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In recent news, @son-of-rome is getting married soon and it gave me an excuse to draw Jason and Piper’s wedding. Congrats on getting hitched bro👌🏻

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The thing is, unlike novels and that weird webcomic your cousin publishes on DeviantArt, screenplays are rarely written by a single person. While only one or two people may get credit for it in the film’s final list of credits, uncredited (but well-paid) script doctors are routinely brought in to punch up dialogue, resolve plot holes, and sometimes rewrite entire swaths of the story. It’s sort of like when your less-literate friends ask you to help them with their cover letters.

Fisher was one of Hollywood’s top script doctors for 15 years. Some of her more famous movies include the aforementioned Hook, Sister Act, Last Action Hero, The Wedding Singer, Coyote Ugly and Scream 3. And yet, not even she could save the inexplicable dialogue that came spilling out of people’s heads in the Star Wars prequels.

RIP Carrie Fisher: Secret Genius Script Doctor

More heroes and flowers, as part of an incredibly fun commission ⚡️💖

For Ben and Christine


Percy: Okay everybody listening, yeah? Well I have known Nico since a long time now, and as happy I am to him being married to a boy who he deserve. I am still wondering…
Nico: Not again please.
Annabeth: Don’t Percy.
Everyone else: He’s gonna say it.
Percy: Nico, why the hell I am not you type?
Nico: *facepalm*
Annabeth: I wonder why I am your wife.
Will: *smiles awkwardly*

Solangelo Wedding
  • Will: I would like to thank you all for coming and would anybody like to say a few words?
  • Annabeth: I would! All I wanna say is don't hurt him Will.
  • Will: *chuckles* I won't
  • Percy: *stands up next to Annabeth* stop laughing this is serious. Don't hurt Nico
  • Will: ok I won't-
  • Jason: Don't hurt him Will.
  • Piper: seriously don't *death stare*
  • Reyna: seriously you hurt him and you're going down.
  • Hazel: you better not hurt my brother Will...
  • Will: why would you think I would hurt him you're all my friends too???
  • Leo: ehhhh

It’s not rocket science. I removed the sconce, fired up my grandfather’s torch, heated the pieces in a cast iron bucket, liquified the metal, poured into a mold, obviously keep it over a low flame to achieve a nice temper, cooled it in antifreeze and just forged and shaped the rings.”

Any moron with a crucible and acetylene torch and a cast iron waffle maker could have done the same. Whole thing only took me about twenty minutes. People who buy things are suckers.

—  Leo, on the subject of Annabeth and Percy’s wedding rings

headcanon that the wedding ring percy buys annabeth has an infinity symbol on it so everyday when she sees it on her hand she’ll remember that she finally has something permanent

Percabeth's Wedding

Percy’s hands started shaking, his knees weak, and head spinning as soon as he laid eyes on her. Annabeth looked absolutely stunning in a white, Greek dress with blue and gold trim. But the dress was nothing compared to his beautiful bride. She was even more gorgeous than Aphrodite herself as she walked down the aisle filled with all the campers, gods, Percy’s mom and stepdad (who both gave him a smile and thumbs up), and Annabeth’s stepmom and brothers.

“Annabeth is really pretty,” Tyson, his best man, whispered in awe. Percy just nodded. ‘You scored big time, Perce,’ Grover said through the empathy link. Percy laughed. 'Yes I did,’ he thought back.

He couldn’t keep his eyes from hers when she walked closer. As she neared the alter on the beach of Camp Halfblood, her father gave Annabeth to him. They took each other’s hands and turned away from their friends and family to Chiron. She handed her bouquet of blue and white roses to her maid of honor, Thalia. Chiron gave the two a wink. His thousand year old eyes sparkled with joy.

“Welcome,” he started, “to the unification of Annabeth Chase and Perseus Jackson in marriage. Before we begin with the ceremony, I would like to mention how special this day really is. I have taught many, many heroes. Most don’t make it as far as these two, and Annabeth and Percy are like daughter and son to me. I am very proud of them defeating all the obstacles thrown their way.”

