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Is there any good YA stories with Blasian Relationships (Romantic, friendship, and family)

Mm… I don’t know many, but I can tell you about The Young Elites by Marie Lu (main character is east-asian; some friends and romantic interests are black) (I love it) and The Heroes of Olympus  by Rick Riordan(Hazel/Frank from book 2 on - Hazel is black and Frank is chinese-canadian).

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Gem Hierarchy Theory/Possible Homeworld Gemsona Statuses

This theory is mostly based on the Mohs Hardness scale for minerals, and most people just leave it at “the bigger the number, the higher class,” and while i agree with that roughly, there must be more to it. So I sat down at recorded themes i saw among gems of certain hardnesses.

First off, the Diamonds are reeeally easy, as they’re shown to be the leaders of Homeworld, and they’re clearly the hardest material on the list. So I’m just gonna leave that one alone lol

Corundum is the next hardest mineral, and corundum is what both rubies and sapphires are made of. Its fairly clear to see in Steven Universe that Sapphire is a very rare and powerful gem held in high esteem, making me to believe that gems around 9 mohs are aristocratic in status. Yes, I see you in the back raising your hand with a question; “If corundum are aristocratic, what’s up with Rubies??” Well, my thoughts are that Rubies are actually higher class than we think, and I’ll cover that more in depth below.

Next is topaz at 8 mohs, with aquamarine being 7.5-8 mohs right next to it. The reason I chose to label this area “elite and specialist gems” is because both Topazes and Aquamarine are both adept at fighting, and they seem specially suited to the mission. If the diamonds knew about the Crystal Gems from Navy, it makes sense to send powerful, elite gems to deal with them once and for all. I also overlapped the aristocracy and elites because it seems that Aquamarine is of a more elevated status than Topaz. It might be due to more experience, powers that we don’t know about, or even the fact that Topaz is a fusion (and seems to want to be a permafusion if she isn’t already). This group is the majority of the upper class of Homeworld without delving into aristocracy or nobility.

The next section doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense with some people, but like, its kind of necessary for a successful society so i added it. Anyway, government positions don’t necessarily mean governing other gems like the Diamonds, but rather assistants, lawyers (like we’ve seen), it could mean scribes, it could even mean overseeing the development of new colonies. I overlapped this a little into Military because in times of war, military officials often take overseeing positions in the government. This also adds Agates into the “Government” type jobs (”An Agate terrifies” is probably a metaphor for them being managers/ drill sergeant type figures). This section also allows Zircons to have jobs other that just lawyer, as that seems awfully specific for my personal taste. This group is like the mid-upper class of Homeworld.

Military is the section i went with for the Quartzes, since its pretty heavily inferred in the show that Quartzes are meant to be soldiers and p much nothing else (though they can take other jobs in times of peace probably). I made this go all the way down to 6 mohs not only because not all quartz is exactly 7, but because it allows more gems to have this ranking. In the Bismuth special, Bismuth brings up a Homeworld pilot who is a Nephrite (coincidentally, Centi is ALSO a Homeworld pilot, hmmmm). Since Nephrite goes down to 6, i started the Military section there, but it might change in the future. I think of this group as a sort of upper-middle class that could be elevated to lower-upper class with enough merit (like Jasper).

Honestly I should’ve made this section bigger (like maybe 4.5-6.5 lol), but I’m too lazy to fix it right now. Anyway, this covers jobs like technicians, enigineers, architectural designers, scholars, basically all the stuff that actually makes a society function. These are like the middle class gems of Homeworld to me, the ones that work hard but at least get some recognition for it. Not enough recognition to get your own Pearl though, apparently (according to Peridot that is).

Finally is the lower class gems, the absolute hardest work, the most dangerous work, and the most demeaning work. I say that because all of the gems we’ve seen with mohs at or below Lapis (5.5) have absolutely rough lives. Bismuth at 2 is a builder, with some really blacksmithy themes. Smithery and construction are pretty tough and dangerous jobs, usually reserved for lower class citizens. Pearls are servants, often acting as maids, footmen (people who open doors and shit), and even private entertainment for their owners. Not only is this an extremely unwanted job, but can be tough depending on the gem they are assigned to. Lastly in this section is Lapis Lazuli, our resident terraformer. In case you don’t know, terraforming is the act of physically changing a planet to better resemble Earth and sustain life, however in this setting it might be carving out areas for Kindergartens, since in both the ones on Earth have notably river-esque patterns. It makes a lot of sense that Lapis has water powers for terraforming, but its probably backbreaking work, like if you were to landscape an entire planet.

