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the other night I had this dream where I decided that I wanted to get a restraining order against Jared Leto just to limit my chances of ever accidentally meeting Jared Leto. but then the courts were all like have you ever met Jared Leto and I was like no and they were like you can’t get a restraining order against someone you’ve never interacted with and I was like but he creeps me the fuck out and they were like ahhh yes he creeps her the fuck out maybe we should consider this. so it became a huge deal and the news started reporting on it and other people saw it and were like hello yes Jared Leto also creeps me out can I have a restraining order. so eventually like everyone in the world got a restraining order. but the restraining orders like stacked for some reason so eventually the distance of how far he had to be from most people was so large we had no choice but to launch him into outer space to live out the rest of his life alone. the day we launched him into space was celebrated as a international holiday and I was considered a hero for sparking the revolution. the end.

Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥

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10 Movies that could change your understanding about life

Every movie has the ability to affect its viewer differently. Some films evoke wonder and excitement, while others provoke fear or sorrow, but a commonality among all films is a prevailing message or theme.

Some films can summon such profound questions, that it changes the way you perceive life as you once knew it. The following list contains 10 unique movies that do just that.

10) Donnie Darko

Richard Kelly’s cult-classic Donnie Darko stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a troubled, sleep-walking teen who is insistent in challenging authority and who is often visited by Frank, a monstrous rabbit that urges Donnie to perform dangerous and destructive pranks.

A haunting work of loneliness, alienation and the universal desire for companionship and meaning that’s wrapped in a guise of understated ‘80s nostalgia and head-spinning science fiction mythology, Donnie Darko is a film you shouldn’t miss.

What makes Donnie Darko especially fascinating is its take on multiple realities and universes. The film explores concepts of imploding universes, black holes and alternate timelines. It leaves most scratching their heads and itching for an immediate second viewing. Richard Kelly stated that the film has varying interpretations, which is why the film is still analysed and debated about to this day.

9) The Matrix

A smartly crafted combination of stimulating action and mind-bending philosophy, The Matrix is a film that throws our perceived reality into question. The film’s premise finds Neo (Keanu Reeves), an office-worker by day, computer hacker by night, who is told about the grand illusion. That is, the reality as we know it is false, a simulated and constructed reality in which mankind is unknowingly imprisoned.

The film is an allegory for the concept of a spiritual awakening. Neo is woken up to the fact that he’s been enslaved to the system, the matrix, his entire life. He is re-taught about his unlimited potential as a creator-being, and stands up against the dark forces which impose humanity. Amazing in every sense, The Matrix has a lot to offer, with the potential to change the way you understand the world we live in.

8) Waking Life

Absurd, transporting, and strikingly original, Waking Life poses many life-changing questions, such as ‘What are dreams and what is reality?’ Within the animated film, the line between the dream-state and reality become blurred as the protagonist wanders through various scenarios and interacts with an eclectic cast of characters.

Each character throws science and philosophy into question, and as the main character continues to experience the extended dream, he begins to worry he will not awaken.

Humans and inanimate details are sometimes quite realistic, even recognizable (such as Ethan Hawke) but the computer “painting” can give subjects forms, movements and dimensions that are wildly exaggerated, limber and stylized in cartoon-like fashion. The movie looks like an LSD trip, and is a cult classic that could find a spot in everyone’s top ten list.

7) Cloud Atlas

Colossal in scale, Cloud Atlas follows 6 interwoven story lines that span hundreds of years. The official synopsis describes it as “an exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.”

Cloud Atlas’s prevalent theme delves into the theory of reincarnation, which boasts that an eternal aspect of our self, the soul, experiences any number of lives incarnating here on Earth. The film also explores the concept of karma and the karmic cycle, suggesting that our actions in one lifetime may reverberate into the next.

Although the critic consensus is mixed for Cloud Atlas, one must applaud the film for tackling an unconventional theory such as reincarnation as well as a massively ambitious story line.

6) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring is a Korean film that follows a Buddhist monk and his journey at a monastery that floats on a lake in a pristine forest. The story follows the monk as he passes through the seasons of his life, from childhood to old age.

Each changing season act as beautiful metaphors and lesson that the main character is experiencing. The film is very quiet, but the breathtaking imagery speaks for itself. Although the story has only a handful of characters and everything takes place in a small area, it encompasses a surprisingly large chunk of the human experience, including lust, love, jealousy, murder, suicide and redemption. It has important things to say about the difficulty of teaching and the elusiveness of wisdom.

This film is about learning from one’s mistakes and becoming a better person by seeking wisdom.

5) Samsara

In a number of Eastern faiths, samsara literally means “continuous flow,” referring obliquely to the ongoing cycle of life and death, decay and renewal.

Samsara, the film, turns that idea into a sprawling concept, a continuous flow of images of the natural world and the human tide that dominates it. The film envelops the audience with a barrage of diverse imagery that shifts rapidly from one locale and one theme to the next.

