hero cam

[‘Don’t Stop Believing’ playing in the background]
Don’t stop believing. That’s what I’m saying. Don’t stop believing that it’ll get better, because we all know it does. Look at this face! This is a guy that knows! You can trust me. Trust me on this, y'all. Life gets better. You have a shitty day, you sleep it off, 'kay? You’ll get better, trust me. As you think that every day can’t get worse, and the next day it gets worse, well, it can get worse. It could always get worse, and remember that, too, 'cause that’s just as important. Remember: as bad as it is, it could always be worse, too. […] As I always say: if you think about doing something stupid - don’t! There’s never a funeral with nobody that shows up. Someone will be upset if you’re gone. Find that person that would be upset and put them in priority in your life, okay? Keep smiling. Keep laughing. I’m here to make a fool of myself to keep you laughing. […] Reach out, find a friend, and get rid of people in your life that hold you down and are stupid. You don’t have to put up with people’s shit. That’s a thing that you need to learn right away - you don’t HAVE to put up with people’s stuff. If people are not adding value in your life, and you feel weighed down and broken, get them out of your life and fix it. Take charge of it. Take charge of it, okay? Look at me.. It gets better, I promise, okay? I’ve been through it, and look where I am at now. […] Stay strong. I love your faces. Thank you so much. […] You guys are the best.
—  Joe Gatto, Traffic Cam 28

And here we have Cam’s reaction to meeting his new best friend. Sorry the video kept rotating on my phone so it goes sideways sometimes! 

We are just so happy he liked the gift! You can see photos here.

There can only be one style when it comes to the Dad Cam: Never steady, but always ready and forever awesome. TNT, RoZo & @thrashermag’s South Africa Skate Rock crew get the Dad Cam treatment over on The Bible’s site.

The January Bookish Challenge!

Day 14: A character you would die for

It didn’t take me long to decide who I’d be willing to give my life for. Percy is my precious boy, I’d do anything for him.


      “I believe the world can be made into a happier, and much brighter place, through the thorough application of nature’s toolbox—chemistry!”

                                                                                                   -Honey Lemon

As promised, here is our 100-followers video! which may or may not be sponsored by Zoom  Tune in with the nerd squad as Honey Lemon teaches 3 perfectly safe ‘edible chemistry’ experiments. Thanks for following, nerds! <3

This is the first penguin of the bunch! He now resides on greyhound bus number 1284. If you’re on it, take a look for him!

Unfortunately I only have my sports camera available to me right now, which means the terrible photo you see above. If only low light conditions weren’t a problem! If I get a chance I will pull out my DSLR from underneath the greyhound, but until then,  such photos will have to suffice. I hope you all don’t mind!