hero of neverwinter

neverwinterforgottenhero  asked:

What if you could met the hero of Neverwinter whom appeared in Elithrar's book? (yeah sorry I couldn't resist)

“We…we are talking hypothetically here, right?…because that would be insane and incredible in equal measures, heh.”

Dhana attempts to contain her enthusiasm, but it leaks out as she continues, especially through her hands movements.

“I would ask her all kinds of questions. What was Aribeth really like, are the conspiracy theories of corruption within the hierarchy true. Who was Aarin Gend really?” That last one was more on Dorna’s personal behest than anything. The mage picks at her leggings for a moment, darker queries springing to mind.

She hesitates.

“Then of course…what was it like in a plague ridden city…was…was she ever tempted…to follow Aribeth’s path.”

How much was her faith truly tested?

Most all the blackette’s enthusiasm had faded by now, obvious regret forming across her face.

“Before I….I would have asked without thought. But now I know….not all memories are best remembered.”