He looked, almost a glint of hate in his eyes, at all the Olympians.

Percy didn’t listen to the rest of Chiron’s speech. He was lost in Annabeth’s gray eyes. They had to repeat some stuff and say 'I do’ at one point. It didn’t matter to Percy. He was certain that they would do anything for each other. He knew that they were ready to take on the world together. Whatever the gods continued to throw at them.

After Chiron said it was time for vows, Percy started to sweat. He planned on just winging it but knew Annabeth’s would be planned out. She always has a plan. She went first.

“Percy, I remember the first time I met you. It was a stormy night and, gods, were you in bad shape and drooling. You got better, even though you still drool today, and I am so happy and grateful that Chiron and I found you that night. I figured, once Poseidon claimed you, that we couldn’t be friends. We had to despise each other because our parents are enemies. You taught me a very important lesson that even rivalries and differences have to be pushed aside to make something happen, like the chariot or us saving the world. Even though I didn’t know if our friendship would work out at first, I now see that we write our own stories. Prophecies don’t define who we are or what we do. We’ve been on so many adventures together. Many of which you have saved my life and I owe you. Like saving me from the Sirens and holding the sky. You’ve helped me improve the relationships with my family and saved me from Luke. I just… I just can’t repay that. I’m so happy that you came to your senses and we started dating. You had me thinking that you loved Rachel Elizabeth Dare. I thought you picked her and Aphrodite was playing tricks on me, but here we are. Think of all the stuff we’ve been through, months of separation, that stupid pit, and two wars. Think of all the stuff in the future that we can do as long as we’re together. Percy, I’ll always be your Wise Girl if you’ll always be my Seaweed Brain.”

They were both crying as she slipped on the gold band around his ring finger, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. 'Gods, how am I gonna beat that?’ he thought to himself. He took a deep breath.

“Annabeth, I didn’t write or prepare anything because I wanted it to come from the heart. And, uh, needless to say, I’m bad at this kind of stuff. Um… Wise Girl, you were my connection to the mortal world when I bathed in the Styx. You were the only thing I knew about myself when I was at Camp Jupiter. You were my motivation to keep moving in Tartarus. You are my everything. While we didn’t have the smoothest start, I’m… I’m so glad that we worked out in the end after all the horrible things thrown at us. We’ve grown so much. We are together now. And that’s all that matters. And now we will always be together.”

He then slipped the gold ring of Annabeth’s ring finger, her eyes filled with tears of joy and her mouth forming the widest smile. It complimented her gold engagement ring with two blue diamonds on top. At that moment, it was just the two of them.

Chiron said, with happy tears in his eyes, “Percy, you may kiss your bride.”

It was a soft kiss, but he could feel Annabeth Jackson’s smile on his lips. He knew right then that it was the beginning of a good life.

Solangelo Wedding Fic

As Nico gazed into the mirror, an unfamiliar figure stared back at him.


The boy had shaggy black hair—the only real way he could tell that he was indeed looking at himself.  His skin was a light olive as the Italian in him started to show through; freckles dotted his nose the way they always used to when he was a kid. 


Garbed in a black and very expensive suit, he felt…out of place.  His eyes no longer held the same coldness they used to, now more open without the extra baggage they used to carry beneath.  His cheek bones were no longer caved in, and his lips held color again for the first time in years.


The most peculiar thing that Nico found about himself, however, was the vast grin that had somehow managed to stretch across his face.


After all these years, he was finally happy.


“Looking good Neeks,” A warm voice chirped, and Nico was torn away from his reflection.  For a moment, he had his hopes up when he saw that first flash of golden hair.  Upon further inspection, however, disappointment filed in instead.


“You don’t look too bad yourself, Grace,” he said, taking in the thick rims of the glasses that rounded his friend’s icy eyes.  The familiar scar darting across his lips widened as Jason smiled, and Nico could only feel his own grin widening.


“But seriously,” Jason adapted a lower tone, sincerity shining through his gaze, “you look great.  I’m so happy for you, you really do deserve this.”


