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"Purebloods were still thirsty af for power and blood" two. There were 2 purebloods, one of whom Kaname tried to manipulate Kaien into killing which served no purpose whatsoever and the other he left roam free even though he knew she was ACTUALLY killing other purebloods for power. I'll even throw you a bone & say maybe Hanadagi was bad, he did after all try to use his powers on Aidou-dono so he could eat him. So he killed 1/3 pb's who were actually a threat and several that weren't. True hero.

Okay, hunny, then who the FUCK are these people???

You’ll throw me a bone?? Why? Do you mean to tell me there were only TWO purebloods in the world desiring revenge and power?? There’s literally a GROUP of purebloods coming after Yuuki and being all pissed off at the senate and then Kaname because he wwent after them and then decided to become the parent for the furnace, thus giving hunters and humans WEAPONS they could protect themselves with from ALL THOSE DAMN PUREBLOODS.

Again, you have Yuuki talking about how the NUMBER of PurebloodS decreasing. Because they were many. There were several. Not two, not three - several more with lots of powers. God, you can’t count either now??

Damn it, it’s like you’re not even trying here! If you’re gonna come for me, get your facts straight. You obviously have zero to none reading comprehension skills, so don’t even bother trying to come for me. Sashay away, idiot sandwich.

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