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How can people even complain and compare disney movies? Like Frozen is about how love between siblings can be stronger than romantic love. Big Hero 6 is about how depression can seriously affect people and how friends can help you heal. Tangled is about abusive parents. Brave is about how you are in control of your fate no matter what people tell you. Lilo and Stich is about how the family is all the people you love and you should always look out for them. Mulan is about no matter who you are and what people tell you, you make your own path in life and can be as strong as anyone else.

They may all be by the same company but all these movies have different amazing messages so stop pitting them against each other and enjoy the beauty in them

the two best moments in the sense8 christmas special were Hernando’s “Art is love made public” speech and Lito’s “I can’t live a lie, I am gay, I won’t hide it anymore. Fuck consequences” speech, those moments saved 2016

Moffat’s favorite writer used “Redbeard” as a random plot device 20 years ago.

Ready for a little background that will blow your mind? @squirrelwithoutparentingskills dropped by my inbox just now to share some juicy information.

One of Moffat’s favorite screenwriters is William Goldman. He wrote The Princess Bride. Moffat always tells you to read Goldman if you want to learn anything about writing.

Well, in 1996 William Goldman adapted a book called “The Ghost and the Darkness” into a movie.

And in this story, he had a little problem. He needed to make the hero seem brave. He needed a way to boost esteem of that main character.

So he invented a side character and called him “Redbeard”.

Redbeard was to be killed off – he was a plot device.

What I’m saying is Moffat’s favorite writer took a book and turned it into a screenplay but added a character called Redbeard that wasn’t in the originals in order to teach the audience more about the hero.

Also the story is set in the late 1800s with a focus on trains.

Neat. isn’t it?


This is interesting. One of the villains featured in Cho Super Hero Taisen originates from the new Korean original show, which is also a sequel to Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, called: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave. This villain is known as Raimein who will be apart of the Neo-Deboth Army. He’s basically a repainted and modified suit of its original counterpart, Raging Knight Dogold. Not only that but it possibly means that Power Rangers Dino Force Brave may make a cameo in the movie as well.











My dear lgbt+ children, 

If you’re too scared to come out, i understand. 

If you wanted to come out but now changed your mind, i understand. 

If you are afraid to speak about lgbt+ rights now, i understand. 

If you can’t volunteer or donate to or even just speak about lgbt+ causes because your lgbt+-phobic environment would get angry, i understand. 

There are many posts going around telling you to be loud now, to speak up and fight now, including posts by me. And yes, it’s certainly true - but please never never never think you need to risk your own safety. 

Your safety and wellbeing is always priority number one. You are doing a wonderful, badass, brave hero thing for the lgbt+ community: You’re keeping one of us safe - yourself! And i’m so proud of you for that. 

Better times will come, my dear. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 


» astronaut (cartoon multicrossover & au: b-day collab)

who did what:
me (Nod x Marianne; Epic x Strange Magic)
DannyPhantomSG1 (Hiccup x Anna; How to Train your Dragon x Frozen)
Dzhelina (Kristoff x Rapunzel; Frozen x Tangled)
asorti495 (Hiccup x Merida; How to Train your Dragon x Brave)
Mad Valentine (Tadashi x Elsa; Big Hiro 6 x Frozen)
Animefreaknya (Flynn x Anna; Tangled x Frozen)
me (Hans x Elsa; Frozen)
Callthisanything (Hiro x Vanellope; Big Hiro 6 x Wreck-It Ralph)
me (Pitch x Emily; Rise of the Guardians x The Corpse Bride)