And now we’re at the Ruby debacle. first off, i do think they’re like at least upper class gems, but as they are less powerful and have less useful powers, other upper class gems get preference. I mean which is more useful to the sustaining of an empire, future vision or a gauntlet? That and Sapphires are probably more rare than Rubies on Homeworld. But the reason i think they are higher class than others might, is because they’re more like personal guards than infantry, they have more specific jobs. It’s not “go smash up the enemy,” but rather “protect this rare and noble gem” or “rescue this elite war hero from danger since she obviously can’t come back herself.” Also, the fact that Eyeball believed wholeheartedly that she might “get her own Pearl” can be used as solid evidence of Rubies being higher class than Peridot (who laughed and blushed at the notion of little ol’ Peri getting her own fancy Pearl~).

Phew, that was a bit longer than I expected, but I think it was worthwhile! Ask questions, discuss other theories with me, etc.

Enmusubi no Youko-chan: …*dropped the second i realized the opening is in chinese*

Hitorijime My Hero: weird main character eyes, blonde hair doesn’t suit him, but his (future) boyfriend is hot and his friend has a (future boyfriend) childhood friend. MCs boyfriend is a gangster-ass kicker

Dive!!: How many “!” signs did Free have? This seems YOI gay. Imma watch it for the diving sport. Not into the mentioned sport much, but I LOVE bromance. And I don’t mean the gay kind.

Netsuzou TRap: Isn’t this the second most recommended yuri? Damn, I know those girls will get together… Poor Takeda and the other guy… Nah, the bitch’s guy is stoic. Poor Takeda, he seems like such a sweet guy… Uness he turns into dick… Wait… this reminds me of my first date, he WILL BECOME A DICK!!

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.: Wow, this HEN… *cough* “ecchi anime” makes my invisible boner big (hentai with no climax)

Tsurezure Children: the manga is actually on my reading list before I saw that it’ll get an anime. Small cute romances :3

Kakegurui: I honestly thought I’d never like this. I’m glad I tried it. And MY GOD! Saori Hayami is the MAIN BITCH YUMEKO and I. LOVE. IT.

Hajimete no Gal: who the fuck is Nene, the main character in the manga has RED HAIR, he never spoke to the Yui girl (not in the beginning, that I know of), you just know the studio will screw this up!! The manga’s awesome btw

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: this school is FUCKING AWESOME!! It’s like American college with techno money!! It’s lowkey a sci-fi, economy anime. The setting is dark and as for a comedy, romance anime, it is SO COOL!! I hope to God these classmates become united like the AssClass did!!

Aho Girl: You know, I really miss Oushitsu Kyoushi/Royal Tutor. A silly comedy anime is the right thing I need to watch. My God, Yoshino-chan, STRAIGHT ZEROS?!

Gamers!: Ok, why is this season SOO GOOD?! Gamers animation is so cute and I love how the author avoids cliches. Like when Amano thinks “this club is cool” but he won’t join because they don’t play the games he wants. And honestly, he’s like me. I suck too, but I play games for fun.

Koi to Uso: I read a little bit of the manga and was disappointed. I know that Nejima will somehow miraculously fall for Lilian and they will get married. I’d be ok if Misaki wasn’t into him or if they hadn’t confessed to each other, but if they aren’t willing to fight for one another then what’s the point in watching this?

Edit: FUCK WHAT I SAID, I SWITCHED TEAMS!! Misaki mostly does perverted stuff with him, not getting to know her lover, while Lilina confides to him. I still dislike how it’ll probably be a cliché fest…

Edit 2: FUCK WHAT I SAID AGAIN!! No matter what, I’m on Team Author!!

Final Thoughts on the Summer Anime Season 2017 . . .

