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It’s That Time of Year Again!


That’s right - it’s back! Everyone’s favorite bouncing teen hero will be in the spotlight, Friday, 7 April.

It’s a day to celebrate all things Charlie: her enthusiasm, her determination, her delight at being a superhero, her struggles to fit in, to grow.

And we do that by sharing our favorite Misfit-centric stories - from comics or fanfics. By creating art, crafts, cosplay - whatever you want.  Right here! On Tumblr!

It’s open to everyone; all you need to do is tag your posts with ‘Misfit Day’, and I’ll reblog as they come in.
(Sending me a ‘Hey, I posted!’ note might not be a bad idea, though…you know how wonky Tumblr notifications can be.)

Each year, Misfit Day gets bigger and bigger, despite a lack of Charlie in current comics.
(Hey, we know how awesome she is, even the Powers That Be can’t see it!)

So let’s make this Misfit Day the best one yet.

(Banner by the fabulous Mike Kevan.)


Starfire and Cyborg are the Heroes of the Month in a new episode of DC Superhero Girls.

  • Hazel: hey, Percy. What's up?
  • Percy: nothing but the ceiling, girlie
  • Hazel: *laughs*
  • Percy: *leaning over to Annabeth* See? She thinks in funny!
  • Annabeth: statistically, I suppose someone has to
  • Percy: . . .
Came in here looking for a straight ship, left with 50 gay ones

teenage superheros wearing outfits they threw together from all the shit they have in their closets.  Looking badass but its all aesthetic and up close they have no armor or protective gear and if they do its like biking knee/elbow pads… maybe a protective vest for extreme sports but thats it. and teens wearing steel toed boots that hurt when they kick someone but don’t offer the right kind of supports for running away when they have to. and teens having bruises and scrapes where their clothing rips cause its not made to hold up like this. and teens scrambling to find things to wear in bargain bins and goodwill. and older heroes noticing and helping out. and telling them where to go for better gear. some just straight up giving them their own stuff cause they can get more and the teens can’t. older heroes getting invested in making sure teen heroes know where to go when they get hurt. and just. some teens can’t even wear their own style cause they have to rely on their parents to get clothes and teen heroes defiantly would have issues getting what they need. not that its gonna stop them from saving the day.