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I'd rather they didn't release another TV spot yet I've a feeling we about to get more. We've already got Finn's 'Heroes' and Rey's 'Tempt'. Maybe Kylo also will get his character TV spot.

Oh, I definitely think there’s more to come. There’s no stopping the marketing machine now.

Passing the Torch by Jhonny-Maniac (deviantart)
Class is in session! Jack’s the perfect hero to teach the next generation of animated heroes!


I don’t can draw all fanart i want to of this miniserie (i want draw 5 more, but i so tired -o-)

Elements it’s so cool and beauti
I like the Lumpy Space Princess to be the hero of this history and the new sorprise in the end to Jake (PUM! SPOILERS!)

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why do people STILL call finn a coward for wanting to escape from an all powerful fascist regime that stole him from his family, brainwashed and denied him any form of identity? he barely escaped with his life but when the first order attacks takodana he stays and fights even when they’re outnumbered, and then when he sees rey in danger he goes right back to the lion’s den to rescue her and helps take down starkiller base too, he stands up to a powerful force user who personally wants to make an example of him to protect his fallen friend, fighting him and barely making it out alive. and now in tlj he’ll infiltrate the first order AGAIN, face the people who personally abused him, and possibly lead a stormtrooper uprising

time and time again finn rises to the challenge and risks himself at a great cost to protect others when no one would’ve faulted him for wanting to preserve his life and start over

finn is braver and more selfless than what people give him credit for