Welp, just like that another three months have come and went.  I don’t know who gave permission to time to move so quickly, but yet it did anyway.   It feels like just yesterday this season was just starting, and now it’s already over.  This season was probably the strongest so far, bringing us some pretty fantastic things.  Regardless, here are my thoughts of the shows I’ve watched, and dropped from the Summer Anime Season 2017.  Please keep in mind that these are purely my thoughts, and if your thoughts differ, I’d love to hear them.  I will also try to remain as Spoiler- Free as possible.  

Dive!!:  Studio Zero-G

Dropped.  Ahh, Dive.  One of the worst ranked shows this season, and deserving so.  I went back, and honest to gods, tried to rewatch the series, thinking I may have been a bit to harsh in my critic.  I was surprised to find out I was able to making a full 15 minutes through the first episode before giving up.  There’s just nothing really redeeming about the series.  It’s utterly dull, poorly animated, and just predictable.  Do yourself the favor and just skip this one.  

Nana Maru San Batsu:  TMS Entertainment

Originally posted by yaoisex

Dropped.  Why?  Because it’s shit.  Plain and Simple. It started with potential, but made me completely hate it within the first two episodes with a terrible art style, a bland MC, and a fucking god awful female lead.  Honestly, had this show not been such poorly executed, I could have seen this show doing really well.  Oh well.  Moving on.  

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni:  Production Reed

Dropped.  Honestly, there are quite a few reasons why I dropped this show.  Let’s start with the most obvious one: the art style is trash.  It’s just so generic and poorly executed.   I’m also completely sick of the another harem in another world trope.  Granted I’m not really a big fan of harem series in general, and this one managed to throw in a slightly different element by letting the MC keep his smartphone, it still wasn’t enough to make me keep this series for anything longer than two episodes.  At least God understands our first world problems.  

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: Studio Lerche

Dropped.  Alright, so my biggest complaint with this show was episode two.   I could never get passed it.  So what did I do?  I skipped into episode three to see if I could pick it back up again, and how did that go?   Meh, I lost complete interest by that point.   And that’s my entire point of this series.  It was nothing really interesting, especially compared to some of the other series this season.  It sucks, but oh well, moving on.  


Why did I watch this?  Why?  I knew my question wasn’t going to be answered by the end of the series, yet I still kept watching.  I hate myself.  Ugh, let’s begin with this.  Alright, the first three episodes were literally the only good thing about this series.  I mean this wholeheartedly, the lack of progression from episode 3 to episode 12 is in-fucking-sane.  Snail’s pace doesn’t even begin to explain why there is literally the same progression that’s in the first three episodes then are in the next nine.  You could honestly watch the first three and literally know the rest of the series.  Ugh, and the most disappointing thing was that the one redeeming character was never even touched after episode three and was purely thrown into the mix for the harem trope and surprise factor.   Do not fucking bother with this, unless you enjoy disappointment, no development, poor main characters, predictability and an open ended ending.  

Netsuzou TRap:  Creators in Pack

*Sighs Loudly*  Where do I even begin here?  This series was god awful.  Let me rephrase that.  This adaptation was god awful.   The manga series is a trillion times better than this terrible adaptation.  But what was the most frustrating thing about this clusterfuck mess of a series?  The Nine Fucking Minutes.   How can you make a story like this fit into nine minutes without making it utter garbage?  You can’t.  It was frustrating because the moment you felt like the story might actually go somewhere, it was immediately cut off by the fucking full length closing.  Ugh, I can’t even.  I’ll end my ranting with this: unless you live and breathe for Yuri, then don’t waste your time.  #StopMakingShittyAdaptations  

Hajimete no Gal:  Studio NAZ

I’m actually genuinely saddened by the fact that this series is over already.  Gods, this series was trash.  It’s art style was terrible, god awful at times, it’s plot was random, but fuck, did I love it so much.  This was my guilty pleasure series this season; everyone had one, this is mine.  I think the main problem everyone had with it was that they forgot to take into consideration that it is a literal soft core hentai and was not in any way meant to be serious.   Hell, listen to the dub if you still remain unconvinced.  I’m trash, this is trash, but fuck did I love it so.  Ninety percent of the animation budget was spent on just the boob physics alone, but my husband and I were able to enjoy it.  Also, Yume-san is best girl and I don’t care what anyone else says.  She’s my waifu.   Do I recommend this?  Absolutely, (if you want something hilarious to laugh to and don’t mind the crudeness).  

