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I literally have so little ideas for this au i thought up a few weeks ago

other than they were orphaned at a young age and they blame the hero system for it. They aren’t necessarily (or, the at least don’t consider themselves) villains, cause they don’t want to harm civilians, but they aren’t heroes, because they inflict their own judgement on criminals, villains and horrible people alike

their ultimate goal is the take over the world, but they tend to get sidetracked a lot

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Notice how according to liberals Antifa is a bunch of "scary masked people who set things on fire and destroy things and attack anyone who disagrees with them?" but the Venezuelan opposition is doing the same damn things (only this time they're actually killing people and intentionally destroying infrastructure that helps poor people) and they're considered heroes by the same liberals?? Hmmm


Dorian - Two Years Later

During the Exalted Council, if the Inquisitor speaks to Dorian, he sits in front of a chessboard. So, I headcanon that this happened (chess’ headcanons from here):

“I saw Demetra’s hand, Cullen.”
The silence felt heavy between the two of them.
 They had met a couple of hours before, when the new Tevinter ambassador had smugly shooed away his colleagues that were chatting around the Commander.
They both needed to speak and they both knew they gave their best if some chess game was involved.
So, they played.
Dorian spoke quietly again, tapping one finger on the luxurious chess board “Well, I admit I forced her to show me her hand. When you wrote me the first time I thought you were a bit paranoid. Now, I regret you didn’t write me earlier.”
The mage moved his pawn “Do not think I’m blaming you, of course. I’m furious with the stupid me.”
The Commander opened his mouth, his eyes gentle, but Dorian shook one hand vehemently “Please, don’t. I’m a Mage. And a very good one. I should have known that an ancient magic such as that damned Anchor is couldn’t just stay quietly carved on her flesh forever. Visante kaffas, I have been so stupid!”
“Nobody could foresee this, Dorian. Nobody. I’m sure Demetra told you the same.”
“Actually she told me to stop being silly and give her another cup of tea.”
Both the men forced a smile.
“How is she doing, Cullen?”
“She…” he stopped, staring at the chessboard. He couldn’t say aloud again what she had said him not later than six weeks ago – six weeks and five days ago, most precisely. He couldn’t. Dorian had the right to know, though.
“She is fighting the Anchor, but she’s not sure who will win.”
Dorian sighed heavily, pinching his nose in a poor attempt to hide his reddened eyes “We’ll save her, Cullen, even if I had to invent a spell myself bargaining with all the spirits in the Fade.”
Cullen looked at him, his throat painfully clenched.
“Thank you.”
It was all he managed to say and it was insufficient to express his gratitude towards Dorian. Towards his friend.
Dorian understood and nodded anyway.
“I told her she shouldn’t be here, wasting her time with this useless, ungrateful bunch of people.” the Mage hissed “She should take care of herself better.”
“I told her the same” the Commander captured Dorian’s Hero of Ferelden “But Demetra helped Thedas’ people while they suspected her of destroying the Conclave, calling her an abomination. She’s not going to act any different now that she carries the Inquisitor title.”
“I bet she also doesn’t want to put Leliana in a more precarious position.”
“That, too.”
“I warned her that nobody was going to thank her,” Dorian sighed conquering a position near Cullen’s Divine “And I fucking hate being right. But this? An Exalted Council against the only person who stood up between Corypheus and the world? This is beyond ingratitude. It’s monstrous.”
A silent nod was all that Cullen could add.
Cassandra had said something along that line, in a more colorful way. Varric, the same. Sera had already menaced to kill at least thirty nobles and twenty diplomats. The Iron Bull and Thom Ranier hadn’t spoken very much, but they escorted their Inquisitor silently daring people to say something wrong, as Demetra greeted people here and there.
Vivienne had been kind enough to keep away from the Inquisitor the most problematic guests, while Josephine took care of being the first to talk with the ones who would like very much spat their venom in the Inquisitor’s face. Cole had asked Maryden to sing Demetra’s favorite song and Leliana, though bounded to her role, had sent in her bedroom fresh flowers, trustworthy servants, useful information about the ones who still sided with the Inquisition and a giant box of the finest Orlesian chocolate.
Demetra had wept in Cullen’s arms “I’m so lucky to have all of you. As long as you still trust me, I’m alright.”
Dorian cleared his throat “Speaking about messy things, I heard there was quite a problem with the bedrooms when the Inquisition arrived.”
The Commander couldn’t stop the blush, but Dorian’s grin was full of pride “Well done, Cullen!”
“So everybody knows about my change of quarters?”
“Are you kidding me? The Commander of the Inquisition army that takes his luggage, ignores the outraged Chamberlain and marches in the Inquisitor’s quarters declaring that he will stay there, messing with thousands of years of protocol? My friend, you are a legend.”
Cullen shrugged “Demetra agreed and I’m not going to leave her alone just because a useless etiquette told me so.”
“Of course! I can already hear the minstrels singing about the Lion of the Inquisition who marched in his beloved Inquisitor room and took her in his strapping arms before kissing…”
“Yes, thank you, Dorian, I get the concept.” Cullen shivered, making him laugh. A sincere one.
“And I didn’t kiss her in front of everybody! I just told them to go to bother someone else.”
“So no kisses? Not even a little one?” Dorian pouted.
Cullen tried to not grin “I didn’t say that.”
Dorian winked at him “Your admirers will be heartbroken to have the ultimate confirmation that you’re not available.”
Cullen smiled “Finally! Maybe they’ll stop to send crows asking me to marry this countess or that noble.”
Dorian tipped his head on the side “Since we’re speaking about this, let me ask you a thing: are you going to ask her to marry you?”
No hesitation. No uncertainty. Just fierce firm belief.
“Good. Soon?”
“Do you have a plan?”
“Not anymore. I had one, but now I suppose I need another one.”
“Do you have a ring?”
“I was going in Denerim to buy one when all of this happened.”
Dorian nodded again, stopping their match, and fishing something out of his pocket. Cullen took the delicate box from his hands with a perplexed frown. When he opened it, he couldn’t hold back a surprised sound: laying against soft velvet, a couple of golden rings glittered under the afternoon sun. Inside the biggest one, it was carved “Demetra & Cullen”. In the other one, he read “Cullen & Demetra”. A line of minuscule arabesques in the external part made them two little masterpieces of gold-working.
Before he could speak, Dorian smiled, quiet and sincere “In my Country, it’s the best friend of a bride or a groom that buys the wedding bands. Now, since you don’t have a lot of friends that can  be better than me and I’m quite sure Demetra loves me as much as I love her, allow me to follow one of the few traditions that I’m still proud to.”
Cullen’s thanks were too full of emotion to be as much eloquent as he wished, but they were sincere in every bit. And Dorian winked at him “One last thing: I won’t tell you to take care of her. I have no doubt you will because she’s lovely and you don’t want that an angry Magister sets your ass on fire.”
Cullen smiled, but he knew Dorian was deadly serious.
His friend continued “What I want you to promise me is that the two of you will do the impossible to be happy together. That you will treasure what you two have and you will fight to keep it alive. Life can be hard even for people who love each other as you two do, but you have something precious. Treasure it.”
“I will. We will, I promise on my life.”
“Good. And now, let’s finish this game. I want to take back some Tevinter pride and kick that awesome Fereldan ass of your.”
Cullen chuckled, putting the precious box with the rings safely in his pocket “Good luck with that. And… thank you, Dorian.”

