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Heroes Of Ferelden (the ones alive obviously) reacts to the Breach opening the first time while searching for the cure.

For all Wardens, there is about five thousand years worth of groaning in disdain. “Really? Can’t this world hold itself together for a few years? Please?” Then they get back to searching once they hear about the Herald. “You know what? They can deal with this.”

a hero’s kiss

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Vasti Cadash x Alice Cousland (who belongs to the lovely @iraaileme )

Inquisitor and Hero meet

Who would’ve thought. 

Her, a criminal, a dwarf, famed member of the Carta, meeting the Hero of Ferelden, vanquisher of a Blight. The title of the Inquisitor came with a lot of responsibilities, but also offered evenings like this, and Vasti’s eyes seldom left Alice Cousland’s backside.

To be honest, she wasn’t that noticable. Rather small, with grey-streaked hair and hazel eyes (but who was she to even complain about height and a plain appearance) and the weariness of a hero, after years of continuously saving everyone. Judging by the tales, Vasti thought Alice at least as tall as Iron Bull, with thick muscles and beauty and wits only matched by Andraste herself. She knew her story by heart. The fall of the Couslands, the betrayal of a friend, the fight against time itself and old magic coming alive.

Even in the Marches Alice was cherished by most.

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Ahhh this is Bran, my Warden, the Hero of Ferelden and practically the only “protagonist” character I have..!

He’s determinate, tough, tall (6′3)(and old), caring, loves deeply his companions and would do anything to protect them.

Fun fact: he adores children and wants like ten of them from Zevran, he’s too in love, but some days reality hits him like a punch in the guts, and occasionally cries himself to sleep because of this.


You play wingman for your fellow warden during the Blight only for him to talk smack about you later. HOW RUDE.

I just realized I misspelled Ferelden wrong. *hides face in shame*

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