Tsurezure Children:  Studio Gokumi

I genuinely enjoyed this show.  This show is not only one of the best romance series this year, but easily one of the best short series made, and out of the hundreds and hundreds of anime I’ve seen, I can honestly say that.  Who doesn’t love cute little teens with their cute little love problems?  Each three minute skit in each episode was a delight, and never once felt out of place or boring, and it was just so enjoyable to watch.  Definitely a recommendable series, and a highlight from this season.   

Hitorijime My Hero:  Encourage Flims

I finished it.  Of course I finished it.  And how did it stack up you ask after going into it with the lowest of the low expectations?  Meh, it was alright.   Fine, for a Shounen Ai, it’s really good.  For a Shounen Ai.  Shounen Ai are known for their pretty generic art style, and decent stories, so compared to that, this one was better … well, story wise.  The art was terrible.  “Persephone, your summary sucks.”  I KNOW.  That’s the problem, there’s really nothing much to say about this series.   It was just ‘meh’ compared to everything else this season.  This show did teach me one very valuable lesson:  Dating a teacher in high school must be stressful, (I know, stupid joke).  Would I recommend it?  Meh, there are better Shounen Ai out there, but I guess if you’ve seen everything else then sure.  

Princess Principal: Studio Actas and Studio 3Hz

After numerous requests and recommendations, I finally picked up this series, and fairly late into the season I might add.  My only regret with this show is that I didn’t pick it up sooner.  This series was the hidden gem I was looking for.  I’ve seen a lot of anime.  I mean a fucking lot, like literally hundreds, and out of all the anime I’ve seen, there are few that are as unique as this.  I love this concept of a badass female team of spies.  There’s really nothing more fantastic than seeing girls not being treated as objects or anything short of the badasses they are.  It’s honestly a breath of fresh air for someone who is as veteran as me.  The art and animation is fantastically executed, and it was obvious that the two studios working on this series cared a lot about this show and took the time with each episode.  It also has one of the best openings and closings of this season.  I just can’t praise enough.  Don’t believe me, just watch it for yourself.  Also, Dorothy is Best Girl.  Obviously.  I love my badass waifu with a drinking problem.  Now, if you need me, I’ll be sitting in the corner patiently waiting for my season two.  

Made in Abyss:  Kinema Citrus

Originally posted by xramensoup

Alright, since apparently people thought my summary of this series wasn’t very satisfying, let’s try this again, shall we, while still trying my absolute best to remain as spoiler free as possible, and a relatively decent length.  Earlier in the season, I had said that if this show wasn’t the best, then it definitely was the cutest, and now that the season is over, I still stand by my statement.   This series reminds me a lot of Madoka Magica.  “How?” you ask.  Simple.  Madoka Magica, a brilliant anime produced by the marvelous Studio Shaft, was a series that was fucking cute, except for the fact that the series was so fucking dark it fucked you up in three episodes.  It’s the same case with Made in Abyss.  The art and animation, cute opening and closing, and wonderfully executed character designs draw you into thinking that it’s just that, a cute little show, while simultaneously setting things up for that dark shit we all knew was coming; and my gods did it get dark.  And while yes, I would obviously want a season two, I thoroughly enjoyed where the story ended, and how it did so.  It actually left me satisfied and complete, even with the story being unfinished.  Also, I would like to point out that Reg and Riko belong together and are meant for each other.  Best Couple Summer 2017.  Fuck You. Not even a competition.  So, that leaves me with this question: Would I recommend it?  Absolutely.  It’s one of the best from this season and without a doubt one of the best from this year.  #MittyIsTooPureForThisWorld.  There, was that good for you too?  