Nico took a moment to appreciate Jason Grace for all that he was—a true friend.  Sure, they hadn’t originally gotten along very well, but even after getting to know the son of Hades, Jason stayed.  Despite his sexuality, Jason had stayed.  Despite everything he had ever said to the boy, Grace had still stayed. And for that, he was grateful.


Grateful, that is, until said boy hugged him.


Regardless of the progress he had made over the past couple of years, Nico di Angelo was not one to appreciate physical contact, thank-you-very-much.  He immediately stiffened, despite his heart telling him that it was okay—Jason could be trusted. He was his best-man, after all.


 He raised his arms to return the gesture, disgusted by the way that they shook so violently.  Jason seemed to notice as well, and backed off, shooting the boy a look of concern.  Nico waved him off, and rubbed his arm, trying to calm himself down.


“I’m fine…” he breathed as his muscles began to loosen, keeping his eyes glued to the ground.  Jason shot him a sad look, and Nico felt his gaze as an icy burn that washed all over him.


Jason sighed, “Well, anyways…I—“


“Grace, what exactly are you doing to Nico?”  Reyna’s voice boomed through the tent, and both boys turned to see her with her hands on her hips.   She was dressed in a light peach dress that barely scraped her knees, hair braided extravagantly to the point where it must’ve been done by a child of Aphrodite—Jason assumed it was Piper. 


Although her words were cold as ever, her eyes held a splotch of warmness that immediately brought back Nico’s grin.


 “He physically assaulted me,” Nico said playfully before Jason could.


“What?!” Jason exclaimed, eyes wide, “No I didn’t!”


Reyna caught Nico’s tone, and her face grew a grin of its own. “Oh?  Tormenting a groom on his wedding day?  It’s time somebody taught you some manners, Grace,” She cracked her knuckles, and Jason immediately backed away, raising his hands up defensively.


“But I didn’t—It was just a hug, I swear!” Jason didn’t seemed to understand that he was not seriously going to be hurt, and Reyna rolled her eyes, bringing the boy into a headlock.


“Shut-up, Grace.  You brought this on yourself,” the praetor grinned as she ruffled his hair, much to the dismay of the blonde.  Nico watched the two affectionately, sighing in content.


“Romans, am I right?” A voice laughed, and Nico turned to see Thalia Grace, smiling fondly at her brother and…girlfriend?  Nico wasn’t entirely sure what they were anymore. 



It was different seeing her in anything else but jeans, and she looked slightly strange without the pack of arrows hanging off of her back.  Dressed up in a suit and topped off with a bowtie, Thalia shoved her hands into the pockets of her dress pants, and Nico turned back to the fighting duo with a smile.


“Yeah, they’re a bit out-there,” he replied, laughing when Thalia shot him a ‘Ya think?’ look. 


 “At least you got a Greek,” she offered, and Nico laughed.


“At least I got a Greek,” he agreed, and the two settled into a silence. They stood there, comfortable in the silence they shared, until it was broken by Nico’s sigh.


“I’m really gonna miss everyone,” he said quietly, tearing up a bit as he watched Jason’s struggles turn to laughter, and Reyna’s anger turn to joy.  Thalia patted him on the back, causing the boy to jump. 


“You’ll only be gone for two months dude,” she said reassuringly, “and it’s your honeymoon.  I doubt you’ll have time to miss anyone; it’ll go by so fast.  You’ll be too busy in bed with your hubby anywa—“


Nico shoved her harshly as a blush settled over his cheeks.  She snickered, and ruffled his hair, much to his dismay.  “But seriously kid,” she grinned, and patted his hair down again despite his displeasure, “don’t worry about it.  Just enjoy it while it lasts, yeah?”


Nico sighed, keeping a frown plastered on his face even though he wasn’t really upset.  He knew what she was saying was true; he’d probably mourn having to come back when it was over. 


Yet, as he watched Jason and Reyna laugh together, both completely sprawled to the ground, he felt a deep feeling of guilt for leaving them behind.  Jason could take care of himself…for the most part.  Piper, he trusted, to handle the rest.  Reyna on the other hand, he worried about.


