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following spree

so my blog is fairly new and i could really use some fresh content on my dash. you know the drill, please like/reblog this if you post:

  • hq!! [kuroken, kagehina, daisuga, kyouhaba, etc]
  • voltron [don’t really ship anything in vld]
  • boku no hero academia [tododeku mostly, but idrc]
  • oofuri [abemiha]
  • days [kazushi]
  • anime in general [sasunaru and some naruto content with a grain of salt]
  • dan & phil (and other youtubers)
  • super junior and other kpop
  • star trek

follow back if you like but that’s not necessary. i only ask that you please do NOT like or reblog this if you ship ot//ayu//ri, kur//ots//uki, or post (a lot of) bo//ku//ro, sha//llura, or kl//ance. i’ve nothing against the latter 3, they’re just not my cup of tea and i’d rather not see them all over my dash. (no offense, but just as a rule i usually don’t follow anyone under 17. i’d appreciate the help spreading this, but i probably won’t follow if you’re pretty young. just know that it’s not that i dislike you or your blog.)

and check out the notes and follow each other too, if you like. branch out, make new friends, and all that shit. thanks!!


okay so here’s the deal, i’m broke & got bills and i also got all these kpop albums so if y’all are interested i’ll be selling the majority of these for $10 with the exception of the special edition albums and the 3 signed albums and if you buy 5 or more i’ll take $10 off. send me a message if you’re interested in buying something, albums and prices will be under the read more. 

update: i made this post at 2am so i forgot to mention shipping. i’ll ship anywhere in the US for $5 and for international shipping just message me and we’ll discuss a convenient price.

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