Kakegurui:  Studio MAPPA

Mmmmm.  Kakegurui How I love you soo.  I needed this series in my life.  I live for psychological series like this.  I love series where they have truly disturbing scenes, and truly crazy characters. MAPPA ended up being a good choice for this series, and handed those transitions into the truly disturbing scenes amazingly.  And even the anime only ending, although, I will admit wasn’t the best, was still good enough to leave me filling complete, unlike certain other shows this season, while still hooking me into starting the manga series.  Would I recommend this?  Fuck Yes.  Watch it.  Watch the fuck out of it.  Also, Rune-chan is Best Girl Summer 2017.  Fuck you.  Fight me.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G.

(Or “That One Long Neck Show” My husband has so cleverly titled). Ballroom Dancing.  Yes, you heard me right.  Ballroom Dancing.   Never in my life did I think I’d care so much about a series about Ballroom Dancing.  Hell, after the amount of Sport Anime I’ve seen, I thought I’ve literally seen it all.  Hell, there’s the basketball, boxing, racing, swimming, volleyball, cycling and even Ice Skating, but then I.G. had to go do the unexpected and throw Ballroom Dancing into the mix.  This show is a delight.  Nothing short of expected from a studio whose track record with Sport Anime is pretty good, *cough cough* Kuroko no Basket *cough cough*  This is a series where you get the opportunity to grow with each character, and watching each episode brings me nothing short of joy.  The art style is clean and well done and just screams Haikyuu, while the voice acting and the pacing is done wonderfully.  It brings me happiness knowing that we are barely halfway through the season.  I could honestly see this show being as popular as Yuri on Ice is.  ALSO, MAKO IS BEST GIRL.  FIGHT ME.   

Jigoku Shoujo:  Studio Deen

Hell Girl, how I’ve missed you so.  Alright, Season Four of Hell Girl was broken up into two parts with six new episodes, and six recap, so that is how I intend to do my review.  My gods were those first opening episodes good.  It was classic, and truly made me remember why I fell in love with this series in the first place.  The first six episodes were honestly good, and by themselves were good enough to stand alone as a season, and had the season ended there, I would have been genuinely satisfied with it.  That being said, the core content of the second half of the season was alright.  What I believe was the downfall of this season was.. . the cardboard skits in the first few minutes of each episode, because those were weird, even for me.  Overall, how does this season stack up?  It was good, and the first half is probably one of my favorites, but it was nowhere near as good as some of the other sequels that aired this season.  

Owarimonogatari Part II:  Studio Shaft

*Still Screaming* I’m not crying, You are!!!!!

So, I did myself the favor of rewatching this season to see if my feelings would change, and nope, this is still a masterpiece.  Period.  It’s an absolute masterpiece,  It puts everything else that aired this season, and this year to shame.  The opening scenes with Mayoi-chan literally still makes me cry tears of joy, even after rewatching,  This series is perfection from every angle.  The art is flawless, voice acting superb, plot line fucking perfect.  I don’t know what I loved most this season: Mayoi, Kiss Shot, Ononoki, Hanekawa, or even Araragi.  Would I recommend this?  Absol-fucking-lutely.  10/10 without a doubt.  I’d also like to point out that this season is so recent, yet it’s already one of the highest scored things on MAL; yes, it’s that good.  

Boku no Hero Academia Season Two:  Studio Bones

*Jumps on top of table*  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS SERIES!  


the most baffling thing about hanzo main hating is that i have seen VERY FEW hanzo mains who only play hanzo. if they only play hanzo only, they are either smurfing or smurfing and trolling. 80% of the hanzo mains ive seen play almost exclusively healers in competitive (which, according to the community, is arguably the only place where team comp matters). The other 20% has at least the same amount of time spread over other dps (like soldier or mccree or pharah) or tanks (like rein, zarya, or winston).

people blame hanzos for losing, and sometimes they blame them for winning! ive won games as hanzo and my own team complains the entire time. ive won games with people on attack torb and bastion (pre-rework), and they got harassed just as much.

the amount of hero elitism in the community is frankly disgusting, and if hanzo isnt switching off to someone else its likely because youre harassing them. people can be bad at any hero, but hanzos dont even get a chance to try. players cant even give someone the courtesy of ONE chance before theyre ravaged by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.