Though she was quite possibly one of the most physically adept girls he knew, her emotional state had never quite been the best.  She’s quite good at hiding it, but Nico knew it was just as bad as his had been before Will had come into his life. 


Although the girl would profusely argue, she needed someone there to care for her.  Nico loved her very much, and he would always consider the girl family in his heart.  Nonetheless, Reyna needed someone who loved her much more than that; someone who would stick around for the long-run.  Someone he could trust to look after her, even when he was away.


“You okay there, gloom-groom?” Thalia asked, breaking him out of his thoughts.  He nodded once and then again as he recollected his thoughts.


“Yeah, sorry,” he said, turning to her to look her in the eyes.  They shined, if possible, far more brightly than Jason’s ever did, though Nico supposed that was just the effect of eyeliner.


“Can I…ask a favor?” he asked, turning his gaze to Reyna when he felt his eyes fill up with tears.  He sniffed when Thalia did the same, a serious expression taking over her playful one. 


“Sure,” she replied, and Nico let out a long breath.  He allowed himself a moment to regain his cool, and took on a sturdy tone to save himself some dignity.


“Look after her,” he said, nodding to Reyna’s smiling face, “she deserves it.” He felt proud of himself for a minute, seemingly in control of his emotions for once, before two warm tears trickled down his face.  He quickly rubbed them away with his sleeve, and turned to Thalia as he waited for an answer.


Thalia shot him a sincere smile.  “You have my word,” she answered, and Nico nodded as a smile of his own began to grow on his face


“Hey, listen up!” Annabeth poked her head through the tent, looking as strict as ever even with her makeup done.  “We’re starting in five minutes, so I suggest that you all come get your seats,” she continued, scowling when she saw Reyna and Jason on the ground.


“I can explain—“Jason started as the blonde angrily made her way over to him, whacking him off side the head.


“Like Hades you can explain!” she exclaimed, attempting to pat off the dirt, “You do realize you’re wearing a white tux, right?” Jason’s face paled, and looked to Nico with an apologetic expression. 


“It’s not that bad…is it?”  He asked as Reyna shot Nico a salute and snuck out of the tent.  It took all the boy had to hold back a snort when he saw the grass stains on Jason’s back. 


“It’s not bad,” Thalia spoke up, seeing no problem with letting out a snort of her own, “it’s horrible.”


“Oh gods,” Jason groaned as he patted at his back frantically.  “Look what you did—hey, where’d Reyna go?!”  Nico could hold back the laughter this time, keeling over as it took control.  Annabeth smiled, and rolled her eyes as she pushed Jason to the end of the tent.


“Whatever, just—go stand down at the altar like you’re supposed to,” she said as she pushed him out, Thalia following close behind.  The blonde sent him a thumbs-up before she headed out, leaving Nico all alone.


He took a deep breath, as he gathered his thoughts.  He was about to get married, and the nerves were biting at him harder than a hell-hound. 


Nico gulped when he heard Chiron begin to speak, and he fiddled with his fingers.  He would begin to walk out – and alone—when the music started playing but…was he really ready for this?  The thought of walking in front of so many people made him feel uncomfortable…Especially since their eyes would all be on him.


A sudden mischievous thought entered his mind, and he grinned when he realized that it could just as well work.  Why walk down the aisle when he could just shadow-travel up to Will?  Nobody told him that he couldn’t, after all, and that way it’d be faster.  There are no rules against it, right?


Making up his mind, he held his head high as Chiron gave the introductory speech, a smile creeping up on his face.  As the centaur finished speaking, he heard the low hum of a violin begin to play.  He closed his eyes, beginning to send himself into the darkness, before a hand touched his shoulder.


Nico jumped and looked up, startled to see his father dressed in a similar tux to his own, a soft smile gracing his cold features.  “Are you ready to go out?” he asked, holding out his arm for Nico to take.  Nico smiled and took it, wondering if his father had planned to do this all along.


So, as the music began to get louder, Nico stepped out into the aisle with his father and towards the man he loved more than anyone else.


And by the smile Will’s face, Nico knew that the feeling was requited.