders simply ignored it, and then proceeded to blanket the city with poisonous phosphorus (an illegal weapon of mass destruction) killing 4000- 6000 civilians, and displacing 200, 000. This was also where the US army attacked a hospital (which was also a war crime under the Geneva Convention), dumping patients on the floor, beating up and detaining doctors, for supposedly spreading “propaganda” on the number of civilians that were wounded and killed.
As mentioned earlier this was the scene where our hero came face to face with what he would describe as “radical evil”. He has to kill an innocent boy who has been handed a grenade by a stoic emotionless Iraq women wearing a burqa, urging the boy toward an infantry convoy entering the city. The women then picks up the grenade to finish the job and is immediately shot dead by Chris. The woman was working at the behest of an evil terrorist named the “butcher” (because he dispatches his victims (informants) with a drill), which we later learn in the film is the right hand man of a foreign Al Qaeda Sunni extremist named Zarqawi.
This completely rewrites history and claims that extremist groups were the cause—rather than the consequence—of the Iraq War. It also justifies the murder of Iraqis, while dismissing that they had any reason for armed resistance against the US, which had invaded their country and brought untold misery and death. The insurgency was a perfectly legitimate exercise of self defense against a foreign aggressor and occupying power denying them the right to self-determination.The Iraq War and occupation killed a million people, stole billions in Iraqi oil money, gutted public sector jobs, created an unemployment rate of 70 per cent, and allied with a sectarian government that fomented civil war. It was the Iraq War, not resistance to it, that led to ISIS, but now the US is using this new threat to justify further military intervention—with help from this film.
The point here is not to blame the soldiers, who are also victims of hero worship. What American Sniper should teach us rather is just how powerful the cult of the hero is, which provides a cover for war and muzzles all criticism of it. It causes us to not notice the wolf that has clothed itself in the sheepdog’s image. 

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about the worst fandom: do u forget the fangirls who write erotic fanfic/ long ass hero worship posts about real nazis? like hitler and stuff? and reblog pics of amon goeth (not ralph fiennes in schindlers list, the actual person) and such with captions like "sexy beast"? i think shoplifting fandom needs to step up its game tbh

…I did not know about this and I deeply resent you for making me aware of this

OctoberFicFest: still amnesty

Something else from my Google Docs cleaned up and set free into the world.

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Scully remembered later the moment she’d fallen in love with Mulder: it had been another unremarkable night sometime after her childish hero-worship crush had dissipated and a real, solid respect and admiration had replaced it.  They had been on a stakeout, backup on a dull case for which she and Mulder had helped profile the killer.  The late shift had been amusing for a while - they had picnicked on sandwiches she had brought and iced tea that Mulder picked up at a gas station.  But after a while he fell asleep with his head on her shoulder and Scully had only NPR for company. She was listening to a long lovely run of Bach when Mulder murmured in his sleep, pushed his face against her neck, and wormed his arm around her waist.

She had kept her body consciously still, aware of how little sleep he generally got and how improper this would look if the next shift showed up early.  In the rearview mirror she could see the way the streetlight’s glare played over his face, which was partially hidden in the shadow of her hair.  He sighed, shifting a little, and the warmth of his breath puffed over her shirt collar to settle in the hollows of her collarbones. She felt her lips curve into a gentle smile and something clicked inside her, like a quick double pulse of her heart.  His face in reflection held such a look of repose that she felt tenderness well up in her for her sardonic, trust-no-one partner who at the end of the day trusted her, so relaxed as his eyelashes tickled her neck that he looked like a little boy who had forgotten to go home one night.  Not as lost as usual, though, not the gawky, hollow-eyed youngster that was Mulder’s usual metamorphosis, just a sweet boy who had found that home could be unexpectedly near.

With the tenderness there was a fierceness too, the strong urge to protect.  She wanted to destroy the people who had hurt him over the years.  Twined into the fierceness there was desire, making her achingly conscious of the texture of his stubble against her throat, the heat of his breath, the weight of his arm across her lap.  What shocked her was the intensity of the wild mélange of emotions and the certainly that some crucial frontier had been  crossed and in some way she was lost.  She was lost; he was lost; together they were finding their own path through the dark woods, through the unmapped edges of existence.

She woke him before the next shift showed up, trailing her fingers through his dark hair.

