hero card


One of the best parts of OK KO are all of the weird and wild heroes that show up at the plaza. What would it be like if YOU made a character that showed up?

Choose a head and body, draw in hairstyles and costumes! Anything is on the table– Go nuts! Do your worst!


so uh, about aizawa,

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Illusion, fear, anxiety, confusion… Takumi’s whole arc of insecurity and being unable to see things clearly (especially in the Conquest route) was fitting. I took advantage of the pool of water normally depicted on the card for a reflection; eyes closed, more clearly unhappy, a full moon and starless sky behind him. A truer representation of self? But dimmer.
I’m no longer doing these in order, so the next one will be a surprise too!

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My final piece and my WIP of Demeter for the @pjomythomagicproject. Also, shout out to @achtervulgan315 for being her writer and bouncing ideas around with me.

While deciding how to draw Demeter, I brushed up on my knowledge of her, and learned that poppy flowers were her emblem. They grow like weeds in wheat and barley fields, and were seen as a good omen from her.