hero comeback


Hero is so close to 30 million views!

It’s at  29,903,935 views right now, we can get to 30mil before comeback.

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Monsta X mv views 20/03

14 hours left before the comeback ^^

Trespass: 10.768.514 = 14.348 views more

Rush: GOAL REACHED! (10.200.721 = 16.315 more)

Hero: 29.958.874 = 57.595 views more (we need 42.000 more views!!)

All In: 8.812.930 = 20.220 views more

Stuck: GOAL REACHED! (10.207.748 = 17.706 more)

Fighter: 3.760.747 = 13.357 views more

TITLE: rogue

PAIRING:  casino oppa!wonho x underaged!changkyun

RATING: m (drugs, sex and adult themes)


SUMMARY: it was a night in which jooheon and changkyun yearned to do something more than stay at home and watch series for the former’s birthday. little did they know that it will end with a twist.

A/N: because their hero comeback gave me and a friend a few inspirations for this fic. and also because she had requested for smut so i [chanyeol voice] let out the beast. unbeta-ed and written while i was having a headache. so i honestly don’t know what went on here but i hope y’all enjoy still!

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An inaccurate representation of Fly Away Hero meeting Drake Bell this Sunday.



I wonder what kind of comeback concept the fandom hopes to see from B.A.P. A hardcore comeback a la Warrior/Power/Badman? Maybe a softer comeback along the lines of Coffee Shop? A fun comeback like Stop It? Or a tragic heroes type of comeback in the memory of 1004/Rainsound? Something swag-ish a la Excuse Me/Hurricane/No Mercy?