Through watching the continuous imagery, we are given the chance to truly observe our world with utmost presence, something we tend not do in our fast-paced culture. It’s a journey through life and death, and a film which may give you a new perspective on the human experience.

4) Detachment

Detachment is a chronicle of one month in the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students through the eyes of a substitute teacher named Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody).  Barthes’ method of imparting vital knowledge to his temporary students is interrupted by the arrival of three women in his life — the damaged and naïve prostitute Erica, a fellow teacher and a troubled teen named Meredith.

These women all have profound effects on Barthes’ life, forcing him to both re-discover aspects of his own personality, and to come to terms with both the tragic suicide of his mother and the impending death of his grandfather.

Henry impacts his students’ lives and makes them more focused and attentive, but he alone can only do so much. The film is a character study of one man, and a social commentary on the failing education and social systems.

3) Her

Her follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely introverted middle-aged man who  hears of the new OS1, the world’s first artificial intelligent operating system. When Theodore meets Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), the charming female voice of his OS1, he soon finds himself drawn to  her romantically. As he becomes closer to Samantha, Theodore must decipher where his desire to be with her is really coming from.

There are many themes in Her that parallel the issues of our current technology-obsessed culture. We’ve become so attached to our phones, laptops and tablets that we’ve begun to lose touch with an essential aspect of life, authentic human interaction. Her reveals how technology is propelling isolation and loneliness to a scary degree, something we all should consider.

2) Fight Club

Fight Club teaches its viewer many things. A big lesson realized from watching the film is the emptiness that exists within consumerism and materialism. It’s also a film which questions our attachment to identity -are we really who we believe ourselves to be? The film shocks its viewer when we discover that the ‘revolution’ which has been building up is a mere satire constructed to teach the main character a massive lesson about the state of humanity.

1) Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful reveals the power of optimism and perception during dark times. The story is simple: A father tries to shelter his son and family from the horrors of WWII. It teaches us how preserving our child-like innocence can protect us from the troubles life may throw at us. A simple concept that is beautifully crafted.

Obviously this list only skims the amount of life-changing films available today. I didn’t even mention documentaries, because there are too many to start listing. What are some movies or documentaries that have impacted your life?

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Hello love, could you rec me your favourite 8th year fics on ao3?

Hello yourself! YES, I can absolutely do this and honestly I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life. I am OBSESSED with 8th year fics and I hope I can recommend at least a few you haven’t read already! :)

*warning*: This is an Extremely Long List. It is in literally no order because I love all of these fics so much it is as if they are my own children and I couldn’t possibly rank them

Unexpected Consequences by Lauren3210 (39K)- Harry was going back to school. He was going to play Quidditch, sleep in lessons, hang out with his friends, and generally just enjoy being a kid for a change. And he was also going to do it while being bonded with Malfoy, because apparently life was just going to continue throwing curveballs at him. Harry didn’t know why he expected anything different.
This is one of the first fics I ever read and I still remember it clearly; it was THAT good! As an alternative to Azkaban, Draco is allowed to attend Hogwarts provided he agrees to a bond with Harry that makes him to do whatever Harry says. Naturally, once the feelings start this causes a lot of worrying and angst and klsfhd it’s just really really good! Also did I mention they share a private room? I know I can’t be the only one who lives for that.

Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill (73K)- Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.
Another of the first ever fics I read (and reread!) and MAN IS IT FUCKING AMAZING. The lust starts right from the beginning and there are *lots* of party games and a secret relationship and sweet moments and teaching of patronus charms and *sigh* I just want to go read it again right now!

Lumos by birdsofshore (41.5K)- Harry never expected to spend eighth year listening to Draco Malfoy wanking.
FABULOUS fic in which they are roommates and then Draco wanks and then Harry wanks and then Draco and Harry wank at the same time, and then there are feelings!! A thousand times yes.

Strange Bathfellows by Bixgirl1 (27.5K)- It started with a bath. Or a potions accident. Or maybe it started before that, but who can tell anymore.Featuring: Uncomfortable wanking, more comfortable wanking, mutual wanking, bath sharing, inappropriate betting, secret shagging, those secrets at Hogwarts that everyone knows, and oblivious Harry who knows one thing: he’s falling in love.
Harry and Draco being forced to share a bath is everything I never knew I needed until I was blessed enough to find this fic. @bixgirl1 has MANY truly ✨FABULOUS✨ eighth year fics (for example Instruction for a Misplaced Slytherin (8.5K) in which Draco teaches Harry about sex and In Evidence of Magical Theory (43.5K), which features forced bonding) and you should definitely read them all, but Strange Bathfellows remains my favorite! :)

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So there have been a couple of posts about Sportacus’s book… closet (that is not a shelf) and a few of them have some decent resolution and I just have to say that Sportacus’s reading selection is… pretty specific? We’re talking like picaresque novels, bildungsromans, themes about murder, revolution, revenge, and redemption, heroes fighting against insurmountable forces, disadvantaged young/youthful heroes being shunned by society and striving to get any kind of tiny moral victory, children being the center focus of very dark situations… Kudos to the people who put that kind of thought into what he’s reading but now I can’t ever look at Sport the same way. I don’t want to make too specific a statement about his reading list because I haven’t identified most of the books and read even fewer, but. Dude. DARK.

edit- I forgot a major theme to many of these books: SLAVERY. He even has a book (The Weeping Wood) about the history of rubber production and the exploited Indian slaves!