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Antivirus (Chapter 1)

Hi!! So this is the first part of an au i thought of a while ago. Its a sort of hacker au?? if nothing makes sense its bc ill explain it in the next chapter, i was being slightly vague on purpose. This chapter was longer than i thought it would be? but i like it so :D ill try to post this on ao3 too so if you like it you can follow it on there too. Now on to the shitshow story!


Izuku Midoriya has one goal in life: to be a hero. Being quirkless may have made other people give up on that dream, but not him. Determined to on day become a hero, he learns to hack. Operating under the codename Antivirus, he monitors the city, sending in anonymous tips about villain activity to the police. He becomes well known, and helps people like he’s always wanted. However, nothing comes without a cost, and this reality is no different.


  Izuku glanced down at his phone under his desk, counting the seconds until the bell went off, signaling the end of the day. If he was fast enough, he might even be able to avoid-

  And there was the familiar sharp ding of the bell.

 Since his stuff was already in his backpack, it was simple to just sprint out the door. Bakugou had already started the chase, but Izuku was used to the cat-and-mouse they had played for years, and stayed away from sharp corners. His chaser was quick to orient himself on those and Izuku wasn’t, so it was best to find a straightway to run along.

 The yells and curses behind him increased when Izuku jumped into an alleyway and kept up his jog, though they faded as he increased the distance between them. He’d faced off and seen many people that were technically scarier than his childhood friend, but his heart never did quite pound in quiet fear as it did when he was chased by Bakugou.

 His heart and breath slowed down once he saw his destination up ahead. The internet café he had been frequenting recent was small but cozy, and the black, silver, and purple color scheme it had going on was a welcome sight every day after school, especially after his daily escapes from Bakugou.

 “Ah, you’re back!” a voice called from near the counter.

 A tall person with bright colored green hair that was just now changing to a light orange waved at him, smiling. Tomomi had been working at Museiai Café for as long as Izuku had been going there, and they always left a cookie or two aside for him when he came by.

 The café doubled as both a place to eat and get wifi that couldn’t be traced, of which Izuku was thankful for in equal amounts.

