YFIP: Morrigan and her Ranger Warden SO
  • Like to play practical jokes using their shapeshifting and ranger abilities
  • “Hello, Bann Esmerelle, have you met my wife Morrigan?” -Introduces a giant spider to Amaranthine’s high society.
  • “And our two beautiful sons, Kieran and Spider Bob?” Introduces another giant spider and a not-spider human boy as well.
  • “Only one of them is adopted. Guess which one.”

Duncan: ‘The Grey Wardens do not involve themselves in politics.’

Hero of Ferelden: *Chooses new King of Orzammar*

Hero of Ferelden: *Overthrows Ferelden government*

Hero of Ferelden: *Appoints Grey Warden sidekick as King*

Hero of Ferelden: *Becomes Arl of Amaranthine*

Duncan: ’…bro, what the fuck?’


You play wingman for your fellow warden during the Blight only for him to talk smack about you later. HOW RUDE.

I just realized I misspelled Ferelden wrong. *hides face in shame*

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I love how the further Dragon Age progresses as a series, the more retroactively badass everything the warden did in the first game becomes.

I mean, the guy you pulled out of a cage can become the freaking Arishok. That odd woman you meet in the tavern and decide to bring along can become Divine Victoria. Alistair can be king. That witch who turned into a dragon when you fought her was actually an ancient elven god. If we count Dragon!Andraste and the arch demon, that’s three potential dragon gods you can kill in that game.

You manage to resolve tense political situations that would take other groups months of efforts and tons of diplomatic resources and military presence with just yourself, your colourful band of misfit/murderous companions, and your dog. In under a year. 

You can even make friends with one of those insane darkspawn magisters that almost destroys the world in DA:I. Just like, palling around with him. Swapping notes. Doing trust building exercises while everyone else is losing their shit over Corypheus.

And it’s just hilarious because the Hero of Ferelden is this person who some of the most powerful individuals in Thedas will actually fall in line behind, this ridiculously competent and influential figure who solves world-ending problems like they’re Sunday morning crosswords, and it’s going to be useless in the coming crisis because they can’t bring the warden back.

  • alistair: i love the warden, my wife. my wife the grey warden. shes so beautiful and kind and charming and strong. i love her. she knows i love her i hope she knows. she ended the blight u know. shes the hero of ferelden u know haha she is strong, aw i love her. im thinking about her again.....i just sent another letter to her today telling her how much i love her, its only the 5657th one, im writing the next one right now as we speak because shes so beautiful and reads them all and one day we will be reunited and she will come back to me and we will be together forever because i am in love with her.
  • hawke:
  • inquisitor:
  • companions:
  • alistair: i love the warden, my wife. my wife the grey wa