Bang Bang
Green Day
Bang Bang

I get my kicks and I want to start a rager
I want to dance like I’m on the video
I got a fever for violent behavior
I’m sweating bullets like a modern Romeo

(Bang bang!)
(Gimme fame!)
Shoot my up to entertain
I am a semi-automatic lonely boy
(You’re dead!)
(I’m well fed!)
Give me death or give me head
Daddy’s little psycho
And mommy’s little soldier

I testify like a lullaby of memories
Broadcasting live
And it’s on my radio
I got my photobomb
I got my Vietnam
I love a lie just like anybody else

(Bang bang!)
(Gimme fame!)
Shoot my up to entertain
I am a semi-automatic lonely boy
(You’re dead!)
(I’m well fed!)
Give me death or give me head
Broadcasting from my room
And playing with my toys

I want to be a celebrity martyr
The leading man in my own private drama
The hero of the hour
Daddy’s little psycho
And mommy’s little soldier

I want to be like the soldiers on the screen
It’s my private ho-ly war
Oh baby baby this is viva vendetta
For this is love or it’s
World War Zero!

I want to be a celebrity martyr
The little man in my own private drama
The hero of the hour
Daddy’s little psycho
and mommy’s little soldier

I want to be a celebrity martyr
The little man in my own private drama
The hero of the hour
Daddy’s little psycho
and mommy’s little soldier!

JRPGs 2017 - What comes next?

The opening months of the year have been the strongest in a long time. Persona 5, Nier Automata and Tales of Berseria are all games I would strongly recommend, along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being great for series fans and the 1.5+2.5 collection being a great remedy for people who aren’t fans. 

But with the big guns of the genre all having released games within the last 6 months, the rest of the year looks bleak. 

Or does it? While big names are thin on the ground, the genre has plenty to offer in the coming months. 

Valkyria Revolution - June 30th

Featuring a war setting, strategic battles, a painterly anime style, and, um, excessive cleavage. For PS4, Vita and Xbox one. Yes really. Probably PC eventually too. 

Dark Rose Valkyrie - June 9th

The premise shows promise, but can Idea Factory deliver? There’s only one way to find out! PS4 exclusive. 

Dragon Quest Heroes II - April 28th

Part action RPG, part musou, 100% dragon quest charm. PS4 and PC. Switch to follow. Demo on PSN now. 

FFXII The Zodiac Age - July 11th

Remaster of the 2006 game. Has an excellent soundtrack, with 8 new tracks added for this version. PS4. 

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - TBA 2017

The first game was really good. This should be too. PS4. 

Originally posted by caerberus

I also believe there’s a really good chance Dragon Quest XI will release this year. Its releasing in japan on July 29th and since the release and strong sales for Builders and Heroes, it seems likely it will release internationally this year. 

And lets not forget that there’s E3 in not too long. Its not unlikely that KH3 and FFVII:remake will get release windows, and those release windows may just be late 2017. But probably not. But there may be other announcements for the latter half of the year.

Looking to the future

Its important to remember the future looks exceptionally bright for the genre. FFXV was well received. Persona 5 is the best reviewed PlayStation game in 3 years, selling 1.5 mil copies so far, completely selling out of physical copies in the UK after charting number one. Nier Automata not only sold well but is a critical darling that people are still talking about. Faith has been restored in the genre meaning more games will be made, more money and resources will be put into their development and more games will be localised. 

There’s the inevitable next Tales game that will be revealed sometime soon. Platinum are probably already in talks with square to make another Yoko Taro game. We’ll get some Persona 5 spin offs, but Persona 6 will most likely be released in less than 8 years, to capitalise on P5′s success. There’s a major new Final Fantasy in early or pre production now, I promise, along with project re:fantasy and namco bandai’s newly announced 2018 JRPG code vein. And there’s still KH3 and FFVII:Remake.

Early 2017 has been a kickstart, not a high point, and the future of JRPG’s looks good. 

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. I focused on PS4 games, not portable or nintendo games, and even then only included games i thought looked promising. All release dates stated are European. Check for other regions. 

also: JRPG’s on the Switch

  • Far Cry 2: Examines the moral emptiness of a mercenary's life, and Western indifference to war in "third-world" countries
  • Far Cry 3: Focuses on what it would actually take to become a hardened killer
  • Far Cry 4: Discusses the darker aspects of hero worship, and how often revolutions simply install different tyrants
  • Far Cry Primal: what if you set a mammoth on fire

ola, esse tumblr é novo então sigam se gostarem e façam pedidos na ask por favor, meu nome é hellen mas podem me chamar de hells

eu fiz essas headers de algumas séries não ‘’muito’’ conhecidas, espero que gostem

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