 After getting his usual cookie from Tomomi, he settled back into the inconspicuous corner he was used to sitting in. It didn’t have the most comfortable cushions, but it did keep people from peering over his shoulder or just noticing him over all, which was his goal. Can’t keep your secret identity a secret if everyone is always looking at you, right?

 The cushion sunk down with him when he sat in it. The laptop he kept on him at most times despite–how heavy it was–was brought out quickly, and then he set to work checking the cameras around the city.

 The east side of the city was doing okay today. The drug ring bust last week had seemed to mellow out that part of the city, though it would perk up soon, he could tell. A mugging near the park had him sending off a quick message to the officers near that area, and a few fights got the same treatment. Once that area looked good, he switched to the south side. It had been too quiet lately, and what that usually meant was-

 There. A bank being robbed. Izuku counted four villains, though they all looked like they had just started their looting. He checked the inside cameras, and it seemed like no one had notified the heroes yet. There were 2 hostages, though they didn’t appear to be very scared. One of them even checked his watch. Living in a superhuman society did strange things to people’s reactions to danger.

 It was easy for Izuku to slip his computer back in his backpack and quietly slink into the bathroom deep in the café. Once he opened the door, he quickly checked the room for any cameras in the vicinity. There never were any in this room, but it didn’t hurt to look. If he had learned anything from this whole situation, it was that people hid cameras in places you would never think to look.

 Luckily, the room was empty this time. The last time it had not had been a… fun experience. He had run out of the room before the person could ask any questions, however.

 Izuku found the first empty stall that he saw and quickly shut and locked the door. Pulling out the small mirror he kept on him at all times and liquid eyeliner, he set to work applying his usual mask. Two large wings, paired with the black facemask with a point-toothed smile, changed his appearance more than one would think, and successfully had kept his identity hidden for as long as he had been doing this. The final touch was the black sneakers that he switched out from his usual bright red ones. They were way too distinctive, almost as much as his hair, although he couldn’t do much about the latter.

 Now that his disguise was done, he could leave for the scene of the crime. Going back out the way he came was out of the question, so he would take his usual route; the window.

 If there were ever times Izuku was glad he was short, it was ones like these.

 Once he had wiggled through the window, which had luckily not been too high up, he checked his phone for the exact location of the bank. After he memorized it, Izuku tucked his phone in his pocket, straightened up, and ran.

 One of the things he had taught himself over time was the layout of the city. If there was an alley, he had walked in it. If there was a roof, he had jumped across it. One thing that often baffled people was how quickly he usually got to the scene. Some minimal parkour skills also helped, even if the first few times he had tried it he had ended up almost falling off a roof. That was a fun thing to try and explain to his mom.

 Izuku was lucky that he had good balance, or the several pipes he had to climb combined with the roof jumping would surely have been the end of him. He would never quite get rid of the lingering feeling of falling as he leapt to one high place to the next, however.

 A few minutes were all he needed to make his way towards his location. Izuku peered over the half-wall from on top of the roof of the building across the street from the bank. Though he didn’t really need to be near the crime scene, the cameras in the bank had not been clear enough for Izuku to see exactly what was happening inside. He also may or may not have wanted to get on the scene and feel like a real hero, but that was besides the point.

 When he gets as comfortable as you can in black skinny jeans on a concrete rooftop, Izuku got out his laptop and opened up the personal hotspot that he had bought for himself. It would be easier and cheaper to hack into the wifi down below him, but every time he did, Izuku would feel guilty for days afterward.

 Once he was hooked up, all he had to do was send the location along with some details to the nearest police and heroes. After the location was sent, he squinted down at the building across from him, and started the mumble storm that helped him dissect the situation.

 “Two mutant quirks, one jaguar and one octopus. Fire quirk might work best against those. Two unidentified quirks- no, he just produced a knife from his hand, one unidentified quirk. Fire and possibly speed quirk would be best in this situation-” Izuku rambled on in a constant stream under his breath. The closest fire heroes in this area would be Endeavor and Flamethrower, though this was too much of a small job for one of the top heroes to deal with at the moment. He couldn’t think of anyone off the bat who could easily combat a speed quirk, and the knife quirk could be handled by Flamethrower. Maybe a combination of two quirks? A water to slow down along with some sort of fish quirk might work, though it might make things harder for Flamethrower…

 Once he made up his mind, Izuku sent off the message to the station and notified the heroes he needed to. Flamethrower, Aquatic, and Chomp would have to work, as they were the closest heroes at the moment. It wasn’t the best matchup, but if they could separate tentacles from the others it should be an easy fight. He said as much to the police and heroes before checking the time. Did he have enough time to watch the fight, or-

 Oh, that was a no. If he wanted to catch the other robbery on the upper end of the east side, he definitely had to run now.

