hero everyone deserves

Lena after single handedly saving the entire alien population in National City and leading to the arrest of her evil step-mom, aka the leader of CADMUS.

tbh, it’s really starting to tick me off that so many more people are upset by that travesty of a natasha/bruce storyline than by the fact that the most iconic Romani Jews in comics were turned into whitewashed Nazi supporters. 

Reasons to survive the apocalypse (INTJ edition)

-Which one? I have like 5 different go bags.

-I was born for this, son. 

-Also I told you INTP having a bunker stocked with food would be efficient. 

-Is this zombie or like nuclear? 

-no people like ever.

-all the dumb people are probably dead.

-INTP probably saved all the books ever on her Kindle.

-I mean….I wasn’t responsible for this.


-All that investment in salt and gold is really going to pay off.