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Pidgance Marvel vs. DC

-Pidge is a DC fan. She loves character complexity of the anti-heroes, how the women have predominant roles (she especially likes Renee Montoya and Big Barda bc of their strength regardless of gender, sexuality, and femininity), and she’s also a true cynic. DC offers a darker atmosphere with colourful anti-heroes that appeal to her cynical side. Her faves are The Question (Renee Montoya) and The Flash (Barry Allen).

-Lance is a Marvel fan. Lance likes the glamorous heroics, strong belief in to do what’s right, and just really loves the strong heroes acting bravely even in the face of adversity. He’s into the more classic stuff with the true good vs the true evil. His absolute favourite hero is Captain America (Steve Rogers), but also really likes Wolverine and Spiderman. He also has a soft spot for Kitty Pryde.

-Eventually they go around to get ppl on their “side” to prove that either company is better.

-Keith immediately agrees with Pidge. In one of the foster homes he stayed in for a while a few of the other kids who lived with him liked batman, so whenever they wanted to get rid of old comics he’d take them. He always liked the robins more than he did batman (mostly Jason Todd), but still picks DC over Marvel.

-Shiro likes the old Spider-Man movies with Tobey MaGuire so he supposes he’s Marvel, but not really sure. He also thinks the x-men are pretty cool… they’re Marvel, right?

-Hunk refuses to get involved. He’s seen this weird flirting/rivalry thing these two have had before and doesn’t want to go through that again. The last argument was between what race on Skyrim was better (Pidge said Khajiit and Lance said that his tiny lady warrior Breton named Katarin de Monette was obviously better than Pidges Khajiit) and that didn’t end well. Hunk secretly really likes the Hulk, but refuses to worser fuel their argument with each other.

-Allura has no idea what they’re talking about but from what Pidge can describe, the company that makes Queen Mera of Atlantis and Princess Diana of Themyscira interests her more.

-In all reality nobody really cares about this competition except for Pidge and Lance. Keith is interested, but nowhere near as invested in the conversation as the other two are. Tbh they all think this is some weird kind of nerd flirting so they prefer to stay out of it.

-Later Lance shamefully admits he really wanted to see the Wonder Woman movie. Ever since voltron they hadn’t had any way to keep up with Earth shows or music, and this leaves him kind of upset that there’s another sense of normalcy gone bc he can’t even go to a movie theatre. Even as hardcore a marvel fan, who wouldn’t want to see the first female superhero movie starring Diana Prince?? It makes him more homesick, and it leaves him subdued from his normal upbeat personality.

-Pidge, with her resourceful tech skills, gets the movie. They watch it together on her computer. Despite his Marvel preference, the two snuggle together and make comments regarding how kickass Diana is. This begins a movie night trend where they both get away from the others and watch superhero movies together.


★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o  

You grew up on stories of the brave hero who rescues a princess. You dedicate your life to following this path, and you have finally rescued a princess. Unfortunately, the stories all end with “they lived happily ever after” and you’re not sure what happens now.

"Captain Amelia is one of the most feminist characters of all time" by Matthew S. Robinson

I’ve decided tumblr does not appreciate Captain Amelia from the underrated Disney film “Treasure Planet”

I mean seriously think about how awesome this character is just removing all bias of how you felt about the movie as a whole her being a woman or her being a man, human, cat humanoid, space alien whatever this is a totally awesome character who has one of the most intense and just flat out magnificent character introductions in animated film…

Okay now let’s add on the other layer she is a woman and in fact one of the only women in the entire film. She’s arguably the most tough out of all the active characters, one of the most intelligent who proves to be not only a physical match for most of the crew but also is an intellectual match with Doppler (the assumed smartest character) as she knows just about as much about astrophysics as he does. And she does it like it’s a Tuesday.

She’s clearly a character used to taking crap for being a woman she makes a point to tell Hawkins to call her either Captain or Ma'am which is clearly more a test to gauge his respect level than a pronouncement of her ego. When Hawkins calls her Ma'am she coldly replies “That will do.” So she doesn’t even get bogged down on it, she’s got a ship to run. And when that ship comes under attack she’s already ready to throw down.

So okay she’s a tough and fearless leader with grade A intelligence but that’s just one aspect of what makes her a great female character. Sometimes people (including myself) complain that tough female characters either have to be over sexualized or their sexuality is totally removed. But Amelia manages to never have a “sexy scene” and still never loses charm or sexuality. They never overplay her femininity over her position but make sure that she represents a woman who can lead men but still be very much a lady.

What’s more after she and Doppler form a relationship they both manage to make their feelings known without it enveloping her character and removing what made her unique. Then after all of that she still manages to; get married, have kids and keep her job (possibly even be promoted to Admiral by that point) 

In closing Captain Amelia is 100% Certified Bad Ass

I am sitting in the sun by the flowers,
and I am holding back tears.
I am telling myself to be brave,
but I am still holding back tears.
I am always the brave one, I think.
Always the strong one.
I live my life swimming in fear,
but I am brave.
I am always the hero, I think,
and grimace at the thought.
A hero isn’t any braver than anyone else,
they are just brave five minutes longer.
I tell myself five more minutes.
Five more minutes.
Another five.
Then another,
and another and another and another.
But now I am sitting in the sun by the flowers
and I am crying.
My five minutes are up.
—  five more minutes // c.r.h.

Family Guy lost a mayor today as another great actor as past TV’s Adam West. He was a great friend, a good supporter and outright funny comedian. Here’s a commemorative piece featuring several television programs he became a part of. Since Johnny Bravo, he was elected Mayor of Quahog. Now he’s up in the sky. But at least no one will steal his water.

Adam West. We’ll miss you.