 Snapping his computer shut with one forlorn look shot towards the fight that had already started in front of the bank, Izuku put everything away and readied himself to continue his trek across the city. Although his legs had already started to slightly burn from all the jumping, he smiled. Izuku was glad to help the city he lived in.

 It was all he could do.

 When Izuku finally got home, it was mostly dark, save for the light purple tint on some parts of the sky. He had stopped at a public bathroom on his way home, so his eyes were eyeliner free, save for the small clumps near his eyelashes. He never figured out the trick to getting those out, even though he had been doing his own makeup for three whole years. He was lucky his mom hadn’t noticed yet.

 “Mom!” he called out into the seemingly empty space.

 He wasn’t left waiting for long, as his mom quickly appeared seemingly out of nowhere to greet him.

 “Izuku!” she cried out, and latched onto him in a hug. Although she saw him every day, she still disliked to when he was gone until dark, especially after that incident.

 “Izuku, I was so worried, I thought we agreed to not stay out past 6:00-” Izuku barely flinched and chanced a glance to the wall clock, confirming that he had been out later than he thought, “-and I was just so worried. Please don’t do this again, please, baby?”

 All Izuku could do was nod in confirmation before Inko buried her face in the side of his neck in another hug. He could feel himself wilting internally at the sight, and made sure to squeeze her just as hard back.

 “Mom, Mom it’s okay, i’m okay, i promise-” he quickly assured her, and his words seemed to comfort her as she let him go a while after he had started apologizing.

 After they had both calmed themselves, Inko led Izuku to the kitchen to eat the dinner he had almost missed out on. The katsudon she had made him was cold, but he ate it anyways for his mom. The tv was on in the living room still- he assumed she had been watching it in stress before he got home- and paused in his eating when he heard something the reporter was saying.

 “It seems that once again, the police have been helped by the anonymous coding vigilante, Antivirus. He notified nearby heroes to three robberies and 4 break ins-” Izuku tuned the rest out after that. Hearing himself on the tv had a certain kind of effect on people, it seemed.

 He had to hide his smile in the bowl of cold katsudon, although it tasted much better now.


Sooo how was it?? I haven’t written in a while so I’m a bit rusty ^-^ thank you @saltier-than-thou for beta-ing for me! i guess just like this post if you want to see more chapter? i have a lot planned but if no one likes it i won’t post it lmao. Thanks for reading this!!

Confederate war heroes did not get statues “because racist white people were mad lol”

It was because the civil war deeply divided our country in ways that are still being felt today, and that honoring the fallen on both sides was a way to reunite the people.

I live in Virginia, I’ve seen these statues. Nowhere on any of these memorials does it say that the south should have won or that slavery was right. They simply honor those who gave their lives, on both sides, for the country that they believed in.

While I agree that white men, in general, are the least disenfranchised group on the planet, the rural poor - black and white, men and women - have been getting the short end of the stick for decades. For them to see their memorials destroyed like that, I can understand that they feel threatened.

Please understand that the US civil war happened back in the days of “rape anything that moves, pillage everything not nailed down, burn whatever’s left, and then salt the earth.” There were no united nations, there were no doctors without borders, and there was no one making sure soldiers on either side behaved according to any standards we expect today. The Union army basically RAPED their way across the south, murdered women and children, burned entire cities to the ground, specifically targeted civilians, and ruined farmland for years to come so the population would starve to death. The Confederate army did exactly the same thing in the north.

There were no heroes on either side, only murderous assholes.

So yeah we as a nation had some scars to heal, and lots of people on both sides got statues. As someone who lives in “The South” I can tell you that you don’t need to take the statues personally. They don’t mean we believe in slavery, they mean we believe in unity.

I’m seeing comments and posts about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being too weak and unreliable, but that’s the whole point of Homecoming? Peter is new to the whole superhero business but y’all expect this fifteen year old to be a full fledged Avenger in his first movie? I loved seeing him run into fences, watching him make a fool of himself, and crying for help because he’s a dumb kid and that’s what they do. They are naive and immature and they make stupid mistakes. He’s still learning and we really get to see how vulnerable and weak this Spidey is. Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t as epic and heroic as the previous Spidey films but that’s why it works so well. We get to really see a grounded and unskilled Peter Parker grow and I’m so excited to see him become the greatest hero in the MCU. 


Thanks for everything that you do Mark! You brighten my (and a lot of people’s) days with your hilarious videos and just being you. So keep it going buddy, I know you’re going to achieve whatever your dreams are :D

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#BlackHistoryMonth #tbt: Being the first African American woman to travel to space is one of Mae Jemison’s many accomplishments. A dancer, Peace Corps doctor, public speaker and astronaut, Mae went to college at age 16, holds 9 honorary doctorates and has founded many STEM-related programs for students.