Listen, I love my inquisitor, but I also have this great vision of her and the advisors standing around the war table like “we have so few resources, here in our massive castle where we’re training an army, how can we possibly hope to defeat Corypheus” and then the doors bang open and there stands the Hero of Ferelden. She cracks her knuckles. “Listen up kiddos - oh hey, Cullen - listen, back in my day, I defeated a god with the help of like 5 randos and a dog. What seems to be the problem.”

i have this age old headcanon where two or so years after the blight morrigan agrees to rendezvous w the warden(+ love interest) so they can meet kieran for a day


You play wingman for your fellow warden during the Blight only for him to talk smack about you later. HOW RUDE.

I just realized I misspelled Ferelden wrong. *hides face in shame*

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It’s funny because my Hero of Ferelden romanced Zevran so when I did the War Table mission to find her it was like ‘sorry I’m super busy but hugs and kisses love Lady Aeducan and Zevran’ except there are War Table missions with Zevran (which means the Inquisition knew how to contact him) and it’s just like


are you telling me we had to search high and low for this warden and Cassandra embarked on a whole frakking quest for her and she was just with Zevran this whole time? Did no one think to look there?!

Or, alternatively, has Zevran been burning the Hero of Ferelden’s mail like ‘I’m sorry my love but they said they don’t want your help to deal with the giant hole in the sky I suppose they feel as if you’ve done enough for your stupid mud pile of a country after all those darkspawn you killed no I agree it is strange but what can you do oh look a bird’ *fireplace flares as half a ton of paper is suddenly dropped into it*