“Huh?” he said, pushing his face further into her hair before he sat up. His arm dragged at her waist as he moved. It would be easy, she thought, to follow his arm, to lean against the breadth of his chest.  

“Shift’s almost over,” she said.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” he asked, rubbing at his eyes and reaching for his iced tea.

She shrugged.  “Just one more unexplained mystery to add to your list, Mulder.” 

“Thanks,” he said.  “I think I needed it.”

“You’re welcome,” she said softly, her heart sending out its warning again, a church bell ringing in the hall of her ribs.  Beware, it might be saying, but the sound was so sweet.  

The relief agents knocked on the window.  She and Mulder heaved themselves out of the car and were replaced.  They went home, separately, to their own homes, to their own beds, and she almost didn’t think of the warm bulk of him resting against her as she fell asleep.  Almost.


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Crazy Hat + Legacy + Pilot = Riley’s living on the subway Lucas-wise…but why? (And just to drive it home, you know what Maya asks Cory in Crazy Hat after Riley asks about living on the subway? Maya asks, “What if nothing ever happens for her, sir?”)

Image Two:

(Read right to left). Shawn learns about Angela by going through her purse and falling for the person he makes her out to be in his head. He’s scared to move forward into something real because he’s afraid he’ll get hurt and lose the incredible feelings he’s got for the “Purse Girl” even though she’s not real.

Riley meets Lucas on the subway and decides she loves “it” even though she knows even less about “Subway Boy” than Shawn knew about “Purse Girl.” As of Legacy, she says she still feels the same way she did that day, aka she loves “it” and she’s afraid nothing like that will ever happen for her again. But “it”/“Subway Boy” is no more real than “Purse Girl.” Riley’s feelings on the subway were for “it,” not for Lucas Friar for who he is.

Bonus recurring motif to tie the two incidents together? Kiwi (mango) lip gloss. Falling for a concept.

Riley is pretty much living on the subway with “Subway Boy”/“Mr. Perfect” all through seasons one and two instead of growing an organic, “real” romance with Lucas his actual self (especially in S2). Their friendship is very real, as is the trajectory of the romantic aspect of their relationship as it fades. But the idea of a nearly decade-long romance with “Subway Boy?” That’s not real. And that’s still how Riley feels about Lucas romantically as of Legacy. Their romance is pretty much make-believe (as it were), all horsey rides and eight-year plans and blind hero worship…but their friendship is real.

I think Moffat’s quote about Clara is interesting especially when you frame it in comparison to Amy.

[Clara’s] not really very good at living a normal life. The other companions, like most people, like you and me, can be quite good at living normal lives. 

I think, for most people, Clara entered this show as a character who they could see living a normal life, but as we’ve seen in series 8, that changed. Amy, on the other hand, was horrible at living a real life when we first met her. She was running away the night before her wedding with cold feet, abandonment issues, and an insecurity over what she wanted from life. Amy got in the Tardis to run away and escape her life. Clara got in the Tardis and made sure the Doctor dropped her off on the same Wednesday she left so she could continue living her real life.

The key thing, I think, is not who the characters feel they are when we meet them, but who they become after the Doctor offers them the universe and we watch that expand their lives and change them in ways they never could have imagined while living normal lives on earth.

Amy was very poorly adjusted to living real life and felt isolated from her community and family, so traveling was an escape. Clara was fairly well adjusted to real life and thought there was no reason she couldn’t have everything, so she didn’t need to escape. 

But then they are both shown more and more of the universe and just as they start out in different places, they change in different ways. 

When I first wrote Clara, I thought, “Oh, this is fun. If the Doctor were a young woman living in contemporary Britain, it’d be a bit like her.” Clever and presentable and funny but also thinking when is something interesting going to happen? 

And that’s Clara. Unlike Amy, she never knew about the Doctor and his time machine as a child. Amy dreamed up a whole life with him because she believed it was possible. This kept her from committing to her real life. She was always waiting for the fairy tale to start. Clara, on the other hand, wasn’t waiting for an alien in a police box to show her the universe and had no reason to. She built a real life that involved wanting to travel and see the world in a very normal way because she had no reason to believe her “something interesting” was going to be an alien. She hung on to a book of 100 places to see, but when the kids’ mother died, she couldn’t walk out on them, so she stayed, still waiting for something interesting to happen. 

