hero of twili


I hope you weren’t expecting good designs cause their outfits are really boring and not magical-looking at all lol

Anyway, Midna is a Gerudo with vitiligo (her cousin, Nabooru, is also a hero). Zelda is just Zelda. They’re both 22 years old, attend the same university as Fi, and were both trained by Fi when they just started their magical hero job. Midna’s hero name is the Shadow Queen and she uses the Shadow Mirror to store and summon lots of things (basically her Hyrule Warriors moveset).  Zelda’s hero name is The Empress and she uses light arrows and has the blessings of the Three Golden Goddesses so she can do, like, other magic things too. Together they’re a very famous power couple!!! Or something. Idk, I just made this up right now.

I had to change Midna’s color scheme cause the Twili color scheme would not look good with her vitiligo skin color. Trust me, I tried.