And that’s when the Doctor came (back) and took them to see the universe. At the center of Amy’s story is giving up being the girl who waited in a garden for the Doctor, learning what she really wants, and learning to live her own life. Ultimately, in the God Complex, Amy gives up her hero worship of the Doctor and is forced to live a real life for the first time ever, and she does. While it is difficult at first because she hasn’t overcome the same flight response to avoid dealing with complex problems that caused her to run away in the first place (Flesh and Stone, Asylum of the Daleks), she does actually learn to love living real life and actually form more attachments to a home life. Amy’s character development took her towards the real life she didn’t think she fit into when we met her and she was waiting for a fairy tale.

Clara’s character development is almost completely opposite from that.

The interesting thing between the Doctor and Clara is she can sort of play the same game he does. She can absolutely do that, she’s terribly clever, she’s got a wayward ego.

Clara thought she fit into her world and tried to hang on to it like nothing had changed, but as the traveling with the Doctor challenges her more and more in ways she can’t get at home, real life starts to become secondary. She almost becomes the Doctor while traveling with him and becomes addicted to his life - including the dark side - but if you look back at Amy in series 7, while she loves the adventure, she’s starting to grow tired of living two lives and reprimanding the Doctor for his dark behavior. Early in series 5, Amy points out a parallel that has been drawn between her and the Doctor - they both are running away to escape their problems, but Amy stops running at the end of series 6 and grows away from the Doctor and towards the “normal” side of her double life. Clara, in contrast, is growing more like him over time and away from the “normal” side of her double life.

[Danny’s] a lovely man with a traumatic secret, and she just screws it up because she doesn’t really give it enough attention. It’s just a little bit less exciting than running off in the blue box. 

Moffat doesn’t write Disney movie perfect relationships and instead delves into the problems these characters face long past the first kiss or the wedding. The problems are often a result of negative traits within the characters and we see how they deal with that in good and bad ways. With Amy and Rory, love won every single time. They started off not quite ready to be getting married and it was rocky, but when it came down to it, love held them together through everything and whatever happened, Amy felt she could handle it if she had Rory. Rory would do absolutely anything for his wife. 

With Danny and Clara, love wasn’t enough to make it work which is the absolute opposite of Amy and Rory’s relationship. Danny and Clara’s relationship was never meant to be a happy end game relationship. Even though they fell for each other and were attracted to each other, it was a mess from day one and ultimately, Danny wanted a different life than Clara did. A nice home and a job as a school teacher might have been something she wanted at one point, but it wasn’t enough anymore. She needed to be out there in the danger to be happy. It was consuming her.

Clara’s arc is not over and writing this, in a way, feels premature because we don’t know what’s next for her, but I can’t see her final episode returning her to a completely normal life anymore. Still, she remains the human woman who was a nanny and became a school teacher with a love of taking care of children and all of her development hasn’t been positive as she has become more like the Doctor. Some of it will probably need to be set in a different direction before she leaves for good so it will be interesting to see where she goes. 

Michael Jordan Is No Hero

by Hooman Karamian,

I remember growing up playing basketball in my backyard one-on-one with Michael Jordan. My dumb ass would always let him win because he was god to to me. You can never defy God. MJ was my world: I had the shoes, the calendar, and ate my Wheaties everyday. I was a kid who fell for the system. A small Persian kid who grew up on Magic but was stolen by Jordan. My point is, as children we have idols. They push us to achieve and to dream. My dreams got me here…wherever here is. You feel me?

In 2005, I met my God…my idol, Michael Jordan, in Salt Lake City at another Golf Celebrity Tournament. I wasn’t Nik Richie, I was Hooman Karamian, the OC brat living in Scottsdale trying to make ends meet. I could barely afford the flight. But I had a VIP pass given to me by my first wife who busted her ass to throw a party for these mythical athletes/celebs.

I stood there next to Michael Jordan, staring at him wondering what the fuck do I say. I had my moment that night. My hero stood there, shook my hand, and asked me something that changed my world. He looked down on me and asked me “Can I fuck your wife?” and I laughed thinking it was a funny joke. The thing was he wasn’t kidding. Yes, MJ had been drinking, but he was 100% serious. He then said, “Let me know.” My heart dropped and that was it. As mad as I was at my hero I was more mad at myself for worshiping something that was never real.

They say there are moments in your life that scar your mind. This was a strike in my mindset, a shift in trust. The worst people in this world are the ones on top.